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  1. A local steakhouse near me cooks potatoes in rosin. I asked for a sample once and have used it to make varnish. Nothing really different about it, just yellowish/white rosin.
  2. Don't touch the already applied areas until it has dried. Use a brush that has bristles long enough to hold enough varnish to do about half of a top or back. I use a 1704 recipe that I make and it works perfect, I have tried a spirit varnish that I purchased without success, but it was a little thicker than mine. the trick is thin and fast, and let it dry between coats. if I could remember how I would upload some pics you would like of a fiddle I was playing 3 hours after starting varnishing.
  3. If you are trying to use Roger Hargraves formula I think you need pure gypsum. Dap POP has other things in it. I have stirred it for a week, on a drill press with a paint stirrer changing the water twice a day and never achieved anything that would not still set up like concrete,
  4. I use a 42mm radius bridge, 10.5 string spacing, E 2.5mm off the board and C 4.5/5mm. 5mm spacing at the nut. I also use a helicore C. It is the only C made especially for a 5string fiddle. I also leave the C a little closer to the edge.
  5. I have also been guilty of staying out of the room for elections (part of the problem) . I consider myself to be a newcomer (3 years attendance) so not qualified to vote because I do not know the people or their qualifications. In those three years I have got acquainted with many of the people and they are great without exception. Most are older members that have already served in a leadership roll in the past. It appears to me that the current leadership is doing a great job although I noticed in the last newsletter that two officers positions were vacant. Is there dissension? My experience with this group has been very positive, met a bunch of great people and learned a lot from them. I will be happy to volunteer at the convention to do anything they need help with. This is great organization that we need to keep going.
  6. I am sorry you have been feeling bad. the essay was very educational. I hope to see you in Tuscon.
  7. I drove through Roswell about 7 A.M. this morning, thought about him.
  8. I'm sure Craig had wood in stock, why not use his wood? I think he also had several necks that he carved, waiting on fiddles. I think a neck that he carved would be nice.
  9. I have 2 ready to go. One much better than last years that got 2nd place/steel string. The other.....not so much.
  10. Exactly, the problem is my own ignorance. I have no idea how to cut it to have the wood grain running right for a violin board. I am sure this is more important than yield.
  11. I have inherited a large piece of ebony, 1 7/8 x2 7/16 x 32. I am not sure but I think this wood is at least 45 years old. I have no idea what to do with it, cut it up for violin boards, or sell it for guitar boards. any suggestions?
  12. I never knew chubby Wise but a luthier friend of mine, now deceased, knew him well and was familiar with his fiddle.He told me that Chubby's fiddle was a very cheap german trade fiddle, black varnish and very course sound. Chubby was a very good fiddler in the bluegrass style and the fiddle worked for him, so i guess it was a good one for what he did with it.
  13. A fiddle came in to my shop labeled "Pietro Grasso, Los Angeles 1938". Another small label on treble side " The Blue Jay 1938". Has anyone heard of this maker? I suspect this might be an imported and relabeled instrument. Dark brown varnish, like millions of trade fiddles. Plays much better than most cheap trade fiddles.