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  1. Having lived there extremely briefly, it is a really creepy, musty old place. The basement is right out of a horror flick and House makes strange noises, not where I would ever stay again.
  2. Yup, we have been here before. The very fact that the neck came out in the first place means there was something wrong with the neck reset. There really isn’t any serious disagreement here, the neck is not longer came out....staying in is needs to be reset. It is pretty foolish to believe that a neck will stay put by just gluing it after it has already come out, especially with the only difference being a patch in the button which has only a fraction of the strength as the wood that broke in the first place. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I assume you mean something else when you write “no necessity to ‘re-set’” and “only need to glue it back in”, but who knows what goes on in your head. Also, the button will always need to be retouched when it is cracked off. There really isn’t any serious disagreement here either, as you have cracks....because the button “broke” one will need to fill and retouch those cracks. I suppose in theory you never have to do retouch.....if the standard of work is low enough. Some of the other gibberish about “sex up”, “meaningless French work” and “demented” I don’t really know what you are trying to say, but I am sure it makes sense to you on some level. Ultimately, I guess it is up to the person doing the job and the quality of the work they wish to do. I prefer necks stay in when reset, measurements are correct, and cracks are repaired to a professional level of competence. Not meeting these requirements certainly could make the work quicker, but that is not what we do.....of course, that is my decision.
  3. Of course TVB has it right here, this is a pretty textbook situation for a clavette and neck reset. Click on the lower right of this link and you can download the PDF.
  4. It looks very strange now. A lot of memories in that place....
  5. You certainly are, and we already know they are not liable......
  6. Yes it could, but I would rather him back himself into a corner....
  7. And this is why you always back yourself into these corners and look so foolish, you do not read.
  8. All true. However, this is damage to a stick. We have not seen the silver frog that goes with it, we do not know if it is a Paersold frog, or even if it still has a frog. Saying that the "bow" is worthless is not accurate because we have not seen the frog and button, which by any sane interpretation, could indeed have value. Hence, gathering information before forming an opinion rather than forming an opinion and then calling people names illustrate you put youself in a corner.
  9. Agreed Martin, but why make products that any idiot can make a mess of, especially when they do not do the same job as the original? Selling these as an antidote to responsibly taking care of your instrument and bow invites problems....especially as that claim is inaccurate.
  10. Yup....that is the point Michael, "pretty sure" doesn't fill me with confidence!
  11. Do you know if the same holds true with a soundpost that has ball joints at the ends? So as an "adjuster" without that knowledge, how could you have confidence in yourself, or for that matter, making that statement?
  12. That is pretty accurate. When Peter Oxley taught at Oberlin last year he had a presentation where he showed one similar on a french bow....he used a mill from the tip surface for enforcement, so it looked like an elongated "0" ....endgrain side to side.
  13. Don't you get tired of behaving like this and just calling people names when you back yourself into a corner?
  14. Conor, to clarify, the end grain is at the left (finger side)and right (thumb side), not the top and bottom?
  15. Jacob isn't it best to do research BEFORE you spew worthless opinions? How about just reading?