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  1. MacCeol, Having been married for 16 years, my wife assures me that anyone smart is female. Not being able to tell by the posts, I just assumed you were a "Nic" not a "Mac". Unfortunatly I'm not that up on my gaelic. It doesn't come that handy in So. Calif. Yes, "Ciamar a tha sibh?" is scots gaelic. It would be used for both plural and formal singular. "Ciamar a tha thu?", would be used for familiar singular. I'm not sure of the differences from Irish, Scots, Cape Breton and Welsh gaelic. -Tapadh leat, Randy
  2. Uh-oh, you forgot one. Harmonica. It's just like smoking (for those of you that remember how that works), I can't leave the house without having a harmonica in my pocket. Play it everywhere, a fiddle jig waiting in line at Home Depot. Or, an Irish reel at the ATM machine. For me It's very soothing. Keeps my head from imploding while sitting in auto traffic 15 hours a week. Next best think to a fiddle, but much handier. You fiddler's should check it out. You can always raise an eyebrow at a session by pulling out your harmonica and playing "Blackberry Blossom" at speed, note for note. -Thanks, Randy
  3. MacCeol, Ciamar a tha sibh? Since you're doing gaelic, shouldn't you sign these posts with "NicCeol"? -Tapadh leibh, Randy
  4. Pag, They (Scotland) have fiddlers like Buddy MacMaster from Cape Breton go over and teach them how to play old time Niel Gow style scottish music. I'm told that the Scottish fiddlers had lost much of the style due to influence from the less ornamented English style of music. Mairead, My kinfolk were tossed out of Scotland in 1750. -Randy
  5. Is old Italian dirt made from ground up old Italians?
  6. There was some posting some time ago about fiddles with inlaid backs. It was thought (by someone far more knowledgable than myself), that the backs would generally be thicker. At least with the complicated celtic designs that are inlaid 1mm or more. This would problably effect the overall tone, but this would probably depend on the individual fiddle. Hows that for a world class wishie-washie answer? -Randy
  7. quote: Originally posted by Archinto: I've seen pics of fiddles with that cool celtic Knot/Rope designs. (I don't know exactly what it's called) They look real neat. The design was ink and under the varnish. -Archinto- Sounds like Donuels' work. -Randy
  8. Howdy folks, www.contemplator.com/tunebook www.ceolas.org www.home.circle.net/~banjo/ www.thewhistleshop.com Yep, my musical taste is askew. I think everybody already hit all the good fiddle making sites (maybe). -Randy [This message has been edited by RANDALL MONTGOMERY (edited 04-01-2001).]
  9. Example: A fully haired that requires cranking down on the screw to get the proper tension. Question: Would less hair make it easier to adjust to the proper tension, with less stress on the bow? And "if" this were true, would it sound the same as a fully haired bow at the proper tension? -Thanks, Randy
  10. I believe they had some wood up for auction on ebay. -Randy
  11. All the rattle I've see have been in the fiddles or guitars. I don't think I've ever seen a decorated fiddle from Ireland. -Randy
  12. I suspect Andrewuy was speaking of the Strad's that have not survived to the present time. These would be on the unplayable list. What the percentage is, I have no clue. My grandfather always has said "You have to creat the antiques of tomorrow, by supporting the high quality makers of today.". Although he was speaking of clocks. I suppose this would hold true for violins as well. -Thanks, Randy
  13. Bob, Just goes to show you that some traditions are based on specific reasoning. I know at least 10 hispanic players (both guitar and fiddle) that have rattles inside their instruments, I've asked them why, they don't even know. They just do it. -Randy
  14. Depending on the nationality of the farmer, the fiddle may be decorated. Was he Roma, or Norwegien? They both can have traditional decorated fiddles. -Randy
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