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  1. Maybe the answer is rooted in something similar to why American steel string guitars are generally considered peerless, why Spanish flamenco guitars are the most prized, and why Japanese knives are thought to have no equal. A country that's widely considered to be the birthplace of something, is more often than not still considered to produce the best examples of that thing, whatever it may be. I'm not saying I necessarily subscribe to this nationality-hinged school of thought, but I believe there's some underlying psychology behind it all.
  2. What am I missing? I'm not seeing any incongruity. I'll take a stab at clarifying, just in case I understand what you're saying... Vuillaume states that it was brought to him "in an unheard of condition.....it had never been opened". If you read closer, you'll notice that he never stated that the instrument came to him with the bass bar separate. He receives the instrument, he can see it still has it's original neck and fingerboard and as part of the process to bring the instrument up to "modern" specs, upon opening he discovers that the original bass bar is also present. Clearly he took it out, along with modifying the neck and replacing the fingerboard. It was at some point afterwards that he wrote his October letter. More than a month later for the certificate, he is consistent with his earlier assertion by stating that it "came into his possession.....without having been opened". Am I anywhere even remotely close to helping?
  3. I know you say you're not keen on Pirastro, but they also make a wound E in Tonica flavor. If you're up to try some lesser-priced American brands, Super-Sensitive makes wound Es in Red Label, Sensicore, Pinnacle and Old Fiddler varieties. La Bella makes one wound E as part of their "Perlon" set, and don't forget that there's a Helicore wound E, too. There's also Thomastik Superflexible.
  4. 15, not too shabby. I think I could do better if I practiced.
  5. I really don't like reserves. I don't bid in auctions with reserves, nor do I set reserves in my auctions. From my personal experience and in my personal opinion, the fewer the strings attached, the better the free market works.
  6. I just love those old arch tops and jazz boxes. They're guitar equivalents to vintage cars like Duesenbergs and Bugattis.
  7. So how long before you start making 6-stringers?
  8. "Grassy knoll"? Sounds like Mission Impossible codespeak.
  9. Ironic, considering your reflexive cynicism of my...reflexive cynicism. A publicity stunt in this case is plausible, contrary to what I suspect is your sentiment. Is it less likely than theft? Absolutely. But is it any less realistic? Not to any reasonable person.
  10. Oh come on now, another theft of another "priceless" Italian fiddle? This is starting to look like clockwork. Maybe it's just a publicity stunt. Think about it - you're a soloist who's not entirely unheard but face it, you're not exactly blazing the headlines either. In order to further your career, you need to get your name out there. What's a good way to do that, to increase your fame? Why, stage a theft of your violin! And not just any violin, oh no! The media needs to know about your...your Stradivarius! ::cue angelic choir:: Isn't it convenient? To foist another prepackaged and processed sob-story on to the world, just like that? Doesn't seem the least bit unrealistic to me. Why not? Some people have this burning desire to be famous, for any number of reasons.
  11. I"m interested in the solo versions myself.
  12. If that's the way you like the corners then they are not too long. Good work!
  13. Oh hell, I'll bite. Cello: C Spirocore tungsten medium G Belcanto D Jargar dolce A Jargar medium Violin #1 G / D / A Larsen Tzigane soft E Dominant gold weich (that's right, a Dominant E! nyah nyah) Violin #2 (electric) All strings - Super-Sensitive Octava. Me no like. "Alternative to Dominants" my toosh! What are these threads for, anyway?
  14. I read somewhere that putting a dab of superglue on the string slot would serve as reinforcement (maybe here on MN? Can't remember). I tried it, and I like it. The blotch might be a little unsightly to some highly scrutinizing eyes, but I pay no mind because the stuff works. Not only that, but there doesn't seem to be any additional harshness in the sound.
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