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  1. Kremer's new violin ground

    Kremer says to use 100 grams per violin, most of that would be wiped off but I'm wondering about the extra weight grounds and varnishes add. Neil used a similar ground, and some use Tripoli. Not sure it makes the finishing process any easier.
  2. Milstein's bow technique

    You might also consider that Milstein's favourite bow was the ‘Milstein’ François Tourte, made in Paris around 1812. He was Auer school, the right shoulder was used more than the modern schools today, he also had large hands.
  3. Oh no!!

    Make a nice bread board with that.
  4. Question about Ferrule Making

    Interesting, the book by John Stagg mentions that you could make a ferrule as you would a ring, ie solder after it's tapped to shape. Why did you make a Hoyer and not a Vuillaume mandrel ? I think the idea of a two part ferrule is mainly that the arch doesn't need to be as thick as the flat.
  5. Bow length measuring and frog size...

    Old frog sizes vary, the Sartory model frog can be 14mm wide. Some frogs are short, some low, some long..... Walter Paulus suppliers have general measurements of new frogs 'in the style of', on their PDF chart. I'd like to know more specific measurements of old master frogs and heads etc, if anyone has them.
  6. Michael Köberling`s bench

    Clever work, I like the scroll.
  7. Melvin Goldsmith bench

    Excellent Melvin, how high the arch ?
  8. Carl Becker sr how many instruments ?

    Mostly German and Dutch.
  9. Preparing Scapers

    Best steel I found for scrapers is the thick HSS hack saw blades, they also make great blades for scraper planes. They will take a very thin edge.
  10. Re-springing a violin bow

    I think what Olsen means is that if you have a Tourte that's not perfectly straight but plays perfectly then don't try to straighten it.
  11. Bow pictures

    Good one Addie. Salchow's website also do superb bow photos, old and new.
  12. Preparing Scapers

    Two types of scraper, flexible thin spring steel ones sharpened with a file and the stiff sabre type sharpened as a knife would be. I use both along with scraper planes.
  13. BVMA makers day 2017

    Never been..... would like to.
  14. Bow pictures

    Tarisio has many, you can search the archives and see a lot of bows, for free. Maline, Maire, Henry, Persoit,,,,,many more. https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/browse-the-archive/makers/maker/?Maker_ID=272
  15. Shop Lighting

    Anglepoise originals are good.