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  1. This is a really good stone to get into the Japanese Natural Sharpening Stones without paying too much. I have way too many so I have decided to thin out my collection , hence the post. Shohonyama Red Ohira 333g $95 shipped lower 48 Jesse 314-775-5245 text or message me.
  2. Good point. With Jacobs post they might have been added later to secure the cracks. I’ll post pics when I take the top off.
  3. Interesting and thank you.
  4. Yea most likely. I was hoping there was a way not too but I doubt it.
  5. I’m familiar with the fake blocks. However you can see the blocks from the edge of the rib miter that has been broken off. Why they would make only One corner real and the others fake is beyond me. So I assume they are all real. Jesse
  6. Ok now I have the cello and it’s pretty well made. Now for the first of the repairs. These look like the ribs shrunk vertically and the corner blocks kept them from moving. Is this correct? How to fix them? Do I need to free the corner blocks and then replace them and shorten if needed? Thanks all
  7. Me too haha Either way I’ll post as I go along Jesse
  8. Yes basically lol I want to get better and get to the next level of work. As I only really want to work on cellos that involves things like this. I haven’t done a cast for a cello yet so when it’s time I’ll be picking the collectives mind on how to approach it. I have 3 decent cellos that all need casts so I will probably do a assembly line thing to get good at it. Jesse
  9. Not sure. I hope to have a better idea after I get it. My first thought is that he thinned the top way too much and left it weak but without measuring its Just a wild guess.
  10. Thanks me too! But I wanted to practice doing a sp patch and cello cast. So if it’s an amazing sounding cello also that would be great. Otherwise someone will get a reasonably priced cello when I’m done.
  11. These are the top. Haven’t received it yet so not sure if there other damage that’s hidden.
  12. I won a cello at auction for an absurdly cheap price. Granted it needs a crap ton of work but even if it’s a “shop” or made up name I think it’s financially ok. Now the question. Anybody know who this is? Thomas H. Thomas Litchfield, Me. 1987 Thanks for any help! Jesse
  13. Great thanks! I figured but I really haven’t seen enough in person to be confident. Thanks again Jesse