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  1. Be glad this thread isn't yet flooded with third-rate gentleman´s jokes . What a beautiful instrument, it is always good to see such perfect things!
  2. Karl Robert Reichel is in the address book of Markneukirchen as bow maker in the years 1897, 1904 and 1924 resident in the Schützenstrasse registered. Unfortunately no further information from my side.
  3. You are right, sorry: Heinrich
  4. I read: Repariert Von Friedrich Müll(er?) München Repaired by Friedrich Müller Munich
  5. Yes, but since she is German she actually said Paläontologie. Had exactly the same thought!
  6. Oui, sans doute monsieur.
  7. No, but as you can see in the Roth thread it isn't necassary to look as a Strad for a Strad model
  8. Perhaps it means guarneriusish
  9. Paul Beuscher was a music store, selling instruments from the Mirecourt production. It still exists at the same address as 1850 and sells Chinese student instruments now: Never heard about Pierre. Couldn't also find him at the Vannes Dictionnaire.
  10. In my understanding they were keen to save Mrs. or Mr. Smith 9600$.
  11. Oh yes you are right, the economy could depend a little bit more from the EU , but if anyone can solve this problem, it will be the Brits themselves with their pleasant and smart style of business and their traditional experience in this industry. As Jacob said it works against all odds. I look forward to the next years. As an EU seller you have now an advantage with the the new rules since sales tax is no longer due in a third country, that could it make more interesting to sell or consign in the UK if you manage the paperwork to get your stuff into the country, which on the other hand is an
  12. You should read §25 and §15 UStG. It´s as Martin says also in the EU, otherwise you could perhaps convince my tax accountant If not your sister at least the fishes are happier now since they are British now. (According Rees-Mogg)
  13. And only 17% of the sold lots exceeded the upper estimate, 24% the lower estimate, and the bulk of 59% was sold at the lowest estimate or below.
  14. Yogic, I haven't met an auctioneer who just took an instrument. They are usually consigned. In this case, the consignor seems to have margin for manoevre downwords. For what reasons ever. Difficult times for all businesses. You could just as well complain about his shop offer beeing to high. To me the starting bid doesn't seem too high at all. Don't understand your problem. Free economy?