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  1. Jerry Pasewicz

    how to color bow hair

    The conductor of the symphony had just the same attitude and restricted colored hair from the bows on stage. One day Anne Akiko Meyers Meyers came into the shop. She was there as a soloist for a concert with the symphony and had her Vuillaume in tow (this was before the Italians she has now) and just one bow, a Dominique Peccatte....She had me rehair her Peccatte with royal blue hair. That evening she walked on stage with her Vuillaume, her Pecatte with royal blue hair, and matching shoes and gown......she looked striking, the conductor did not/could not object, and I was told the restriction died that night.
  2. Jerry Pasewicz

    how to color bow hair

    Regular Rit dye works fine, however the colors are a little muted once the hair is rosined. We use a more vibrant acid dye that involves pretreating the hair first, then dying, wrapping the hair in plastic wrap, steaming the hair, and finally rinsing the hair to clean off excess dye. The dye is from these folks:
  3. Jerry Pasewicz

    Laser arching visualization

    What I have used in the past is a slide projector with grid pattern slide focused appropriately. I often thought about using a mirror as well to increase depth of focus but never got around to that.
  4. Jerry Pasewicz

    Damage to bows caused by rehairer

    Yes and yes.
  5. Jerry Pasewicz

    Damage to bows caused by rehairer

    Sorry to hear about your experiences. This sounds very familiar, I know the shop to which you are referring, and I can tell you that you are not alone in your assessment. I suggest that you take quick photos of your bow before taking it in to anyone, Burgess has it right in that most players rarely look closely at their bows until it is picked up after rehairing. These photos are not only proof of the condition when you dropped it off, but could also keep you from accusing someone unjustly if there is something you just hadn’t seen before. To combat this problem, all bows in our shop have 9 shots taken immediately when they arrive, all of which are uploaded to the customer’s data base that is accessible through the website portal.
  6. Jerry Pasewicz

    Knives deeply discounted at

    Very interesting, where do we find the M4 knives Mr. Schmidt?
  7. Jerry Pasewicz

    Grinding curved edge knives

    I will see if I can get some photos later on this morning, but in the mean time, here are photos from Ryan Hayes’ bridge article of some of the bridges knives from around the shop. Hope you fell better.
  8. Jerry Pasewicz

    Knives deeply discounted at

    Julian, their western style laminated blades are what I have used to carve violin and cellos necks forever. I just ordered two more......for the next forever.
  9. There were no left handers.....
  10. Jerry Pasewicz

    Is this a soundpost crack?

    Unfortunately, for some I would imagine it depends on whether they are buying or selling.
  11. Jerry Pasewicz

    Bow Button coming loose from Screw

    Hello Jeff, When the second hole is too deep, the bamboo skewer is what I use to bush it up. So, cut the end of the skewer to the diameter you need....after you do this, take a toothpick (to use only for measurement) and stick it in the screw hole all the way in and mark the end of the nipple. Then place the end of the toothpick that was in the hole, and put it in the nipple recess in the button and compare your mark to the end of the screw. The difference, plus a bit, is the length of your bamboo bushing. Roll the bamboo under your knife to cut to length. With the aid of a small dab of CA, lightly tack the end of the bushing to the end of the screw...this holds just enough to get the bushing in. Feed screw into the first hole, when you get to the mortise, add a little aliphatic resin (tightbond) to the bamboo and push it into the second hole. At this point the bushing is very slightly long, but a few quick turns with a 2.2 or 2.3 mm drill in a pin vise will allow you to trim it to the exact length when it is dry. The end grain of the bamboo makes a very tough bearing surface. When we do this with a screw that has come out of the button, we will also “fish hook” the edge corners of the tang several times to keep the button in place.
  12. Jerry Pasewicz

    Bow Button coming loose from Screw

    Possibly, although I would think it would be self correcting over time. I do not see the lack of contact with the nipple an issue as the end of the screw makes a better bearing surface anyway.
  13. Jerry Pasewicz

    Bow Button coming loose from Screw

    We do this with bamboo regularly without problems and it fixes all the problems you suggest.. I would not suggest putting in a ruby bearing on an existing bow as the next guy might not know it was there if there is an issue. BTW, this is destined to happen with every bow over time that has a press fit screw and is exposed to humidity cycling....that is the overwhelming majority.
  14. Jerry Pasewicz

    Bow Button coming loose from Screw

    The bow maker Nebekker used to put a ball bearing at the end of his second hole, and I have put ruby bearings there for decades. I see the ball bearings as a problem if anyone ever needs to drill and bush the hole, but the ruby bearings are funnel shaped so it can be reversed. We DO NOT however, and would not do this on an existing bow.
  15. Jerry Pasewicz

    Bow Button coming loose from Screw

    Hmmm. I guess it would depend on the hardness of the epoxy, but I cannot find a good reason off hand. We use bamboo mostly as the end grain creates a good bearing surface so th screw works better, but you could be on to something.