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  1. Ha ha! Rantings, yes I guess they are. But they are meant with good intent I do have digital versions of that tape. Peter Horan died very recently. He was a good friend. I know he was ever generous with his music and his CDs and even the vinyl he had left from their first LP. I'll post a track here later if my internet connection allows it, the download bandwidth is fine but upload is pathetic and things often time out. I know Peter wouldn't have minded at all otherwise I wouldn't do it. He always encouraged people to record his playing so that they could learn his style and versions of tun
  2. Ah, there's some great stuff there I understand it's probably a bit hard on the ear if you're not used to listening to that old stuff. But if you were to maybe start off with some of the slightly more modern players you could work your way backwards. I don't think you'd be far off the mark if you listened to John Vesey, a superb South Sligo style fiddler. There is a double CD out with some great versions of the Coleman and Killoran stuff on it and much easier to listen to. Also there is Bobby Casey (casey In The Cowhouse) or Vincent Griffin both great Clare fiddlers, although pretty individ
  3. Phew! Where to start? As you say, gotta start somewhere but unfortunately that guy is not the place. His style is boring, repetitive, he uses vibrato (a big no-no in Irish music), sounds bluegrass and also classically trained (although the last may just be his terribly smooth bowing). The tunes are remarked on below. I did a quick search for him and the first vids that turned up were all O'Carolan compositions. O'Carolan was highly influenced by Italian classical composers despite also having a traditional harping background. Unhappily many Americans and Brits start by playing his tunes as t
  4. Actually it's experience not ignorance that drives my comments. Nearly 60 years growing up and playing this music. And racist is obviously an angry response by someone from the UK who feels slighted by my comments, so I'll ignore it. If you can point me to one American or UK player that sounds Irish I'll retract my words. However I know from recordings and innumerable sessions throughout my life you won't be able to do that. There are plenty of brilliant technicians from either country but none of them have the right feel or sound. I have heard some absolutely brilliant Japanese flute and
  5. Oh god, I'm going to get in trouble here as usual. However I feel strongly enough about the music to throw in my tuppence worth. There is no such thing as an "Irish fiddle method". The first thing you have to do is decide the style you like. This will vary from county to county even in this day and age. If you listen to young bland fiddle players from Dublin or the majority of Comhaltas fiddlers you may indeed think there *is* a generic Irish style. You will find lots of Americans, Brits etc. who think this but they sound as traditional as <put your favourite heavy metal guitarist here>
  6. Does the ash make the violin stink of cigarettes? I ask because anything a ciggy comes near (houses, clothes, hair, the smoker etc.) always reek of them. I can't imagine how a violin would not smell the same. I have a terrible memory of one time back in the early 70s when I used to smoke ciggies and various other substances. I used to keep a can of coke (the cola kind not the sniffing kind) by the bed in case I woke up thirsty in the night. Of course one night I had brought this girl back and we'd lain in bed smoking and stubbing out the ciggies in the half-empty can. Yes, you've guessed it.
  7. Haven't been on for a while so missed most of this. I was going to say that the back looked vaguely French but the front didn't belong to the fiddle. Nothing about it matched the look of the back. Now that I know the whole thing was made from different designs from different countries and the ffs are your own, that explains all :-) PS You had me fooled about the age after a first quick scan of the pics. I thought it was a bit older than it is.
  8. I don't know what that means, but Amarone is my favourite wine, nothing comes close :-) 2001 a great year!
  9. Been busy so just throwing in a late comment. C & J book is the best IMO, I have all the others somewhere and rarely (if ever) look at them. I don't use the C & J book much any more, but if I forget something that's the first place I go. I second the opinion of the poster that said get the Peter Prier vids if you can afford them. I assume you can't as you were struggling over whether to buy the C & J book. But the vids will reveal an enormous amount to a newcomer, even though there is a lot of tedious and repetitive stuff in them. If you ever come into a few shekels try to get
  10. Yep, mine folow a similar pattern. Big change after two days, another big change after two weeks, then a milder change at about 3 months and again at 18 months. After that they don't seem to change much in sound. If I replace the soundpost or bridge they seem to go through the first two stages again and then just hop back to the final settled sound. I wonder how much of that is just getting used to the sound? I use oil over mineral ground. After a couple of years the varnish visually seems to have dried all the way through and looks like old violin varnish rather than some shiny-ish semi
  11. As an aside to Fellow's earlier question, this month's Strad mag has the "usual" generic workflow for identifying violins. At least, the one that is most published.
  12. Thanks folks. Not sure about Mr. Burkard's though, his business might go down the pan. Or perhaps it's a Chinese layout, suitable for producing a lot of cr*p Don, I like the area for practising mediaeval torture on primates.
  13. I seem to remember a thread a year or so ago about designs for workshops. Tried a search but couldn't find it. Does anybody remember the thread (maybe the person that started it)? I'm thinking of building a bigger place but don't want to re-start a topic if it's already been covered in another thread. Many thanks.
  14. Nice, gave me a laugh. I think that answers the other thread about ebay violins :-)
  15. I said "I have to be dead first" and you said Ouch! Take that knife out of my back