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  1. Did these folks use a different technique (ex. a lower-tension bow hold) to maintain their tone?
  2. Does anyone know of any violinists who were able to continue playing with a nice sound in their 80s or 90s?
  3. Do you know what Boise d'Harmonie charges?
  4. Does anyone make replica's of Vuillaume's Messiah tailpiece?
  5. My intuition tells me that they don't have any instruments to audition.
  6. Who wants to bet that these violins are sent to the "Hill" shop "in the white"...?
  7. Snake oil? More like something that comes from male steer... I doubt any of these violins will change hands at that price. I'm surprised if they have more than a couple manufactured and in stock.
  8. Depends on what type of repair work was done. I'd guess between $500-$1250.
  9. The two cases aren't analogous. W.E. Hill operated continuously under the control of the Hill family from the 1800s to the 1990s. Bugatti changed hands several times.
  10. How much do these "workshop" instruments cost? And what do these instruments have, if anything, in common with previous Hill shop violins?
  11. The tuner is not digging into the top. The photos were taken in a poor lighting condition with an iPhone. I didn't have a lot of time, and wanted to take a few to share with the forum here. I will get some better shots in a couple weeks. The violin still had its original baroque neck when my friend purchased it from Hill (it has a Hill certificate). Anthony Wrona changed the neck/grafted the scroll in the late 1980s.
  12. This is a 1752 Sebastian Kloz that my friend purchased from W.E. Hill in the late 1960s. Opinions?
  13. The problem is I can't get it down to ~100 or lower. I can only get the bow to bounce when it is near a tremolo and cannot articulate individual notes. So - move the bow farther up? Thanks
  14. Does anyone here have experience with CNC violin making?
  15. Someone told me that it's possible to play a slow tempo sautille (not a spiccato) near the frog. I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this. Can someone please explain how to do this? I can't find videos of it anywhere.
  16. This is not correct. I have seen and heard one of his violins.
  17. That's easy. Luis Claudio Manfio. His new instruments sound as close to a DG as you can get.
  18. Are there any good resources that show how to draw a violin with a compass and straight edge?
  19. I'm getting ready to make my first violin. How is the best way to learn how to use the gouge to create the arching? This is something I do not understand and I am afraid of screwing it up.
  20. Truer words have never been spoken.
  21. Laurie and Robert Niles ought to be ashamed of themselves.
  22. The router guide will certainly help. Can f holes also be cut with a Dremel tool?
  23. Your points are well taken. Thanks to everyone who has helped with my question.
  24. I've taken the advice of those more experienced than I and decided against attempting to cut a purfling channel with a drill press, instead picking up a new Dremel 400 XPR. Do you need to fabricate your own guide to cut the channel? (This is my first time I'm building a violin and I'm assembling the right tools). Thanks
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