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  1. I have read about this topic on the forum but many of the threads are a few years old.I would like help to find which Dremel tool and purfling jig would be best to buy in 2015 .Thank you for any help.


  3. First thing is to study Maestronet!!! Read until you cant. learn all you can
  4. Before i tell what happend i want to see if anyone knows about this place
  5. Uploaded with ImageShack.usAll clean
  6. Finally a area of violin making i have exceeded in beyond all else.I am going to have to clean it up some before picture .It is a skyscraper of violin crap, iced tea containers, upholstery tools and much more
  7. I hope there is more repair shown then soundpost patch and scroll graft?If it is so expensive to make book why not make for computer.I dont doubt its a great book i just dont have over a thousand bucks at the ready.Every violin book always costs so much money
  8. How is it done with ammonia?I need to do chinrest tailpiece and pegs
  9. Thanks i will do it.All i need to do is darken it
  10. No these are not the ones you made these are from the fiddle shop.I dont really want to mess with nitric also i want to color the knobs not only the shaft.I had been told to used brown stain then put a thin coat of shalac over that
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