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  1. Well, they seem to be still working well to me..
  2. I'd like to discuss about 2 subjects which are too curious to me..It's a little long, but I'd pleased if you give any good comments here.. 1)The usefulness of exteremely hard scale practice 2)The limit of common violinist who excercise very very hard...is it possible for common musician to play violin perfectly if accompanied by much endeavor and right guidance? I will begin with the 1st subject.. From, http://www.violinstory.com/ to http://www.violinstory.com/ (note the last number of the file name, there are 35 files, you can just change those address and get them in order) This is a scale practice of a violinist I know.. I think most of us and even quite competent professional violinists are just working on Carl Flesch and Sevcik and it 's also true that even mastering those scale system perfectly hard...(All of you agree?) How do you think about this crazy scale practice? Are there any good violinists here whom many people admit to be such? (For example, international competition prizer, memeber of great orchestra, or professor) The reason I ask like this is to know the thought of the authority. (Never be misunderstood. I am not ingnoring common members here, and every comment of any member is welcomed) Do many professional violinists who have reached certain degree of violin technic practice like this bizzare, gymnas tic finger excercise? How about the maestros like perman, vengerov, shaham..etc? Do they practice like this? Are they as much helpful, effective, and valuable as they are such hard? Here goes about the 2nd subject. http://www.violinstory.com/kor/recital/recital_kumho.htm There you can download some hard pieces record sample. The player is the same as composed those hard scale practic e. Dr. Eun Whan Bai.. I was just wondering what is the key factor of making a just normally talented violinist, who eagerly practice to master violin, really great virtuoso or just nothing but an common violinist. Dr. Bae, who played those music, is said to have practiced violin for 12 hours a day at Julliards when young, and as you recognized if you had ever visited his homepage and listened to any of his violin technic record files, his left hand technic is very good. (http://www.violinstory.com/) Besides, he is still making very hard, weird, fingertwinsting and fingerstrectching practice and trying to master such technics. However, I neither think his playing is as good as he has been practiced, nor think he can play better than some talented teenagers who can't play such hard technic, or haven't practiced as much as he did. Of course, I know it well that left hand technic is not the whole thing. However, considering his enormous time spent to get such degree of skill, I don't think he would have been lazy to practice to get other things such as bowing, interpretations, phasing..etc. This is a dillema. I admit that his technic itself is superb, but do not admit that his playing is such good. I've seen quite many yougnsters that can play Ziguenerweisen far better than him although they can't play such fingertwisting notes. I don't think there would be a breakthrough progress in his violin playing.. although he strives to get a higher goal constantly.. Finally, I'd like to ask you what's the factor which really improves one's playing skill (not just technic itself) as his constant effort. Is the limit of Dr. Eun Whan? There's no way to him? I sometimes think if I practice in right way under good guidance, 5 hours a day, for 1000 years, I could be a perfect violinst! It's our hope to believe that we can play better day by day. However, as we've seen this Eun Whan's case, is there such limit that we can't overcome by our effort? Then, can't all of us play perfectly? How do you think about this? P.S) I NEITHER HAVE ANY ILL INTENTION TO DISGRADE HIS CAPACITY AS A VIOLINIST NOR THINK HE IS A POOR VIOLINIST. Y AS A MUSICIAN
  3. I happened to listen his play, and I'd really appreciated his play. Does anybody have his Paganini CD? I want to get it... Here's short clips of his playing. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserv...3184585-9711038 http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserv...3184585-9711038
  4. Bazzini http://membres.lycos.fr/vengerov/video/fichiersvideo/baby.rm Vengerov with Repin http://membres.lycos.fr/vengerov/video/fic...video/venrep.rm Ernst http://membres.lycos.fr/vengerov/video/fichiersvideo/ado.rm Sarasate http://membres.lycos.fr/vengerov/video/fic...svideo/capri.rm
  5. Of the previous talented young players I introduced before, the little girl who played Waxman got 2nd prize in Ifrah Niemann international violin competition about 2 months ago. Here you can listened to her some more play...(a few years ago) This is in Korean, just click on the hyperlink...Bach, Sarasate, Waxman, Paganini, Saint-saen's etc... http://www.violin-21c.com/musiclist.htm
  6. Haydn violin concerto http://www.eumyoun.com/2002eumyoun/classic...19young_e_1.asf Waxman carmen fantasy http://www.eumyoun.com/2002eumyoun/classic...19young_e_7.asf saint-Saen's Introduction and rondo capriccioso http://www.eumyoun.com/2002eumyoun/classic...9young_e_11.asf Lalo Symphony Espagnole 5th mov. http://www.eumyoun.com/2002eumyoun/classic...19young_m_3.asf Ravel Tzigane http://www.eumyoun.com/2002eumyoun/classic...19young_m_6.asf
  7. Hello... Some of you may remember me. I runned violin music and sheet music site, but not any more. However, I'd like to share my violin mp3 and sheet music in MSN messenger. I'd like to share with Whoever want violin music and sheet music. I have quite a lot. more than 6GB for mp3 including very rare and precious recording, about 1.5GB for sheet music(many many concerto, sonatas, etude...etc in zip and pdf format) As I got these material for free thanks to many many good music lover, I'd love to share these for free now together with you.(I am not frauding) Somebody told me sharing those in public is illegal for copyright, yes, but not in this case, I think. If you are interested, add 'yiugn' in MSN messenger and just tell me. p.s)I was fancinated with Leonid Kogan's play. Anyone has any of his recording? p.s)I attach short clip of my playing..
  8. Anyone here has ever got prized in international competition? just curious...
  9. What do you think is the best etude for scale? I am working on Carl Flesh, as many other people do. Is it such worth practicing? or is there any othere good scale system? How about Galamian? I've heard of a Russian scale named 'zeelet.'(uncertain),too, how about these?
  10. Does anybody know any good internet violin broadcasting source? or concert VOD?
  11. What etude is most effective to intermediate level student? I am practicing Carl Flesh scales, but I don't know how I should practice bowing........
  12. I have a question. When I shift finger from G to E string,(from the lowest note to the highest note) in scale practice, should the position of the thumb of left hand and wrist be fixed? or, should it be rotate in clockwise in ascending scale? I am a little confused.... please let me know.
  13. here's a great free violin sheet music and mp3 site.....don't be surprised.. absolutely free.........(literally shocking) http://sheets.com.ne.kr/
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