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  1. Does anyone know about Wunderlich violins?? I'm thinking of purchasing one, but I'm not quite sure the reputation of the instrument and the possible value of it regarding re-sale. I purchased a Juzek violin several years back and was surprised to see that its worth was far less than what I paid for since it was a Juzek made in the 1990's and not by Mr. Juzek himself. So I definitely don't want to make the same mistake twice. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Jeff
  2. Thanks for your help...I'll check out these programs. Jeff
  3. I know it is difficult to assess the value of a violin without seeing/hearing it, but can someone tell me the relative price range of a C.A. Wunderlich violin made in the late 1800's?? My teacher is trying to sell it to me, but I'm wary of buying an instrument from my teacher. She has told me that it is in the $2,000-$3000 range. I read previous posts and the posts indicate that this is a trade violin and probably worth less. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  4. I recorded song for a friend for use in a dance show, but she said the tempo was a little bit too slow. So, I need to find a way to speed up the tempo. Is there free software that I can download that can simply speed up the tempo of the recorded material and not change the key. Thanks, Jeff
  5. I actually wanted to know how to improve my intonation on the violin. I remember reading something in a book about Dorthy Delay and how she empasizes listening to intervals prior to playing a scale---similar to pandora's response. I think my questions were answered. I was looking for ways to improve my ear so that I would be play more in tune. When I posed my question, I did not consider the notion of basic or refined intonation. I guess this was poor use of language on my part. So, thanks everyone for your responses. If there are any other ways of improving your ear that will help intonation, please let me know. Jeff
  6. I recently purchased the Bon Musica shoulder rest and was pleasantly surprised at how it felt. Has anyone else tried out this shoulder rest?? I have previously used Wolf Forte Secondo and was happy with it, but I may be switching. Jeff
  7. Has anyone purchased the Violin mastery DVD's that are advertisted on violinist.com?? There are supposed to be master classes of Clayton Haslop teaching Kruetzer Etudes 2-22. Its seems interesting, but they are a bit expensive and I wonder how valuable it would be. Thanks, Jeff
  8. I'm an intermediate/advanced player who has always purchased violins recommended by my teachers. However, as I have progressed, I've learned that their recommendations were based upon the fact that they received a commission from the sale of the violin and not the quality of the instrument. So, I'm looking to sell the two violins that I currently use and purchase a violin myself. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Can anyone offer some tips or things to look for when purchasing a violin. I'm narrowing down my search and I don't want to make a mistake. What are some common things to watch out for?? Jeff
  10. Aside from learning how to sing and really listening to your sound...how else can one improve intonation? Jeff
  11. Are there any noteworthy violin studios/stores in manhattan that I can go to try and find a good violin? I'm looking to spend between $3,000-$6,000. I'm asking because in the past I have trusted my teachers recommendations only to be let down. In two situations I have found that the violin was not made by the person indicated in the label and/or the violin's quality was not was advertised. So, I'm looking to purchase a violin without feeling that I spent money on another lemon. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  12. Where can I find a copy of the Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor sheet music for violin? I've checked SHAR, southwest strings, and johnson strings but no results have turned up.
  13. I have tried everything and I don't know what else to do. I have a student who has great difficulty with playing in tune despite my attempts at using tapes, scales study, predictable musical passages, and even a bit of ear training. Any suggesstions?? Thanks.
  14. What kind of scale system do you recommend for a young violin student who is not quiet ready for the flesch scale ssystem?? Thanks.
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