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  1. It looks to me that this may be a blown out cheek.
  2. Those that knew what we were talking about did.
  3. I think Rene saw things through give and take all the time...whether in his explanation or not. The Appui was a big deal and altering the neck set in different ways was an improvement to many issues. However, I never altered a saddle when I was there, and I do not think the saddle came into play, (I still do not believe it does anything close to altering the appui). I do remember joking about replacing the bassbar with a neck reset.....
  4. This is the issue. Floppier strings under the fingers equated to more "resistance", "tension" on the bow in the translation. So he saw a low bridge as a higher appui, or flatter angle of the strings....more "resistance to the bow and more"tension"....
  5. Do you have a transcript of what René said verbatim? There were a couple of things he used to reference that were translation idiosyncrasies.....for instance using “tension” where “ resistance” would be more appropriate. This very well could be one of those, which would clear things up in short order.
  6. What did you get, and how much is it going to cost me?
  7. Nice work Jeff. Which mini mill did you end up with.
  8. It works quite well to just put your cylindrical pins in at opposing angles.
  9. I made the instrument starting in 1977. My violin did have a bass bar however, and the scroll was plexiglass sheet that was rolled into a scroll.
  10. That is my understanding as well. Do you see any evidence that there was a bass bar on the inside at sometime? Also, do you have the bridge?
  11. I guess my question is, why do we have to make a choice of either or? Isn’t it obvious that a neck that is set well is more likely to stay put without breaking the button than one set poorly and only glued to the button?
  12. We have been setting necks as a profession for a very long time.....there are not any mysteries. A well fit neck will stay together without damaging the instrument far better than a neck where one only relies on the was Professor Baldwin with statistics?..........