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  1. Thanks!! They are wonderful tools. I just replaced them with thinner and lighter ones. Jesse
  2. The second is Tasai. See the chisels I have for sale. -not a plug as I think I’ll end up keeping them anyway- to see the kanji stamp to compare sorry don’t know the first one. Jesse
  3. I did do that in the beginning and while it does pay relatively ok but you need to be a store manager to really make a living. However the unspoken "requirements" are such that you live and breath fast food and have no life. Like 80-110 hrs a week if you need coverage. Still salary though so no bump in income. While I was an assistant mgr there, I was the highest paid in the region and still had to have a second job to be able to survive. Maybe now with all the wage increases in the food industry it might be ok at the store manager level. My 2 cents well now .0004 with inflation Jesse
  4. I’ll take the pigments and the bow windings please Jesse
  5. Ask them to use DHL. 3 day delivery for the last 3 orders from Germany in the last month. Cost 33euro for dhl vs 32euro for standard delivery with the same 2-3week time frame. Might be worthwhile to see if they have a similar service. Sorry can’t help with a USA source. Jesse
  6. 2 if these originally had the hoops but I removed them. I can’t stand the metal digging into my hand when it’s a push chisel. However if the buyer wants I can reinstall the 2. The only reason I’m selling these is because of the arthritis in my hands and I got a much lighter built set of Tasais that replaced these. Jesse
  7. I have four used Tasai chisels. 6,9,12,18mm 6,12,18 wrought iron mokume 9 Masame mokume. $200 each Or 2 for $300 includes shipping in the lower 48 If interested message me at waterlooluthier@yahoo.com or here thanks Jesse
  8. Hi as I said. I’m looking for the Strad poster of the Andrea Amati ‘King’ cello. If anyone has one that is willing to part with it, I’d really appreciate it. Either here or waterlooluthier@yahoo.com Thanks, Jesse
  9. Because I asked a friend in China to look into for me. He then contacted the seller and talked to them about it. He told me it was real and not to buy it. Then they sent me a sample to prove it was real with a different bow. However it did the opposite of convincing me to buy. It convinced me to not buy. I really don’t want to contribute to current day TS material being used. It’s scary how this stuff gets past customs. I’m sure there are plastic equivalent out there also. I just stopped looking into it after that episode. Jesse
  10. FYI be careful, what a lot of people in the us are classifying as chinese imitation T-shel is actually real. Mostly with a horn center so it looks off. Though the more recent variation is solid t-shell. The Chinese are using superglue to bind the pieces. Not sure if that is what is making people think it’s fake. At least the half dozen I’ve seen in the last 2 years have all been real. Several have passed the hot pin test. And they all have correct color under UV light. see eBay auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/185195945015 This is a real one unfortunately. Jesse
  11. Metallica or other 90’s metal/grunge music. But I suspect I’m an outlier lol Jesse
  12. Quick question about measuring cello tops/backs. I don’t have a scale that will go high enough for the front or back. Would taking a smaller chunk off the wedge give the accurate results or at least accurate enough? Jesse
  13. That makes a lot of sense. Since that might be the case do you think there is a % increase (in general, since wood is so variable) form one species to the next? Instead of using weight. Let’s use the davodof strad as our hypothetical cello. Jesse
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