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  1. Just like CNN....what a coincidence!
  2. If I can quote Jezzupe "Bingo"!
  3. They are not in jail, they are in broadcasting......Richard Jewell won/settled the suit but dropped dead at 44...
  4. I do not think they ever will, which shows where their priorities lie. Luckily, CNN does not get to fabricate who committed crimes....just ask Richard Jewell.
  5. Without getting too political, there is a reason that both sides of the isle are supporting is a long time in coming. I guess nobody sent CNN the talking points yet. Just doin’ my part Jezzupe.
  6. What does? Are you implying I have connections with the White House but don’t know It?
  7. No connections, just common sense. Both leaders are under ever increasing pressure to get a deal done...eventually they will see each other as on the same side of the issue. Human nature. Besides, anything that has the President and Chuck Schumer on the same side cannot last long....
  8. No worries, they will have an agreement by rental season.
  9. Maybe “attorneynet” is a better place to get legal advice.....
  10. I have two of them that have worked well daily for decades....hard to find that consistency with anything.
  11. And you would be taught humility........
  12. That is a very misleading metric. Some of the best grabbing hair is brittle and too course to provide good sound. I would say consistency and freshness is the most important when learning to do good rehairs (the first 600 is still learning). If you don’t have these than the effect of the small incremental changes you make in your technique will be hidden by crappy hair.
  13. I would encourage you to read the whole thread Conor. Indeed, it is certainly a dovetail, but the word really is not the issue. The issue is whether one sets the neck with the mechanical strength that the dovetail (“splayed”) sides enables rather than counting on the button to hold the neck in place. I for one do not care much about the language other than to illustrate the absurdity of this particular contributor, and assumed it was just language until further in the thread. After further posts I now absolutely believe the word “dovetail” was not used...even after direct definitions were given....because the necks he sets indeed do not have the “splayed” sides that allows for the mechanical strength of the joint. So refusing to use the term “dovetail”, and calling it “bollocks”, is completely accurate because this contributor doesn’t believe there is any mechanical strength added by using dovetailed or “splayed” sides, therefore doesn’t bother to do so. You certainly understand the issues when the neck breaks loose from the block taking the button with it due to this miscalculation and shoddy technique; especially with older instruments we should be conserving.