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  1. Pronunciation is determined by speakers of the language, not by dictionaries.
  2. Just generally. >> (If you offer your endorsement to D'Addario they might send you a free set...........) I'm not sure my endorsement is that valuable. Bernie
  3. I have gradually come to believe that Mr Omobono is a sound judge, so I thought I'd try a Zyex A, D and G. I put them on yesterday. I am impressed: they immediately made a bigger positive difference than any other strings I have tried. Perhaps the impact of the change is amplified by the fact that the strings seem to need very little playing in: I put them on, left them to stretch for ten minutes and then they sounded excellent. Highly responsive, rich, complex sound.
  4. I never said anything about their morals, I don't give a toss about their morals. The music was awful. They would be pretty poor jazz musicians if they couldn't pick up a tune that simple. They didn't make anything of it though. Do you think this piece would be a revelation for people who might not appreciate either of the genres involved?
  5. It's a mess because it is two different styles of music bolted clumsily together. It's tedious because the jazz element lacks the excitement and other positive characteristics of jazz, and the "old time" element lacks the positive characteristics of "old time" music. James Kelly is the son of a well-known fiddler in the Clare style of playing, the father moved with the family from County Clare to Dublin, his house in Capel Street was a gathering place for traditional musicians where James would have been exposed to influences from all over Ireland and beyond. His playing reflects all these influences, with an added dash of individuality.
  6. I've been playing and listening to traditional Irish fiddle music for around 40 years, on and off. This is the sort of thing I like: I really did find the video you linked to tedious and a mess. As graceful as a goat in stilettos.
  7. What a tedious performance! What a mess!
  8. Then I suppose you could initiate the disputes procedure.
  9. "Building on the success of the Amber E and Russian A strings Warchal have now released the Avantgarde A string. This is a remarkable metal A string which combines the innovations of the Russian A and Amber E strings. Gives unrivalled quality of sound and fast response. It is wavy along the whole length of string and that is why the feeling under the finger may require time to get used to."
  10. I have had a fair bit of trouble with this, and I was thinking about it last night as I am expecting some new strings to arrive in the post today. I am wondering if a short piece of tubing slid onto the post might be the solution. I found the protectors extremely difficult to fit. I'm thinking of trying different diameters of electrical wire insulation. I'll do it now.
  11. Because I am happy with where I am at I enjoy my playing much more and want to do it more, and because of that I find I am improving without striving.
  12. http://www.arteliutaria.it/quartquint_utili_viola_1.shtml Horrible.
  13. I've been far happier with my playing since I stopped thinking in terms of "arriving". We will all spend our entire musical lives at whatever standard we are currently at. So the thing to do is to get as much pleasure and satisfaction out of that as you can, right now, and simply stop worrying about whether you have "arrived" or whether you will "arrive".
  14. The remaining varnish and the net effect add up to a stunning instrument...one of my all time favorites.on we go, Joe If this was a piece of antique furniture people would say the patina has been ruined by the misguided overpolishing. I can't see why that doesn't apply to violins. Do people at your workshops overpolish their instruments to complete the antiquing?
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