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  1. First ticket in the 2018 violin raffle! (ID-thread)

    I think what the OP ment with Hopf was not so much that it is made ba a Hopf, but was rather referring to this rather square outline, that at least in late 19th century Markies or Schönbies is often branded as a Hopf model. Have one here with a very similar outline that has a Hopf brand right below the button. even if it surely is not made by a Hopf-Family member
  2. Violin ID

    Well, isn't that why a seller gives an Instrument out on loan? To try it out and get second opinions? I'm not telling anyone who the seller is, so what harm is done?
  3. Violin ID

    I thank you all for your frank Responses! They confirm my gut Feelings (even if I wouldn't have expressed them as harshly).
  4. Violin ID

    sorry, I now saw I forgot to mention that the crack is in the back, otherwise it would have been a bass bar crack. So it is not under the Sound post, but rather on the "mirror Image" side of the back, practically under the bass bar, I believe going all the way from top to bottom. As I understand (I was not there when the conversation took place) the seller says he doesn't know exactly what it is, but that it could be what is written on the Label, and in any case late 18th century from that region. 7000 and something Euros, (which seemed a bit steep to me, that is why I'm asking), but on the other Hand it does Sound quite good, complex and good projection, relatively even on all strings and high up works well, including on the g string.
  5. Violin ID

    Yes, you are right, and thank you for nonetheless looking at them. I will ask for better Pictures.
  6. Violin ID

    Dear id thread enthusiasts, a dstudent of my girlfriends wishes to buy a new violin. She has been looking at this particular one, but we are wondering if it is what the seller Claims it to be, and if the Price is reasonable. It doesn't Sound bad, but it has a Long repaired crack opposite to where a bass bar crack would be, which seems to be Holding up well. what is your opinion on this violin? (The pics are not as good as I'd hoped for, I can ask for specific other pics if needed!)
  7. Good verses Bad Arching....

    Ofcourse the cello sounds better than the violin! duh!
  8. Minimum top thickness at sound post

    is that 3.5 including the Laminate patch or dos that come on top of it?
  9. Minimum top thickness at sound post

    Dear maestronetters, I recently had a very unpleasant experience with a relatively newly made violin by a relatively well known maker from a germany, which got a Sound post crack. It was discovered by another maker when he inspected the violin before starting a Sound optimisation. (which he didn't do then, ofcourse). The violin received a new top for half the usual Price, but now the new Sound post scares me, as it is clearly visible through the top, and, seen from outside, seems not to fit very well. After the inspecting lutier found the SP-crack, he checked the top thickness using one of those digital devices. It seemed the top in the SP-area had a thickness of about 2.7MM. I don't know what the thickness of the new top is, but I suspect it is similar, as the maker of the violin seems to have his theories about how to make a good sounding violin. (and he is not unsuccessful, many professionals Play his Instruments). Now to my question: for your own making or generally speaking, would you consider 2.7MM acceptable or too thin in the SP-area? What would your minimum and your maximum be and what is what you usually do?
  10. Verifying this Dieudonne Cello

    @Oort ok, so you know what you are doing, very good! I mistook the Versum for Jargar Dolce, the colour is almost the same and especially since they look so ragged at the tailpiece end, I just thought they must be old. An so I assumed regular Larsen lower strings. Have fun playing and upgrading, It Looks like you have a nice instrument there!
  11. Verifying this Dieudonne Cello

    Hi Oort, your Cello Looks well made, crisp work, seems in a very good condition for ist age. I cannot comment on who it was made by. But I can comment on Setup and I must say, you have some unusual choices here. Are those deliberate (tail cord length, string choice, geared pegs AND finetuner tail Piece)? Are you satisfied with how your Cello functions right now? If there are things you are not so happy about concernng Sound or playability, there is a lot which could be changed relatively easily, which I would expect to improve the Cello, unless your Cello is a very unique one that Needs this Special setup. If you would like suggestions, don't hesitate to ask!
  12. Baroque bass bars

    I talked to a lutier who copied the Instruments after having had them in his Hands. Acording to him, the Instruments probably were well used before they endedd up on the organ, I believe he thought most were probably around 50 years old.
  13. Baroque bass bars

    @romberg flat bearing Ganassis idea about changing the Bridge Position according to the tuning in mind, it would make sense to have a bass bar that is parallel to the centre seam, as was mentioned earlier in the thread. Pure speculation, but maybe the appearance of the angled bar goes together with a more precise Location of the Bridge and a more permanent location of the Sound post as well?
  14. Baroque bass bars

    back on the Topic of Bridge Placement, this seems to be the new Thing: