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  1. what kind of spruce? I'm very interested Jesse
  2. Ok I’ll try that next. Thank you
  3. Here is the update so far. Dry clamping gets close but i figure moisture is required. As you can see even with the wedges the outside won’t come together.
  4. Not a bad idea. The smaller one has given way already.
  5. Lol will do. One thing I forgot to mention is that it’s been like this , dry, for quite a while. The end block slips and the inside stud gave way. Not sure how dry will help in this case. Having said that I’ll try dry pressure first and see what happens. My guess is it will need a little moisture.
  6. This is what I imagined. tomorrow I’ll try the pillar clamps and plastic wrap. Thanks all
  7. I’ve thought about this too but not sure if it’s a good idea along the center seam. I have seen a violin back seam redone before but never a cellos.
  8. This is essentially my next step I think. A combination of pillar clamps and Jacobs idea of big end blocks might be enough force. However It worries me how much force might be required.
  9. Yes this is what I tried first. And the reason I’m here. It’s still a mm from closing even with the clamp your talking about. It’s still drying from the cleaning So haven’t tried anything else yet.
  10. Unfortunately you right and that seems to be the way of the wider world also Maybe I’m jaded but it sure seems that way. cant say it wouldn’t be nice to have all the answers handed to me though lol
  11. Lol damn I wanted a solution handed to me so I didn’t have to think. I’ll get it cleaned up and see how it goes. thanks for the help! Jesse
  12. Thanks! I’ll try that. Do you think more pillar clamps along with the big blocks would help! Jesse
  13. Hi Jacob not sure but here is a better pic of the back before I started in it. And the front.
  14. Correct. Beautiful in the sun but no flames to speak of.
  15. Hi all how best to address this? Lower 5” on this cellos back has opened and warped enough that it won’t come together again. Seems to have been like this for a long time. Thanks! Jesse