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  1. what's funny about it? i bought a fiddle on e-bay for $600 and it later appraised for $4,700 by one luthier up in Orange County NY, and later $4,300 by kolsteins on Long Island.
  2. four violins sent back??? kudos to pahdah_hound for not blocking you. typically the fiddles go for between 1-3 K, you're not going to get a 20 K fiddle, what are looking for at that price point?
  3. i'm ordering an electric fiddle from a gent in canada and he has this on his FAQ: "Electric Violins are classified under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as "instruments played with a bow" and are therefore duty-free"
  4. in no way did i ever say what i did was right (i seriously can't understand how folks are reading that into this), i clearly agree it was wrong, however i believe the comparisons to sociopaths, murderers, even mass murder is ridiculous. this is not a black and white world we live in, there are shades of gray and we all walk between the lines, some just more than others. by the grace of god right???? to pontificate to others their shortcomings to me is the height of arrogance and you are fooling no one. anyway you guys are right it was wrong and not something typical of me. i've contacted t
  5. Thank you! agreed, and at that price point i would just assume ignoring the labels altogether. i will grant that with his feedback, violin backround, sound clips, and return policy he could do just as well if he put a disclaimer in like "these violins are probably not authentically labeled", but that should just be understood and isn't necessary IMO, and if it's not understood please stop spending thousands on violins site unseen on ebay because you don't have the knowledge. i don't go spending thousands on the market buying stocks of companies i don't know simply from what i read on t
  6. ok so you're just an irrational fool then, i can see that with these retarded analogy's that have nothing to do with the topic you keep coming up with. i'll ignore you...
  7. there is nothing wrong with selling violins with the description "labeled enter maker here", especially if people are reporting every instrument up for auction they feel doesn't meet their standards. i know if i were to sell violins on ebay i wouldn't be confident in my ability to discern labels authenticity or not. ebay is largely a marketplace for speculative instruments, there is no pre-requisite to be a violin expert prior to selling a fiddle on ebay. you have to know going into an ebay auction that a. you are probably almost always bidding on an instrument incorrectly labeled (the va
  8. yes because comparing politely telling a guy that the item sold too low and I'm sorry but i can't let it go on an ebay sale is akin to a sociopath killing someone via vehicular manslaughter and having zero empathy towards the deceased or his family is reasonable i see your point, you are a very reasonable person. people who spout off on the internet about how righteous or full of integrity they are typically aren't at all. I don't know about you but for me there is one person on this site I bought two violins from worth over $2000 and another I purchased a bow for over $2,000 on this very s
  9. LMFAO the web is full of melodramatic whiners... I've been on ebay for years i have 100% feedback and even a couple very nice transactions of a couple thousand dollars with several users of this very forum, so spare me the "you're a sociopath because you didn't want to sell your musafia case for $380...." i said i could care less about a stupid negative on ebay, either you have poor reading comprehension or you are purposely twisting what i wrote. if it's the latter please get down from that high horse my friend... in the grand scheme of things the red dot is hardly important (although the
  10. I consider myself lucky that I found a great job five minutes from my house in a terrible economy, I consider myself lucky I have two healthy kids who can live in a safe home and go to a top school in our county. I consider myself lucky I relatively have my health barring a long fight with a sinus infection and an impacted wisdom tooth. But lucky that I didn't get a silly vindictive negative on ebay???? Not really.... I could care less if he left a negative or not.
  11. the seller should've said something before refunding and relisting, I've backed out of one deal in the past where my item sold for too little. I wrote the buyer and simply said "I know I'll get a negative for this, and I apologize in advance but you won the item for way too little and I simply can't sell it for that price. I don't typically use high reserves and my years on e-bay have proved that a low reserve that gets a lot of bids typically make more than items with higher reserves. In this case the item simply did not get the bids even though I had over 100 people contact me about the i
  12. I don't think that's a Joseph Curitn, I believe it's a Giovanni Gammuto, I saw the same one on his website...
  13. i've purchased three yitamusic violins in my day and one was good, worth probably double what i paid, unfortunately the other two were basically garbage, one unplayable and the varnish came clean off from where the wax paper and bridge were set against it under the tailpiece, you could still smell the wet varnish. you couldn't even tune it because the pegs were so green they just mushed. i've heard other people say that their yitamusic violin plays like a really nice fiddle but i have my doubts, each one i had sounded lifeless and boxy even the one with a decent tone. definitely not like a
  14. I DO note the lack of the capital 'o' Thank YOU!!!!!!!
  15. you missed the sarcasm and the tonque planted firmly in my cheek... i thought it was farely obvious but oh well... most people buy violins from e-bay hoping to find the diamond in the rough, that rare pearl amongst rotten oysters, not buy a fiddle for $600 and having it sound like a ~$500 fiddle, what am I going to do with a $500 fiddle but pick it up, play it for a couple days, resign to the fact that it's a piece of garbage and put it up for sale? the entire piece you "didn't get" was the point of the post...