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  1. I definitely believe that these violins were pre-dated, and that they were also among the first Juzek instruments. If I'm not mistaken, they are usually among the best Czech Juzek's and vary more than the later instruments, and usually have different varnish than later Juzek's. It is often said that wood was often specially chosen, and the better instruments often had wood used from old Bohemian and Prague? church doors. I think that much is true, and, because of that, I believe that Juzek did exist. How do you know for sure that the violin wasn't made by Juzek, if you are not sure whether he existed or not? Or was it just described as such because no one is sure he existed? I think I will make this the official violin-checker thread. It would be very helpful, and we could learn much from the ensuing discussions.
  2. Do you guys think this is a Farny made from 1900-1902? I have heard that is when they were quality, then that Wurlitzer started making fiddles in Germany for over forty years afterwards, under that name, with the ticket still stating "Paris, France". After looking up "henri farny violin" on the amazing search engine, google, the name "Farny Reginald Wurlitzer" came up. It was in Encyclopedia Britannica. I thought that perhaps the family combined his name with Rudolph Henry, who was with the company since 1894, and gave it a French twist. Can we re-title this and make it the official auction-checking thread for less knowledgeable people such as myself? I think that this would be brilliant, and that it would help us learn more about spotting decent fiddles.
  3. Is it a quality fiddle? Worth at least $1000k, perhaps? What about the other Ernst Kreusler fiddle.
  4. I like the picture you posted. As soon as that guy was caught humming, and asked the other man if he had heard, I was hooked. It only got funnier from there on.
  5. Was there publicly available information on the price achieved? Man, Priya, you just keep racking up nice-looking purchases.
  6. Does anyone know if Skinner puts fake labels into instruments? I ask this because one I saw a Laberte workshop fiddle running a few months ago and it was only "projected" to fetch around $350-$450, or thereabouts. Also, it seems that some are polished and left in un-set-up condition to look like the instrument will be more of a looker after being cleaned up. There are other things that just get my underwear in a twist, too, I suppose. Anyway I would like your input on these fiddles: A Prague Juzek (which looks unlike any verified Prague Juzek I have ever seen. I think I may have seen one like this (that also purported being a Prague fiddle) on eBay before, run by some random seller, but I still have great doubts about this fiddle.); A violin labelled "Made by Frank Sterbach"; An instrument ticketed Alcide Goubad (Perhaps from the Brevete shop?); A fiddle ticketed Joseph Metzner; A violin labelled Ernst Kreusler; And a cello supposedly from the Antonio Ramirez line. If I'm not mistaken these were made in China and were supposedly an excellent value at around $1000-$1500. I am really intrigued by these fiddles: Another Ernst Kreusler fiddle, and ... A violin from the Herman Lowendall workshop in Berlin, perhaps. Thanks for any analysis, guys!
  7. Thanks for updating us. An arrogant seller indeed!
  8. Does this really happen? Perhaps with fractional sized fiddles? Sorry Fellow, but it doesn't seem like anyone responded, or paid attention, to you. I have seen the Primus version of The Devil Went Down to Georgia on Youtube before.
  9. haha! I see you have been edited, mate. That whole piece should be illegal. It's just a disgusting concept.
  10. So it's a win-win situation then. It could be a Caussin, or just an older fiddle.
  11. It's funny how both ignorant crooks and "smart" crooks use angled/partial shots. I'm sure the ignorant people don't use partial pictures to purposefully hide things, but just because they think such pictures are "artistic", and perhaps they also think that due to the photos being "artistic", such pics make the instrument look better. I'm serious.
  12. This looks alot like a German Juzek I have. It's no older than sixty years. Either way, I wouldn't pay four hundred clams for it. I'm sure there are people who believe that just because an item is being bid on, means it is worth something, then they go and bid it further, along with other people of the same mindset. Just because an item is being bid on, doesn't mean it's a steal that a knowledgeable person is trying to scoop up. Not only is that seller completely ignorant in regards to violins, he's/she's also arrogant, as referenced by the price of the fiddle. Look at this. I guess that's it. Try to sell a fiddle for forty-two hundred times what it's worth, then constantly neglect or reject offers, and you will have buyers clamoring for your product. If the violin was mine, I would shoot myself if any of those offers were for over five hundred dollars. I mean seriously, how can you be so arrogant to not even decline eBay offers, and just let them expire? It looks like some were from the same buyer, which means they upped the ante with the offer price. It will be funny if that person takes the fiddle to a luthier. I think that is only, like you said, a varnish "hiccup".
  13. Porn troll...? Perhaps it's a good thing I haven't been on the board for a week.
  14. Where have I seen that site before? Post number seven is absolute class, germain. Priya, are you the one taking pictures of these fiddles you're buying?