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  1. There are always going to be people that have beliefs that are contradicted by available evidence.
  2. I guess there is always one in the crowd with more testosterone than good sense........
  3. Yes, that is a good point. But on the other side of the ledger, tiny cracks on bows make dramatic differences in value as you know. I do not know any single crack on a violin that would devalue by 75%. Bill Salchow used to lament the fact that to be considered a good bow maker one had to be able to shave with the frog.......(paraphrasing with added flair).
  4. He will when the owner screams for him to do so as he is confiscating the bow.....
  5. I must admit it is really tempting to make things disappear all over the place and see if you can get it past colleagues.....that is fun once, right up until the colleague gets word they were sandbagged. I think now mostly hiding things in plain sight is the way to go. Siegfried had a way of carving the throat on a frog so everyone could see it was not original....using silver solder on gold, or I always thought micro stamping would be neat as well on say the end of ferrules. Mostly I think UV markers are the way to go.....when some Inspector at the airport shines his little UV flashlight on a tortoise shell frog and it glows bright purple with a Triangle Strings logo, he will come to the realization that it is not real tortoise. At some point it is a matter of intent don’t you think?
  6. After much consideration and consultation, we have decided not to dumb down the quality or integrity of our work based on the lowest common denominator of ethics in the field. I have a problem with the concept that doing sub-optimal work is ever the "Right" thing to do. I understand your point, but there are ways to mark your work without have to sacrifice your standards.
  7. No better recipe...unfortunately it is not like violin work where you can play with color, opacity, and gloss afterward; you are naked and if you do not get a match it will always be seen.....the good news is, if you get a match those last few hours of work are very rewarding.....and no one has to see you naked..... Match the medullary rays and you are most of the way there.
  8. Looks just like our waiting room...of course our gimp box is more of a dog house..
  9. I agree, the wedge does have it’s uses especially if the wedge is used to correct faulty poiriette/ neck tilt where a neck reset is not practical.
  10. It is very possible the issue is with the shape of fingerboard as it relates to the shape of the bridge. When a fingerboard radius is flattened toward the bridge, intonation problems can be the result. If it feels like it gets worse closer to the bridge, you have the answer. It is very common....
  11. I would concur with the substitution of glutaraldehyde rather than formaldehyde is evidently more effective and it kills you slower.
  12. Probably not, it is a lot of work and there are many other things I need to accomplish. Thank you for asking. JP
  13. If you can, see if you can borrow a plane from someone that does good work. The most discouraging thing I have run into while teaching is people struggling to make bad tools work well and not knowing they are really bad tools. Some of the commercial tools out there are pretty horrible, and using inappropriate tools like Xacto knives or other such things will destine you for mediocrity if they don’t discourage you completely. Cut back on other things now and buy good tools....other than education they are the best investment you could make. from someone who has been there....