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  1. Hi Manifo, I hope it is OK to continue an old thread... Out of these six, which ones do you use on violins and which are only for celli? Also, are they all out-channel? I am a little bit frustrated with how expensive these tools are... so I am trying to find some used on ebay, but it's hard to do not really knowing what's needed, what's desirable and what to avoid...
  2. I rented the Sharpening woodworking tools DVD with Leonard Lee from a library and I agree I don't need a machine. It is a great video. It does advertise some stuff that Lee Valley sells, but Leonard promotes the simplest tools possible and shows how to make honing tools using scrap wood. Maybe in the end I will spend the same $200 the machine costs, but I will help the world by wasting less electricity
  3. Thanks guys. I think that's where I will go!
  4. I thought about it. There are 2 problems: 1. my band saw is not big enough for resawing, 2. there is no way to know if the wood at a local store was properly stored/dried... Although perhaps I should still check them out...
  5. I have a question on selecting wood for the first instrument. I guess my question is how cheap I can go while still hoping that the instrument will be useful should I be able to complete it? International Luthiers' Supply have violin kits ranging from roughly $90 to $230. At other places they start from around $250 and go higher... Any advice from those who have already been there? Thanks
  6. Thanks to everyone who answered! I really liked that WS3000 sharpening machine, it sure looks attractive and the price seems right...
  7. I've been trying to find if Duport cello drawings have ever been published and came across a post where Sacconi's book was mentioned as a source of some Duport measurements. Can someone comment on how complete these measurements are and whether this book is indeed the best source for them? Thanks.
  8. The good news is there is even more wood in a double bass!
  9. Hi all, I am thinking of trying to build a cello or perhaps a violin first, although I am more interested in a cello... So far, while waiting for my Art of Violin Making book to arrive, I've been studying the Jasmine Davis' site (with which I am very impressed) and I have a few questions: 1. Is using of power tools somehow considered "wrong"? I thought I could use a jointer for for preparing front and back plates for joining... I was also wondering if one could use a planer to bring the ribs to the correct thickness? I don't own any of these tools, but one of my colleagues at work does and