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  1. Martin McClean

    Unusual scroll

    Thanks Martin. The scroll is definitely original to the instrument, that's not to say they weren't made in separate shops. The varnish is more chestnut /golden brown and not particularly chippy. My photography leaves a lot to be desired! I agree re the button and purfling. The interior is neat and tidy with carefully orientated grain in the block wood etc.
  2. Martin McClean

    Unusual scroll

    Thanks gents. I thought it was distinctive and good enough to belong to a definite school or shop.
  3. Martin McClean

    Unusual scroll

    Not the squared off corners though?
  4. Martin McClean

    Unusual scroll

    Seems reasonable!
  5. Martin McClean

    Unusual scroll

    Any ideas?
  6. Martin McClean

    UK equivalent to Everclear..?

    Ah! That explains the hangover
  7. Martin McClean

    UK equivalent to Everclear..?
  8. Martin McClean

    The Bridge!

    Ebony! By jove- I think he's got it
  9. Martin McClean

    The Bridge!

    No doubt
  10. Martin McClean

    The Bridge!

    Do they now.....
  11. Martin McClean

    The Bridge!

    Ah lovely
  12. Martin McClean

    The Bridge!

    I'd never have guessed
  13. Martin McClean

    Please share a fingerboard tip with me?
  14. Martin McClean


    I know a true scientist who could explain the science without diminishing the miracle. I'm just humbled and impressed.
  15. Martin McClean

    Factory instruments reworked, sold as new artist instruments

    I would like to agree with you, but the marketplace isn't a meritocracy. If it was it would look very different. Unfortunately many customers are looking for what they perceive to be a name, a nationality or an investment. There's certainly a degree of quality involved but often it's secondary. The customer defines the marketplace more than the luthier, retailer or huckster, but the customer doesn't always differentiate to the degree we would like or think reasonable. Pity.