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  1. I would concur with the substitution of glutaraldehyde rather than formaldehyde is evidently more effective and it kills you slower.
  2. Probably not, it is a lot of work and there are many other things I need to accomplish. Thank you for asking. JP
  3. If you can, see if you can borrow a plane from someone that does good work. The most discouraging thing I have run into while teaching is people struggling to make bad tools work well and not knowing they are really bad tools. Some of the commercial tools out there are pretty horrible, and using inappropriate tools like Xacto knives or other such things will destine you for mediocrity if they don’t discourage you completely. Cut back on other things now and buy good tools....other than education they are the best investment you could make. from someone who has been there....
  4. It is not much different on cello and certainly preferable to a fingerboard shim if you have enough top edge available. This might help:
  5. Click here: Then click the arrow that pops up on the right hand side.
  6. Marijan, It is nice to hear you are finding the articles useful. Epoxy technology still makes the 301-2, and as a matter of fact they now sell it in 4 gm? portioned envelopes that are really handy. We have been researching different epoxies including uv curing types but nothing has been as good as the 301-2. Jerry
  7. It is a technique article. The link is good to go, please try again.
  8. Alright, we are good to go....sorry for the drama.
  9. They are working on the link....a few minutes.
  10. Thank you Dwight. I really like the idea of glass fibers reinforcing the tortoise....The article, the photos, and the work were all done by Sebastian Schwelm..he does nice work, and as you can imagine his spotless bench is a thing to behold...
  12. ...or for that matter a 1935 Ford made at the end of the 19th centrury......