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  1. You can use fingerboard stain if it is available in your area or you can try a very dark (black preferred) shoe dye.
  2. A bed warmer perhaps? Or popcorn popper?
  3. Check out Red Wing School in Red Wing, Minn. They offer making and repair/restoration classes for stringed instruments and band instruments.
  4. George: Do you know what Michael Sowden's web site address is? Thanks Ed
  5. If you don't find the luthier that you are looking for I will recommend Ken Morgan in Lufkin, TX. He makes very nice instruments and gets roughly what you are able to spend. kfiddles@txu.com If you need more info let me know. Ed
  6. Henry Strobel's books sell for around $30.00 plus S/H.
  7. Contact Ed Fleming (603)424-2465 in Merrimack NH etfleming@ins.net He has been making them for the past several years.
  8. fiddlers


    If your still looking for help, try Dennis Braun in Grapevine, TX (817)488-2428 texasviolin@directlink.net
  9. Do you know their telephone number? If they are still in business they should certainly answer the phone.
  10. Try Kremer Pigments in NY. Their web site is/was www.kremer-pigmente.de and email kremer-pigments@t-online.de. Hope that this helps. BTW my catalog is dated 1999
  11. We use a small light and mirror to view the inside of the instruments. Surely you can find a luthier in your area that uses the same tools.
  12. At 84 perhaps the mans hearing lose is significant enough to prevent him from tuning the instruments. I'm sure that the same thing happens in Australia
  13. The Roman Numeral VIII was placed there by the bow maker in order to match the bow with the frog. The original frog should have the same VIII on it under the metal underslide.
  14. I read recently on another group that someone uses boric acid for sticking pegs. I haven't tried it yet so I am not able to endorse that product.
  15. Check out violink.com You will find tons of information there.
  16. Ed Campbell; located in Boiling Springs, PA.
  17. Hey Taxus: Contact "Clarion" insurance company. 1-800-848-2534 email clarion@villagenet.com They are very helpful and I think very reasonable with their rates. Ed in Texas
  18. Elisabeth: You could use "price negotiable" if you want to. That way you can dicker with the buyer and vice versa. Don't let the buyer know how low you are willing to go. Let them make an offer under your asking price and then negotiate until you get a satisfactory price. Ed
  19. I had the same probablem until I learned not to go TOO fast and to take a thinner cut. Adjust the shaver a fraction each time until you reach the collar of the peg. Be sure and score the surface of the peg next to the collar before starting or you will surely break the collar when you get to it. Ed
  20. Ed: Try Orcas Island Tonewoods. His web site is www.rockisland.com/~tonewoods Nice wood, well seasoned and very reasonable. [This message has been edited by fiddlers (edited 01-01-2002).]
  21. There is a link on the web for such makers: www.violink.com
  22. There was quite a lenghty discussion on this subject this past summer. Check the archives.
  23. fiddlecis: Here is the info that I said I would forward to you re the bluegrass newsletter: The publishers name is Edy Mathews and her email address is picknbow@aol.com. Hope that this info helps
  24. Jacob: If you know which dealer you want to contact why not call them and ask what their particular policies are? Most of them are pretty reasonable to deal with. Ed
  25. MrWoof's suggestion is the best one. It is well worth the investment to learn to play properly.
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