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  1. Jesse, I'll buy the bending iron.  But only if you increase the price back to 650.  You shouldn't have to take such a bath on this thing.  Let me know the details of payment.  My address is 207 Nelray Blvd, Austin, Tx  78751.

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    2. JPherson


      I’ll look for it. It should be here by Friday so I’ll post it Saturday. Assuming it’s here by then. 

    3. JPherson


      I’m going to list all my violin wood. Everything is at least 5yrs old. Some 10-15yrs. 90% is Red Maple. 

      Would you be willing to give a opinion if I send you a back? No charge obviously. 

      If yes I’ll pack it with the iron. 


    4. Julian Cossmann Cooke
  2. JPherson

    Aehnult brass violin bending iron (tested)

    $550 plus shipping. Half the price I paid for it. If it doesn’t sell at this price I guess I’m keeping it lol. Jesse
  3. JPherson

    Aehnult brass violin bending iron (tested)

    New price of $750 or closest reasonable offer. Just done have a need for it.
  4. Selling my aehnult brass violin bending iron. The only time it was turned on was to make sure it heated up. Otherwise still new. I changed the plug to work in the US without the adapter. (New Roughly 775 euros plus delivery to the US if you can get them to do it. ) $850 plus delivery in USA lower 48 only please. Thanks for looking, jesse
  5. JPherson

    W. E. Hill finger planes and a Tasai chisel

    Plane - Sold chisle is still available
  6. Ill give you money for those finger planes if they're still available

  7. JPherson

    W. E. Hill finger planes and a Tasai chisel

    Sale pending on the planes. Chisel still a available jesse
  8. I’m starting to sell my duplicate tools or ones I don’t use. Car repairs and life dictate this unfortunately. The finger planes are stamped W. E. Hill and sons. And have a brass insert (see pic) sizes : 15mm (but might actually be 16mm, I don’t have a bigger iron to test), 11mm, and 8mm irons. All are slightly convex and In really good condition. I have shown these around to people who I trust to know and the consensus is that they were put out by the Hill shop. Nobody is 100% but close. And I stopped trying to find more info. The Tasai chisel is hammer finish Wakizashi chisel. Meaning it’s made with a slightly heavier build. 24mm and only used 2 or 3 times to test. Email me at or IM me here if interested. All reasonable offers considered. Jesse
  9. JPherson

    Instrument varnished with my product

    I also would be interested in the viseo if you don’t mind. I’m thinking of trying this varnish and more info is always good:) thanks, jesse
  10. JPherson

    gee that STINKS... how to remove scent smells!?

    Baking soda in a box or carefully wiping vinagar might help not on the varnish of course. Both are helpful in other areas to remove odors. Jesse
  11. JPherson

    Looking for info on these finger planes.

    And yes they look a lot like prestons that I've seen. Not exact but close.
  12. JPherson

    Looking for info on these finger planes.

    No not marked unfortunately. But they still have the tempering coloration if that helps at all. The color isnprobably useless for identifying them but I'll add it to the mix anyway.
  13. JPherson

    Looking for info on these finger planes.

    Stavanger here is a pic of the inside. Or at least the best I can do. Does it tell you anything?
  14. JPherson

    Looking for info on these finger planes.

    Thanks. eBay of all places.