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  1. Conforming f-hole templates to arching between c-bouts

    sounds interesting all the same.... Could you post tge photos anyway? Thanks
  2. UK Luthiers?

    Jan Shelley is in Liverpool but it would be worth the journey.
  3. Conor, Martin, and all members in the British Isles, please read

    If it gets really serious you could just narrow your eyes slightly.
  4. New Book Arrives! Tuscan Strad

    Any sign of the 3d prints?
  5. Corradi rasps

    Hello John, I bought a precision gold in a number 10 cut. It's perfect for shaping saddles etc. It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts.
  6. Corradi rasps

    Hello Everyone, one item in my Mondomusica shopping list was a handcut rasp. Instead I picked up a machine cut 'Corradi' rasp: The tooth pattern is suitably random, they are extremely sharp and leave a surface which requires remarkably little finishing with files etc. It is absolutely outstanding and I can see the need for a few more before long. They deserve a mention! Regards, Martin
  7. Carolus Badarello

    Are you sure it's not 'Karl' Badarello?
  8. Fritz/Curtin Projection Experiments

    I have a Hel which was supposedly Kreisler's. I've been told that he owned and sold quite a few violins?
  9. On second thoughts

  10. BVMA makers day 2017

    Well done Conor.
  11. Any recomendations for a good double violin case?

    Dimitri Musafia makes a double which would suit.
  12. recommendation for scroll cutting saw

    You could check out Mike Merlo, he trades as azmica90405 on ebay. His saws are nothing short of remarkable and his descriptions are unmissable. He's usually selling larger saws but if you message him he might suggest something. I can't speak highly enough of the quality and service he provides.
  13. Clearing lint from instrument interior

    Glue in four small pieces of carefully shaped wood, that way nothing will be able to get in. North then south etc.....very important. And don't forget to blow the dust bunnies through the ffs....
  14. Clearing lint from instrument interior

    I know a maker who tried this on a Gaida violin. Pulverised the label in a split second....the violin didn't sound as 'Italian' afterwards.....
  15. Melvin Goldsmith bench