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  1. I would really like seeing an Ebay sellers Chinese fiddle taken apart and compared to a more expensive one. I have fiddles from different Ebay sellers and like most of them. Modern makers have been trying to debunk the Stradivarius myth I wonder if a cheap ebay fiddle is nearly as good?
  2. One thing I like about the varnish on the Old Violin House fiddle I already have is that it seems very durable, as if it is "in the wood" so to speak. Another fiddle I have has a very beautiful red varnish, very reflective, but it is easily chipped. But with the fiddle from OVH I feel as if I can bang it around all day without chipping it due to the character of the varnish. Not that I would bang it around. As for the sound on this new one I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm happy with my older violin from them. I'm no expert on sound though all the fiddles I have I'm happy with so I guess I'm easily pleased. I have two Hofner's made in Germany and an American violin Made in 1939 (I think) then a few Chinese ones. I like them all. Here's their pictures of the previous "golden" one I got from them I like it alot this is the one with the durable varnish. It also has a bunch of minute scratches on the surface which make it look like it sat up on someones desk for 100 years out of the case.
  3. I actually purchased this violin right before I put the pictures up. It was $175 plus $50 shipping. And I have a similar violin from them with more antiquing and a golden finish instead of an orange finish and its my favorite fiddle. I'm not offended by anyone trashing these violins I just hope they give their true impression and not knocking them because of where they came from. I admire the work of the makers on this board many of whom are geniuses. There is a place for expensive fiddles and a place for inexpensive ones.
  4. I take it that you don't like it then?
  5. It's from Old Violin house on Ebay. I know I know alot of people don't like violins purchased this way but I'm interested in knowing what you pros think.
  6. Its not the camera angle Gil plays with a VERY tight bow.
  7. Omobono, all I can tell you is that the site states it was played on a 1721 Stradivarius. Does that help? Here's a nice vid of Gil Shaham playing it. I think this one will be hard to learn as all Bach seams to be at least it's not full of double stops. I downloaded this Shaham video to my HD and play it at half speed for learning purposes. Anyone else done that?
  8. Found this while browsing and thought it would be nice to learn this piece but don't know who wrote it just have this sound clip. http://www.sol-music.org/sound/snd_violin/16_the_violin_by_antonio_stradivari.mp3
  9. Itzhak Perlman. I also like Roman Kim. He is doing compositions which are very nice.
  10. If you look at the more expensive violins on Ebay (from the reputable dealers) violins in this price range should have some documentation. Did you ask the seller what justified the price of this violin. I wouldn't want to plonk down $18K or $25k on a fiddle that I could not resale. What if you spent that money, and were forced to sell it and could only get $1k on return? But you love this fiddle and none compare in that shop. I would definitely shop around. There are many Guarneri copies from the late 1800's that sound nice.
  11. It appears to me that the copy in the photographs was not antiqued, but the marks are from actual use, because most of the violin does not have "antiqued varnish".
  12. My main purpose in the thread was to link the violin photos which were new to me. Yes this has been discussed but I did not see any discussion on comparing a Vuillaume copy of Le Messie to see how similar they are or are not.
  13. This violin has been said to have been cherished by Stradivari so he did not sell it. Then his son sold it to Count Cozio after Antonio's death. Then Luigi Tarisio got it from Cozio. Then after Tarisio's death Vuillaume got it from his family. So Vuillaume made many copies of the Messiah Strad. I wonder, since many think that Vuillaume actually made the Messiah and not Stradivari, if comparisons have been made side by side with one of his copies, and the one supposedly done by Stradivari. I just came across these very high definition photo's of one of Vuillaume's copy of the Messiah. Very interesting indeed. Click images to view huge pictures. http://tarisio.com/wp/2012/02/the-messiah-and-a-copy-by-jean-baptiste-vuillaume-1873/
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