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  1. A friend of mine has been asked to play at a wedding and she wants some ideas of suitable pieces for solo violin - possibly for coming in, register signing and maybe going out to. Not too hard - ideally sounds harder than it really is!! Nerves will be involved! I've thought of Elgar "Salut d'Amour" or "Chanson de Matin". Does anyone else have any ideas - something you've heard or played? Thanks
  2. Hello - and my first post is a plea for help! We are a string quartet and have been asked to play "Tomorrow" from Annie. Matthew Naughtin has discontinued his sheet music that had highlights from Annie so we're stuck. Can anyone help? Does anyone know where I could go to find something suitable? We're already arranging another piece for this wedding so we ideally don't want to increase the arranging workload as we find it very time consuming. Thanks for your help
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