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  1. David Pope

    Some pics from the old days at Jacques Francais

    Horacio is in the diamond pattern shirt. I think Gael is behind Rene.
  2. David Pope

    Elusive lining clamp source

    Mike, I make up glue brushes using thin walled 1/4" aluminum tubing from the hardware store and leftover bow hair. I fold the hair, insert it in the end, and then compress the end in a vise or with a hammer. Then I trim the hair even to the length I want. If you don't have access to hair PM me.
  3. David Pope

    The Strad

    I've been having an ongoing exchange of emails with them since the beginning of the year. Last week I received a hand addressed replacement copy of the February issue and two days later received the print addressed March issue. This morning's email from them said "There has been a new mailing system put into place so all future delivery problems will be resolved". They're now sending out an April issue replacement.
  4. David Pope

    VSA Preconvention session

    Hello Mike, The instrument after the Ole Bull is the 1695 Strad viola with the coronet on the top under the fingerboard known now as the Herbert Axelrod.
  5. David Pope

    VSA Preconvention session

    Jim, no mention has been made of transportation and I'd not expect it to happen. Last time the VSA was in DC and there were instrument viewings at the Library of Congress people were on their own to get downtown. The Metro is the easiest option.
  6. David Pope

    VSA Preconvention session

    I received an email today saying I'm on the wait list. I believe the original notice said if you win the lottery you will be notified.
  7. David Pope

    Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    deans, thats the orchestra I retired from 5 years ago. I still know many of those people and I imagine they were asked to have some sort of uniformity for the PR shot. Except for Yuri, far right, he was allows a rebel.
  8. David Pope

    The Becker/Wm. Lewis/Chicago "Sound"

    Will, Dan's obituary just about says it all. Being raised in the Chicago area, as his wife was, he spent a lot of time trading with the owners of the major shops in Chicago, and New York, up until he was no longer able to travel. I began doing repairs for him in the late 1970s and continued to do so until his death. He'd be down to my shop, about 30 minutes south from Dewitt, it seemed almost very week to show me his newest find or to have some adjustment made. He was a great guy and very down to earth. The stories over those many decades are too numerous to recount - some humorous, some mundane, and some too confidential for a forum setting.
  9. David Pope

    The Becker/Wm. Lewis/Chicago "Sound"

    Woodland, In the 1990s I helped Dan Draley, in a small way, when the last of Frank Sindelar's things were being sold off because Frank's son was moving out of the house. At that time I was told because Frank was a few years older, and already at Hornsteiner's when Carl Becker came, he was in charge of instructing Carl at the beginning until Carl reached a point that Hornsteiner took over. This might give some evidence to the notion that Frank taught Carl, even though it may have been very little. I was able at this time to acquire a very nice Sindelar viola from what was left of Frank's instruments.
  10. David Pope


    Yes. vsaweb.org
  11. David Pope

    14th Cremona violin-making competition results

    Here's a result list from the Museum's website listing special awards and honorable mentions. http://www.museodelviolino.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/VINCITORI-XIV-CONCORSO-TRIENNALE.pdf David
  12. David Pope

    Bass repair person in or near Davenport Iowa

    I do. I've been doing repairs in Davenport for over 30 years. I don't advertise because the shop is always full of repairs. I did the repairs for Dan Draley when he was active as a dealer. I can be reached at 563-386-3443