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  1. Tax proposals

    About taxes?
  2. Tax proposals

    Oh for Pete’s sake, what the hell are you talking about?
  3. Tax proposals

    Hell, I understand there is a seat soon to be vacant from Minnesota.
  4. Tax proposals

    Yep, deduct that and hire 3 more people.
  5. Tax proposals

    It has been legal to import elephant heads ALWAYS! The last treasured leader made it illegal for musicians to travel with their priceless French ivory tipped violin bows, but hunters could import two trophy elephant heads A YEAR.....
  6. Crack of Death. Move on?

    Excited? No, just curious.
  7. Crack of Death. Move on?

    Replacing parts is a different story, that is common. The only reasons I can think of to replace half a top is if it was replaced once before..poorly, or you want to haze the new shop dog.
  8. Crack of Death. Move on?

    Not unusual? I have never seen or heard of this being done and would love to see photos if you have any. It seems for a restorer this would be about the worst decision one could make, taking the bad aspects from every possible better option.
  9. Crack of Death. Move on?

    Very insightful.
  10. mini lathe recommendation for making buttons

    I have one, but they are a little clumsy for the work. A well constructed lathe that is small is the best bet....a Hardinge second operation lathe or lens lathe is perfect.
  11. Trade Secrets Index

    Good idea Julian, thanks for doing this.
  12. mini lathe recommendation for making buttons

    It is rare to find one on eBay anymore, at least the Austrian made machines. I would like to have Hardinge machines, but these Emco 8 ‘s are perfect for what we do.....which is why they stopped making them.
  13. mini lathe recommendation for making buttons

    I use an Emco Compact 8. Some of the small lathes mentioned here will work fine for making buttons, although not for more serious restoration or making cutters effectively. The Sherline is a hobbyist lathe, I will not refer to it as a toy, but I would certainly be more than justified doing so.
  14. Crack of Death. Move on?

    The tops and backs deform over the years without “bodgers” pushing in posts too tight, and many deformations are caused by “bodgers” putting in posts without proper tension. Other than a post crack that occurred as a colleague was fitting the post with closing clamps in place, I have ever seen a post crack that occurred due to a post being fitted too tightly. I do not believe it happens.
  15. Crack of Death. Move on?

    I have never heard the results you are claiming here, are you saying this is your experience with soundpost patches?