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  1. Well, I would come out then too...we could ask Jeffrey for an own forum, there would also be plenty of room for bs about markies and also the acoustic weirdos would be welcome there
  2. Jacob, as I understood he claimed it on his label. Nathan, All Meister from all trades are listed in a so-called Handwerkerrolle at 53 chambers of crafts in Germany. That would be an arduous search. Despite my bad english I don´t know, if a translation of Heimatbuch as "Homeland book" would be better, "Town chronic" sounds more objective to me than it actually is. (I know that I´m leaning far out of the window right now.) Since the historical documentation in the rural areas of Germany, Bohemia and France, where the violin making centers were established, is not very detailed, and the church registers are not complete (fire in Markneukirchen - dispersal in Bohemia after World War II), documents from "homeland books" and newspapers can be very useful. Despite a lot of romance, there are always informative lists, letters or documents. For example, Lowendall's enlightening letter (recently quoted here again somewhere) was also published in such a journal. Official reports or articles, e.g. on anniversaries of the town, company, or associations of professions can be informative, but are often colored with a good pinch of marketing. If you are specifically concerned with Meister or makers from Schönbach, it could probably be useful to ask here, they could have a good archive: https://www.bubenreutheum.de/en/museum/ A very interesting article about the industrial development of violin making in Schönbach is here. Especially the large collection of sources could be useful. On the one hand, the romantic image of the lonely artist in Schönbach, who spends his happy life carving (cheap student) violins, is very objectified, on the other hand, the image of the poor, grey, starving and pale figures who have to work hard every day in their shabby sheds for the greedy whole salers is adjusted somewhat. Unfortunately everything is in German: https://www.nomos-elibrary.de/10.5771/0040-117X-2013-2-115.pdf?download_full_pdf=1 Good luck Matthias
  3. According Lütgendorff supplementary volume: Fuchs, Wenzel / Eltersdorf *ca. 1900 Schönbach + ca. 1985 Eltersdorf Son of Johann F. Worked in Eltersdorf near Erlangen after the war and was respected for his repairs and making. Claiming to be a Meister if not true is still verboten.
  4. @Hempel How Do you come to the conclusion that a Kantor is a bandleader or Kapellmeister???
  5. BassClef, Thank you for your well-founded and informative contributions!
  6. match

    Paul Knorr

    Than it would have been probably better to bid on the Buddy Holly stage jacket in the same auction. It's at least certified by his sister
  7. match

    Paul Knorr

    I fully agree with your opinion on the op instrument but I think there are a still a lot of Knorr instruments here on our side of the pond. In the two Bongartz auctions of the Dieter Walter collection three years ago, around 15 - 20 instruments were auctioned and most of them went to a german buyer (which does not mean that they did not end up elsewhere). Also some dealer have one in stock here. Unfortunately there are many fakes and even more fools to fall for them. If you find a Strad or Guarneri model larger than 357 as well those silly outside brand stamps, please watch the warning lights. In my opinion some instruments in the Tarisio archive are at least debatable, especially the fiddle from the last Tarisio NY sale.
  8. Thank you very much for your kind answer.
  9. The stamp does not represent a star, but indeed two triangles placed one on top of the other. It's the trademark of the Ludwig Heberlein company, founded in Markneukirchen in 1852. https://sachsen.digital/werkansicht/303739/1/0?tx_dlf[pagegrid]=0&cHash=824baab0f57b8022d1fb3ff3e60de821
  10. You could just ask the French expert, he certainly knows his way round. The handling of the post Brexit rules seem to differ in the individual EU countries. In my experience sending from the EU to GB is easy and smooth with the appropriate forms. I heard from France that it also works well from GB to France. On the other hand our snored German customs authorities seem to be staging a fucking Prussian comedy from the 19. century.
  11. Be glad this thread isn't yet flooded with third-rate gentleman´s jokes . What a beautiful instrument, it is always good to see such perfect things!
  12. Karl Robert Reichel is in the address book of Markneukirchen as bow maker in the years 1897, 1904 and 1924 resident in the Schützenstrasse registered. Unfortunately no further information from my side.
  13. You are right, sorry: Heinrich
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