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  1. Having multiple projects going on at the same time I keep track of the time spent working on each with a kitchen timer that counts up. It’s very handy when the phone rings or someone comes into the shop, I can pause it and then restart it once I go back to that repair, then I have an accurate record of time spent during that session. Once that gluing or varnishing is done I write down the time, zero out the timer, and start it again for the next repair.
  2. Here’s the first page of a 1924 Roth catalog that explains the labels.
  3. When I open the thread up in a new window there are no ads between comments. Only present when I open in the same window.
  4. Mike, I’ve always been lucky removing the CA and wood from the slide. I sand the wood away and when it starts to get thin the glue just releases - the same as it does when I’m removing a dowel rod I’ve used to shape a pearl eye.
  5. As it happens I had a bow come in today for it’s first repair with a slide that would not come out using the more common approaches so I CA glued a piece of scrap maple to the slide. Two hits with the mallet and it slide right out. It’s great when things work as they should.
  6. Thanks Bruce, unfortunately I’m not close enough to be able to make another trip but it was good to see the violin again anyway. It was nice to concentrate on just one del Gesu instead of the twenty five in New York in ‘94.
  7. For those of you planning to see The Cannon you can leave your flashlights at home. I had the chance to visit Sunday and after being told to turn off my light a discussion with the museum staff said their agreement was to not allow light of any kind. But perhaps as the week goes on they can be persuaded otherwise.
  8. Jp, This is the description of your viola from the 1975 brochure. They have it as the top of their student line before advancing to the Ernst Heinrich Roth violas. The C denotes Caspari pegs.
  9. David Pope

    The Strad

    When I've had an issue, like a missing issue, I always contact them at customerservices@thestrad.com Provide them what information you have about the subscription and someone will respond in a business day or two.
  10. Horacio is in the diamond pattern shirt. I think Gael is behind Rene.
  11. Mike, I make up glue brushes using thin walled 1/4" aluminum tubing from the hardware store and leftover bow hair. I fold the hair, insert it in the end, and then compress the end in a vise or with a hammer. Then I trim the hair even to the length I want. If you don't have access to hair PM me.
  12. I've been having an ongoing exchange of emails with them since the beginning of the year. Last week I received a hand addressed replacement copy of the February issue and two days later received the print addressed March issue. This morning's email from them said "There has been a new mailing system put into place so all future delivery problems will be resolved". They're now sending out an April issue replacement.
  13. Hello Mike, The instrument after the Ole Bull is the 1695 Strad viola with the coronet on the top under the fingerboard known now as the Herbert Axelrod.
  14. Jim, no mention has been made of transportation and I'd not expect it to happen. Last time the VSA was in DC and there were instrument viewings at the Library of Congress people were on their own to get downtown. The Metro is the easiest option.
  15. I received an email today saying I'm on the wait list. I believe the original notice said if you win the lottery you will be notified.
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