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    Oslo, Norway
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    Violin-, Hardanger- fiddle-, room- and architectural acoustics.

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About Me

I have grown up on a small farm where my fathers uncle, Gjermund Tjønn (1902-1992), lived and made Hardangers following the family business of his brother John (1899-1966) and his father Hans Johnsen (1877-1964). I made my first hardanger 13 years old under his help and supervision. I have been making researching and repairing instruments, on and off, since then. 

My grandfather, Anders Buen sr. (1910-1977), also made hardangers, played the fiddle and regraduated lots of instruments following a special tuning sheme he developed, and continuously improved and experimented on. He was also an inventor, mainly in the agricultural and wooden house construction areas. On the violin acoustics he worked on ideas from discussions with his father in law, Hans Johnsen, from the early 20-ties. My fiddle playing father Knut Buen (b 1948), uncle Hauk (b 1933) and my cousin Per Anders Buen Garmås (b 1981) all play instruments that has been reworked by grandfather. Hauk has also been making hardangers on a regular basis and some of the best young players use instruments made by him.

I have a civil engineering degree in experimental physics and in my daytime job I work as an acoustics consultant mainly in arcitectural acoustics. My civil engineering thesis from 1993 was on the vibrations in violins monitored using TV-holography. I have participated yearly at the VSA Oberlin violin acoustics workshops since 2006 and have written some journal papers on the acoustics of the violin.

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