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  1. There are not really any "myths" in the set up of the violin. In making of violins, yes, but not in set up.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place for this topic.... Planning on visiting Phoenix in early March (9-14) and going to the MIM. Any tips, suggestions in meeting some of the people there, trying some instruments (if appropriate)?
  3. Fun With Solos, by Evelyn Avsharian
  4. I actually was a student and later a faculty member at Peabody where Barrueco was and is on the faculty. My teacher's studio (Sylvia Rosenberg) was two doors away from his studio, with Stephen Kates in between. Barrueco was very inquisitive of both of them and their views and opinions on the solo Bach works for violin and cello. They had many discussions prior to his recording of them and he was very leery of actually recording them, but it was in his contract at the time. He did a lot of research and he was a mainstay at a lot of the violin recitals by the students when solo Bach was on the program, as well as some of Ms. Rosenberg's master classes. He put in a lot of work researching the sonatas and partitas. Having said that, I can not stand listening to them on the guitar. It drove everyone crazy hearing the guitar students practicing these works before their lessons in the hallway. They were asked to stop many times, by Ms. Rosenberg, Kates and Barrueco, only to continue a few days later, arguing that the instrument is so soft in volume, it doesn't bother anyone.... But, Ms. Rosenberg had a great suggestion when she would teach the Chaconne. She told us to ask any instrument practicing in the room next to us to play a certain line in the piece and try to copy that timbre or keep it in mind when playing it on the violin. It was very helpful to have a french horn or trombone play the bass line, or a flute or piccolo the top line and then try to give that impression when playing it only on the violin. One could always tell if a player has that sound in their ear or not.
  5. Wow! What a wet blanket response from our moderator!
  6. Hmmm. What are all the important parts of a violin?
  7. This is an even more excellent example of a fine looking and excellent sounding violin - http://www.ebay.com/itm/111401496228?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  8. Is anyone else thinking this might just be a 'Saturday Night Live' style parody? One can only hope....
  9. Soon it will be "do I have a real Juzek"? I wonder if the current makers are using any of the advanced technology available now, to identify their instruments. To guard against label forgery? I am wracking my brain thinking of what method would be fool proof and I can't come up with one that can't be forged or manipulated.
  10. Tell them to tell Putin not to start WWIII.
  11. Hello, Anyone heard of this maker? A new student has one, dated from 1961. The sound is a little boomy and harsh.
  12. I would also put in the woodworkers of the Maramures region of Romania. They built whole structures out of wood, without nails, that are recognized as cultural treasures of Europe, in the churches they built. Less publicized are the common houses they built and are still building and using, made from only wood. They are amzing woodworkers. If they ever get discovered, their tools and knowledge will rival any in the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wooden_churches_of_Maramure%C8%99
  13. Up bows are for women, down bows for men ;-)
  14. What I DO know is it starts up-bow! Now THEM'S fighting words! ;-)
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