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  1. There are places that love buskers, and places that hate 'em' ! For goodness sake suss it out first. I know people that can earn $100 in 2 hrs in the right place. ... In the wrong place - they're lookin at a short spell in a very small room ! The particularly 'good' places to busk in GB, are in areas where cultural & artistic exchanges don't come as a shock to the average shopper (voter,wanker) !!!! ... i.e Bath, London, (specifically culturally 'embued' areas !) Other than that , you could have a pleasant time, ..... & just about cover your costs ! It shouldn't take you long to figure out what 'type' of a 'buskable' area you're living in. If at first you're not sure of the kinda reception you're likely to receive, ---- wear dark glasses and a wig. Miranda.
  2. If you have the time, you could make a poster identical in size and shape - to the piano keyboard......and for the left hand notes - draw a line of manuscript (hope that makes sense!) along to middle C, and draw in the appropriate note according to each piano key (in a bold colour).....and do the same with the right hand keys, but use a different colour (for the lines and notes). Make it all as bold as possible. Along the bottom of the poster you could write the name of each note C#,D, Bb etc. Then stick it on the inside of the piano lid, when your student opens up the lid -Voila!!!! It might help, especially when you're not around to do the flash cards.
  3. Thanks Rat, Just what I've been looking for ... I've checked it out and it does look good ... and a special beginners section grrrrreat !
  4. For those of you who want to try a metronome without spending, here's a free download :- http://www.reddoorint.com/freebies/index.html it plays the first measure slightly louder, and you can choose from 4 different clicky noises
  5. I've blown my speakers and am listening to the awful drone of my pc fan .... driving me nuts & depressing the crap out of me.
  6. Excuse me !!!!!! I'm only selling it because I can't afford to keep my 23 husbands and 79 children in the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed !!!!!!!
  7. Goodnes me ! .... that brings some fond old memories back "Those were the days my friend, I thought they'd ne..he..ver end, la la la LA, la la la la la LA ..... dum dum dee dum de doo ...traaa laaa laaaa laaaa layyyyyyy OOOOOOOH ... hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm "
  8. Once you get your hands on a good bow, it just makes life easier. Therefore - a crap bow could be bloody brilliant for training oneself in bow related discipline. A good ( & costly bow, ) simply makes things easier, otherwise what the **** are you paying for ?
  9. I really love the art of whistling, my dad could imitate many native birds, and I've been trying it for years !!!! Sometimes, I get birds whistling back to me - that is sooo unreal & flattering I couldn't find this guys whistling link though (where I could hear him,)..... what link should I click on ?
  10. If I was you, I'd invest in some better quality fine tuners ! If possible, buy a tailpiece that has integrated fine tuners (or whatever they're called.) Then you won't have to mess around next time.
  11. I wonder about your sex and age ? No insult intended, but I know several women between the ages of 40 & 55, who have had similar complaints, after years and years of playing. If this is a 'new' problem, after many years of practice - hormones (or lack of,) could be the culprit. The onset of menopause can cause all sorts of joint problems for women ; problems such as these will be magnified under repetitive and 'unusual' tasks (such as violin playing.) Apologies if this has no bearing on your own situation, but for any women who are suffering from this problem - hormone replacement therapy has been incredibly successful. There are also many foods which 'do the same job', as hormone replacement, if one wishes to follow the natural path.
  12. I wouldn't say you were 'V' fat.... just pleasantly plump ! I adore plumpness....hope you haven't lost too much
  13. Miranda


    I don't even think Kennedy has reached his ultimate pinnacle....he's nowhere near. Euntae, I don't think it's true that people can't just accept the fact that another person chooses to dislike him. I think it's more a case of being slightly disgruntled that his personal choice of clothing has been taken into consideration at all. Also, in answer to your question ... "Why would being a professional critic make any difference," .... If I was a qualified critic, I would be 'qualified' to criticise his 'musicality' from a non-biased viewpoint. Since I'm not, I would prefer to just say ... "Oh, I don't particularly warm to his style, because of so & so, "... or some such thing. (I wouldn't get personal, unless I knew them personally.) I wouldn't find it necessary, from a musically objective point of view, to be overly concerned (in the slightest,) of his personal attire, nose picking habits and lovelife. I guess when some people start to judge another on irrelevant issues, it becomes a little more than .... "I like his playing !" .... "I don't like his playing !" Still at the end of the day, I think he's just experimenting a lot, - can't wait to see what he's doing in 5 - 15 years time. Even when I don't appreciate his music, I appreciate his skill and temerity. David, I've not heard about the incident at Chappaquidick, could you tell more please ?
  14. I think on certain instruments, the Eudoxa, Dominant, Helicore & Infeld, can sound atrocious. Unfortunately, you're going to have to splash out & experiment. It helps if you have a dealer that sells them all seperately ! .... If he doesn't right now .... convince him it would be a good business move. Miranda.
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