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  1. Yeah I'm on another island. Sorry I wasn't trying to get sympathy for having to go to the beach, now I realize how that sounds! Ha! I mean to say I'm considering an electric silent violin for at home practice. But I am still seriosly thinking about getting a upgrade acoustic violin, and am looking for advice on what kind of violins or makers would be a good idea to start looking at, currently I am Playing a Scot Chao Beginer to intermediate violin in the $800 range. I was happy when I got it a few years ago, but now I'm starting to wonder if there is something better out there, I guess what I am saying is I've never had the chance to play other violins and I wondering if I go to something that's more expensive thnt what I have now what kind of differences in sound and playability can I expect? Also I'm looking for suggestions on what violin would be good for me now. I know they are hard questions to answer, but I'm open to any help.
  2. I'm looking for some feedback on what the differences are between a real expensive violin and an intermediate $800 range one. Let me explain, here's what I know: I play Scottish and Irish type fiddle music, for about 4 years now. I started on a $60 practice fiddle while I was living in Mexico, then was given a Scot Chao $800 intermediate model by my sister. Of course when I got this I was blown away with the difference in quality, but I've improved alot since then (not trying to brag here) and starting to wonder what else is out there. Unfortunately living in a part of Hawaii where the Music stores don't sell much more than Ukes, I don't have a chance for hands on experience of other instruments. I know I can make what I have work and practicing to develop skill is important, but I also know the difference a nice new instrument can make on inspiring one to practice more and enjoy it. I still haven't decided if I should look for an upgrade from what I have or since I live in a place where I have to go to the beach to practice, I should get a nice electric violin so I can practice at home without disturbing the neighbours, I just hate how using an electric is so different than the feel and sound of an acoustic......... So any thoughts or ideas? If I did try to get an upgrade where do I start?
  3. I normally don't work out, and after playing Fiddle for about 3 years now I always used "I don't want to over stress my bowing arm" as an excuse not too. In the past few weeks though I really have noticed that doing lightweight exercises such as pushups and minimal weight lifting, that I have a big increase in the power and control over my bowing arm. Has anyone else noticed this? I do think I could overdo it and possibly injure my arm, but a little bit of exercise to keep my arms in shape seems to really help.
  4. Hi guys and gals, I just got my new website up, www.forumforworldmusic.com. The idea is to be an online community of world musicians to share their knowledge of different styles of music from around the world. It has a cool feature in that you can easily post YouTube videos directly into the forum post, creating a directory of specific style tutorials within he forum itself. Anyone can post videos either of performances or tutorials. This is a new forum so please come help us get it populated. Thanks -Joe
  5. Sorry to ask a Question then disapear guys. I was gone for the week doing my tour guiding around Hawaii, Such a hard job here in paradise, don't you feel sorry for me? Thanks for all the info and advise, it gives me something to go with at least instead of racking my brain all alone. I did notice some of the things that have been said to be true with what I have experienced so far such as, moving the soundpost farther from the bridge makes a more open sound and closer makes a more concentrated sound. But dang, leave it to Maestronet to "Hash" things out! One little question turns into 3 pages of debate! You guys are great at debating, I'd say some of you are "MasterDEbaters"? Hahaha! Anyways thanks guys, if I get some results I'll let you know how it sounds.
  6. Anyone know of any good trad tune databases besides The Session? They have a lot of Irish stuff but not so much Scottish....
  7. Hey guys, Working on setting up my new fiddle. I just haven't been able to find a good tutorial on "soundpost science" so to speak. Basically I've been messing around with the positioning of it and the bridge itself trying to get the best sound. I've gone from not so well to pretty good, but still a little lacking in volume and resonance. Does anybody know of a resource that's already been written? if not do you have some experience to share with me on this?......
  8. Thats some nice work!
  9. I think I've decided on one of These, I like the 40mm. what do you guys think? i like the Japanese knives but the sweep seemed a little less to me. and they are more expensive ( I don't exactly have 100$ anymore my wife said "oh, honey i forgot to tell you i used some of that 100$ for some sewing materials"). I have some DMT sharpeners but i think i'll buy a round one for the inside.
  10. No I wasn't harmed in the process of using koa, I've been in many fights due to the fact that I am a "Haole" (white person or stranger). I did not mean for this to turn into a political debate though, so if anyone has any more pictures or ideas to share on koa instruments or violins of alternative woods........
  11. oh yes thank you, Manfio, that was going to be my next question. I'll look up those names.
  12. Oh yes, you must be from Maui? I've seen the website of a fellow from Maui doing what you said but not much pictures there. i was wondering how it would sound, koa is i think about as hard as maple but maybe a little less dense. and the grains are very erratic usually. Hmm, I don't know about "Massive Deforestation" going on from the people i get my wood from, they do all there own harvesting and arent inclined to waste or take more than they need. the way koa is used here is mainly for decorative woods and trim, and people don't usually waste it, even boxes of scraps are set outside wood stores to be sold ( im talking small stuff to). i cant really look outside without seeing a healthy koa tree either, and i believe as long as you don't be wastefull and take care of what you have you'll be fine. although there are some people over here that are "prejeduce" ( i don't know how to spell that) about who can use koa, i dont agree with that, me not being a local and all, im originally from Alaska. but ive dealt with that since ive lived here and have a few bloody noses to prove it!
  13. Thanks Ben, yeah i was thinking maybe a relief type of thing for the thistle. By the way if anyone is interested in buying Koa i have a dealer here that send all over the place. be warned koa can cuase reactions to some people, i usually get an itchy throat as well as it makes me itch a little. also this is embarassing ( because it looks horrible to me) but i need tips/advice on carving the back, this is koa and a "rough" rough gouge i made, you can see why i need to buy a good gouge. but this is the first time for me to carve my plates by hand, on my first violin i used an angle grinder with a 4" soft disk. it worked but i want to be able to work on violins at night and not make a huge mess as i am working other jobs in the day. so where am i going wrong? any techniuqes? ive searched the boards for instruction on carving plates but i cant seem to find anything much.
  14. on the last thread someone asked to see more pictures of koa so here is some stuff I've made in my uncle's Shop (you can see his instruments at http://www.brady-instruments.com) which happens to be a 40' cattle trailer lined with tools and cabinets, a paint room, and solar panels on top with a battery bank and generator maounted to the front. It's a completly mobile shop. here are some psaltery's I've made using Koa these are waiting to be repainted: even my son Walker thinks it's amazing wood. Koa can be hard to tell if its a nice piece untill you sand it a little and spray some water on it: Here is some of my favorite Hawaiin wood, Mango: also i wanted to ask if anybody has any ideas for my scroll, you see how I use the scottish thistle a lot? I want to incorparate that into the scroll somehow. any ideas would be apreciated.
  15. Ok Guys I'm starting a new thread "For those interested in seeing koa instruments.