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  1. American Federation of Violin and Bow makers

    Good points all Nathan. Sorry to miss the convention, but never sorry to stay out of Manhattan. There really is no reasonable argument against the AFVBM having done a lot of good for our profession. Even those who choose not to be members have benefitted from the existence of the AFVBM. I must admit to getting a little (by little I mean a whole bunch) impatient with those who choose to criticize this organization, the VSA competition, or the Oberlin programs, and have never been to any of the above. The one thing that seems to be very consistent with the best of the best in our business, is they are the faces you see at these kind of continuing education opportunities; and those that choose to throw insults from the outside out of envy, contempt, or because it happens to be that time of night, tend not to be the best of the least not when the light of peer scrutiny which of course is the very fear that prompts the criticism in the first place. Enjoy the convention, and I hope you get to see the old Workshop looks a lot different these days.
  2. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Okay. It sounds like you are saying the Federation is doing exactly what it was formed to do, you just think there should be some guarantee; like the AMA, the National Bar Association, or the AIC....
  3. Price for Pernambuco Bow Blank

    The price is all over the map, I have paid $15 dollars up to $250.
  4. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    So Carl, again, what is your issue with the Federation? Have you ever been to a convention, read the bylaws, learned it’s history, or personally known anyone who is a member? If not, isn’t it Intelectually dishonest to condemn an organization you know nothing about?
  5. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    What would ever give you even a clue that accuracy was ever the intent or a goal?
  6. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Carl, am I to assume you do not like the AFVBM for some reason? I can certainly understand why Jacob would have a problem with professional organizations, but can you share the subject of your distaste? Did EGM fix an instrument that was never returned to you? It has certainly been my experience that the loudest voices that oppose the Federation also seem to be the voices attached to the people that cannot get into the Federation.
  7. D.I.Why?

    Sorry Jacob, by “fine human being” I meant toad. Please quote me.
  8. D.I.Why?

    I cannot imagine you would ever have the need to worry about a superiority complex. You are a fine human being Jacob.
  9. D.I.Why?

    It seems funny now, but years ago there was a great deal of disagreement about the Weisshaar book when it was coming out. Not about the content, but about the techniques being shared with anyone who had the shillings to spend. There was a similar discussion about the Federation precursor to the IPCI book. Hell, I even remember when Guy Rabut's sheet of measurements was treated as state secrets being shared quietly from colleague to colleague......
  10. D.I.Why?

    I think we agree, I just don't think what the op is doing I would classify as "DIY".
  11. D.I.Why?

    Exactly, there is a lot more content if you do more than just rely the Cliff's notes...
  12. D.I.Why?

    Oh please Jacob, read the thread. I was making the statement that what you were talking about is not "finer details" which was a quote from Conor (hence the damn quotation marks). You would get yourself in so much less trouble if you just bothered to read.
  13. D.I.Why?

    Oh c’mon Conor, Jacob was hardly talking about the “finer details”. Also, if you get a convention of ten of the finest restorers alive in a room, you will have disagreements on the “finer details”. I would also go as far as to say the overwhelming majority of the violinmakers on the planet would not pass your “finer details” test when looking at a one of their newly replaced bow tips!
  14. D.I.Why?

    Once the measurements are correct any exceptions you have found to this point will be moot. Try these:
  15. How to judge violin sound ?

    Well, maybe we have to measure the player and not the violin. If we can narrow a set of measurements, i.e. bow pressure, sounding point, speed of vibrato, bow speed, etc. and have a given player watch a screen and hit certain sound markers, (similar to bio feedback), then we have a set of numbers that in essence shows us what the player is doing to compensate to hit their feedback goal. We could even use a players own concert instrument as a seems that would be something that would be very useful and have a great deal of practical history behind it.