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  1. Well, that depends on your definition of “evenness of the grain”..... not to be hyper critical, but the grain can look even and wood still be quite twisted.....the rays make that evident.
  2. Not as such, but they do tell you about the split, quality, and consistency of the wood.
  3. The bridges I use have the long face of the ray on the manufacturers side. Also, the cut on these bridges is not square one side or another. In any case, when we cut bridges we are looking for certain things, long ray on the back is one, I do not let the blank determine our priorities. That being said, I cannot remember a time when that did not allow the manufacturers mark to remain. I do not see this as vulgar, but rather that the manufacturer has every right to be proud of their work too.
  4. Although Jeff, there are some pretty vulgar brands.
  5. Well we are all not that far off as it seems. Martin, I was taking from your posts that you put these into daily use, my misconception. Using these for conservation purposes, or as a tool that was mentioned earlier we can all agree on. I am not sure I would use them as "turd polishers", but even that is a "why not try" situation although pretty expensive and maybe a bit unfortunate in description.
  6. My first experience with this was a Storioni a colleague asked to show to one of his returned with my bridge and the brand was filed off.....I must say not only did my bridge look different, but from then on, that colleague as well.
  7. Sure, I will absolutely do so when I am in the area. Of course the field I refer is at the bench, and my knowledge is based mostly on your statements. If you have been trained as a violin maker or restorer, I sincerely apologize for grouping you with the others. However, if that is the case I would be interested in where you received your training as some of your statements are antithetical to the reality that I and all of my colleagues are familiar.
  8. I am sure I have seen it, but it is not common. I agree with your assessment about taking responsibility for the work.....society needs more people in general to take responsibility for their work.
  9. Me as well. He came up with some of the most elegant techniques.....I will never forget his face when at the Miami Beach Federation convention you introduced him to me as Doug Raguse.
  10. It is not that far from having a belt buckle with your name on it in the 70's, or that ID bracelet.......Of course that may have been because of what you hippies were smokin..
  11. Thank you Jeff, we are trying to play nice.
  12. I hope this clears a few things up. I am happy to expound if I can be more clear. The last bit is that these are sold as remedies to RH changes....the tightness of the post is only one symptom of changing RH....believing or suggesting that this is an antidote is misguided to say the least.
  13. Not really sure what you are asking.....did you not read my last post? Dude you have to read, I posted it 14 hours ago! Oh, if it is confusing to you, my answers are in bold type while your post is not....
  14. You seem to mis-paraphrase a whole bunch of things throughout this discussion, maybe that is the reason for your confusion. Now, do you have any specific questions? Please also include your background as you choose to remain anonymous.