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  1. Sad to hear about Simon Chmbers!!! I saw the Movie "The Big Short" and did not realize at the time it would strike so close to home. The 2008 housing crisis is still hurting America and the rest of the world.
  2. Would that be Al Gore you are referring too?
  3. Here is what I was told to do with router bits so you do not change the cutting profile. You only hone the flat and do not touch the bevel. Now if you have a dull reamer that no longer works, then you have nothing to lose. So try it, and then check to see how the match is with the peg-Shaver. If the match is good, then great, otherwise you have to get the two in sync again. One way would be to make a new peg-shaver out of a hardwood block that matches the newly sharpened reamer. Do I think this is necessary??? You would have to remove a lot of metal to change the profile that much. Also count the number of strokes you take on each flat face of the reamer and do this for all three faces. If very little metal is removed and equal amounts are removed, my guess is that you might be okay. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  4. We do not see, or at least I do not see, violin wood suppliers doing this. Most wood sold is relatively young. I think if someone who is a famous maker died, and everyone thought that it was his/her wood that helped in their making, then maybe it will auction for a lot of money. As for me, an ambitious amateur, I will buy the best new wood I can get, and let it stabilize enough to do the job.
  5. Thanks I am a would be maker that does not play ... lol So I just figure that the people who post these numbers would know if it is to the bottom of the string, the gap, or if it is to the middle of the string. If I ever make for someone, then I will ask them what they prefer.
  6. I think Bruce Tai will be publishing the article later, and then we will get a chance to look at this degradation again.
  7. Is this string height measured to the bottom or to the middle of the string??? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the nice bump. How many cellos are you thinking of doing? If it is worth all the effort to make this jig, then the time is not wasted.
  9. Okay ... I did not know the cost of Argon vs. Nitrogen. Imagine a day when the last Stradivari violin is left .... that will be a sad sad day.
  10. If I had a nickel for everytime I heard "overpopulation" as a problem .... Seriously this is one of those statements that has been made time and time again.... When the world population hit 1 billion for the first time everybody said the same thing.... Now we produce enough food today in the world, according to the U.N. to feed everybody 2.5 times .... And yet we are still not even close to using all of the arable land available ... So why are people starving? Because one group of people want to starve another group of people .... Somalia is a good case in point, with U.N. food convoys being stopped to use starvation as a weapon. The U.S. military failed to get the food through .... How many times have people tried in History to solve Poverty by throwing money at it? Yet it has never worked, so why? Yet we still try the same thing time and time again .... Why the very descendants of those Holocaust survivors are making the desert bloom in Israel and sharing the technology they developed freely. The grim fate mankind is heading for has nothing to do with resources.... It is not a 'head problem', it is a 'Heart Problem' that plagues mankind. The Good News is "The Times they are a changin"
  11. Sad to have to say 'Business is Bizzness!' In WWI Canada had most of the world's valuable Nickel that was controlled by an American company that sold it to Germany for making steel weapons. Germans then used it on Canadians and later Americans .... I guess that is fair trade! Great Britain calculated before WWI how much Nitrates Germany had for explosives, and realized that WWI would only last 1 year before Germany would run out. Most of the Nitrates were from Nature in those days, and bird droppings was a huge source, from South America, so controlling the High Seas would give Britain the Victory. Rule Britannia! Then the Germans Haber and Bosch developed the "Haber Bosch Process" which is a way of fixing nitrogen to make explosives, using a chemical process based on "Le Chatelier's principle", discovered by a Frenchman to blow up Frenchmen. Seems all a bit unfair, and those Nasty Germans get all the blame! But just a second, what is this???? "Due to its dramatic impact on the human ability to grow food, the Haber process served as the "detonator of the population explosion", enabling the global population to increase from 1.6 billion in 1900 to today's 7 billion. Nearly 80% of the nitrogen found in human tissues originated from the Haber-Bosch process." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haber_process Now this is a totally different kind of explosion! A Life Explosion! We had better give the Germans credit for this since we want our books to balance. Now I have not looked, but I think it might be safe to say, and on "Holocaust Remembrance Day", that BASF has done some good too. Remembrance Day Calendar 2016 Thursday, May 5 2017 Monday, April 24 2018 Thursday, April 12 2019 Thursday, May 2 2020 Tuesday, April 21 2021 Thursday, April 8 2022 Thursday, April 28 2023 Tuesday, April 18 2024 Monday, May 6 2025 Thursday, April 24 2026 Tuesday, April 14 2027 Tuesday, May 4 2028 Monday, April 24 2029 Thursday, April 12 2030 Tuesday, April 30 So today we have Canadian Jews that own shares in American Mining companies that owe 80% of the Nitrogen in their bodies from eating food with fertilizers from 2 Germans who own shares in BASF, and hopefully *all* are remembering this terrible period of Insanity, when Hatred Ruled the day, and People, a great number of, where killed! Sad to have to say those days are close at hand again ... Not only does History repeat itself, but each time it does, it does it in a bigger and bigger fashion.... :-( The problem is not a 'head problem' it is a 'Heart Problem'. Lest We Forget!
  12. Hi I have worked in Golf with epoxies, and even with metal to metal contact, we found that epoxies are not all created equal. It is a little embarrassing to have a client bring back 2 clubs instead of 1! So I think David is making a really good point about "epoxy is epoxy" from my experience. We found 1 epoxy that worked on metal to metal contact that was very expensive, but worth it ..... in the end.
  13. Maybe Argon gas??? The Declaration of Independence is housed in a specially sealed encasement containing the inert gas argon with a controlled amount of humidity to keep the parchment flexible. The encasement is constructed of ballistically resistant materials. The document is closely guarded. http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/treasure/declaration_facts.html
  14. Thank you for your post! Most helpful in straightening out my thinking. I have heard of Cello necks having a mind of their own, and I am hoping for a relatively calm experience when my turn comes. I will keep away from getting to close on the first time doweling, so I do not get the Glue Ghosts. Thanks again ...
  15. Thanks ... I guess Stradivari's instruments are getting more expensive per gram in more ways than one. Amazing to think that that much weight has been lost!
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