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  1. I have read about this topic on the forum but many of the threads are a few years old.I would like help to find which Dremel tool and purfling jig would be best to buy in 2015 .Thank you for any help.


  3. From the album: Violin

    A violin i built
  4. First thing is to study Maestronet!!! Read until you cant. learn all you can
  5. Before i tell what happend i want to see if anyone knows about this place
  6. Uploaded with ImageShack.usAll clean
  7. Finally a area of violin making i have exceeded in beyond all else.I am going to have to clean it up some before picture .It is a skyscraper of violin crap, iced tea containers, upholstery tools and much more
  8. I hope there is more repair shown then soundpost patch and scroll graft?If it is so expensive to make book why not make for computer.I dont doubt its a great book i just dont have over a thousand bucks at the ready.Every violin book always costs so much money
  9. How is it done with ammonia?I need to do chinrest tailpiece and pegs
  10. Thanks i will do it.All i need to do is darken it
  11. No these are not the ones you made these are from the fiddle shop.I dont really want to mess with nitric also i want to color the knobs not only the shaft.I had been told to used brown stain then put a thin coat of shalac over that
  12. I was told to use brown and black stain to darken my fittings .These fittings i have are very light color what would be best?Does the peg stain from internatinal work Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. I cant get the site to work .How much to get in? When will violins be able to be viewed by competitors
  14. I could not figure out why it took over a hour to heat .Now i know
  15. I could not figure out why it took over a hour to heat .Now i know
  16. I have been using the same $50 ebay iron for a bit even tho it takes a hour to heat up
  17. Is that the guy who have the $35,000 violins that he didnt make and the $60 magic soundposts
  18. I can not be there every day .What days do you recomend are best to make it for? I would like to see the violins in the compitition.
  19. I will make it but wont have a violin done for it as i had wished
  20. I put coat on the ribs but it bubbled this time in the center bouts even was an area that didnt bubble at first.Maybe i should just sand again and keep doing coats? Thanks
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