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  1. Happy St Paddy Day...

    It's a sort of finishing school- attended by high profile figures, such as England coach Eddie Jones.....
  2. Happy St Paddy Day...

    Lord Nelson, Maggie Thatcher, Joseph Hill, Arthur Richardson.....your boys took one hell of a beating
  3. Happy St Paddy Day...

    If Ireland beat England in Twickenham today dinner might even include food. A very happy St. Patrick's Day.
  4. Honed Bliss

    Years ago I flattened the sole of an old Stanley no.4. I tried polishing it with a Japanese water stone...the stone made very little impression on the plane but the bladeless plane did a great job of flattening the stone.
  5. Honed Bliss

    Have you tried aluminium oxide paste on the strop? It's the last word
  6. This post has been deleted

    You're hired. The rest can p#*s off.
  7. This post has been deleted

    I brought snails to a French restaurant once, but the waiter refused to serve them. Pity, it took us ages to get there.
  8. Selling in a saturated market

    Ask a question about violin marketing and you'll get answers about violin/viola marketing dressed up as answers about violin/viola making. Read between the lines.
  9. Christian Bayon's Bass Bar In the Feb. 18 Strad

    They don't add mass but they mightn't be healthy?
  10. What’s in the box? :-)

    A cat and a hammer?
  11. Interesting violin on eBay.

    It made £2600.00
  12. Interesting violin on eBay. I'd speculate that this will undergo some fairly extensive restoration!
  13. Happy Festivus to All, and a Happy Holiday Season

    And telling your family the various ways they've disappointed you during the year.