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  1. Quick question about measuring cello tops/backs. I don’t have a scale that will go high enough for the front or back. Would taking a smaller chunk off the wedge give the accurate results or at least accurate enough? Jesse
  2. That makes a lot of sense. Since that might be the case do you think there is a % increase (in general, since wood is so variable) form one species to the next? Instead of using weight. Let’s use the davodof strad as our hypothetical cello. Jesse
  3. Didn’t want to highjack the other thread. But what about cello plate weights? Maple vs poplar vs willows ect? Jesse
  4. Interesting that these 2 ivory frogs fluoresce differently. The top one is much newer than the bottom one but they are both ivory.
  5. Thanks! It appears to be genuine.
  6. Interesting cello bow. Bought it thinking it was low grade pernambuco and after cleaning, it appears to potentially be nice. Not counting the repair Can’t read the stamp very well at all. JOS??? ?????R What is the wrap? The white is translucent and the black is very flat. Whalebone or a nicer plastic? Thanks all!!
  7. Meant making not needing.
  8. Thanks! This should be fun! Jesse
  9. How much of each? I rather like that idea and would like to have some on hand as well. Jesse
  10. Ordered and sounds good on the viola/cello templets. Jesse
  11. Contact Iida Tomohito and see how much it would be to have it made. iida@japantool-iida.com Jesse
  12. Option 2 as well for me. I was thinking that it included the neck templates also. I miss read it lol. Please make a cello version of that as well. Jesse
  13. Looks good to me. But I’ll double check in a few. Personally, as a player, I hate the Romberg shaped boards. Though some still seem to prefer it. Jesse
  14. Any chance at cello templates as well? Jesse
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