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  1. Hi There, im looking for mastic, sandarac, elemi, and some sort of copal. All the basics to get started experimenting. I’ll change these out if I react or one or another.
  2. Hi all, I have some oil varnish from Violin Varnish Italy about a year ago and can’t use it do to chemical sensitivity’s. I have gone in the spirt direction and would like to trade for ingredients to experiment with. These have never been opened and are still viscous but since they are a year old is like to only trade. Can’t test the stuff so no guarantees unfortunately. Iron Roainate oil varnish Zink Rosinate Ground Alizarian red oil varnish Oil Amber Varnish Jesse
  3. Wow that’s incredible! I’ll check it out and hopefully it works the same for me. I also use vinegar as a main ingredient for any cleaning lol. Any particular brand you recommend I look into?
  4. Similar to anaphylaxis. Headache, difficult to breath, nausea, flush. Heart rate increases. So while not exactly like it. It’s close enough to be worrisome.
  5. We all lived in Taipei when it was extremely polluted. Afterwards we had the same issues. So yes everyone in this household has the same chemical sensitivities. What exactly caused it we don’t know. Were we exposed to something where we lived? Was it in the air?
  6. Don’t think so but I have used a citrus striper that I reacted to. Jesse
  7. Ok I’ll look into it but looks like I’ll have to find some already made. I haven’t found a solvent yet that i don’t react to. Maybe it will be one that isn’t too bad lol Jesse
  8. That sounds like it has amazing promise. How do you make it water based?
  9. I would love to try that! How do you dry it then? UVB lamp I assume?
  10. Jim, lol that would be why I couldn’t find it. I love oil varnish and would rather stay with it if I can find a way for it to be non-lethal to me and the people in my house. (We all have the same sensitivity issues) Jesse
  11. As stated in my last response it’s now in my house so it has to be safe regardless of PPE. Or so low of an amount that it doesn’t trigger me while living here. not the easiest thing to find I am aware.