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  1. Does it matter much? Ideally in Canadian dollars, but I know how to convert currencies.
  2. Hello, Could someone give me an idea of how much this violin might be worth? Thanks.
  3. So, having read all that I consider to be lucky that my fax with my credit card number hasn't gone through! I placed my order with the International Violin Company instead...
  4. That's too bad... They have a good selection and very attractive prices...
  5. Does anyone know what happened to this company? I've been trying to fax them an order and then to call, but both their phone lines seem to be out of order. I' emailed, but haven't got any response either, although it's been only a few hours since I sent it... Thanks.
  6. The question is whether it will be worth the effort and wait time considering all the fees involved...
  7. Bill, thank you for offering your help! Do you or your friend have a PayPal account? I am not decided yet, mainly because the price seems to be too good to be true... I doubt anything can be made in Japan at this price... On the other, hand they may be good enough for a beginner regardless of where they were actually made...
  8. And who is going to play on this violin?
  9. I do have some, but not close enough for me to ask of such a favour. Also, it might be a little more complicated, because in many cases online stores ship only to the address at which the credit card is registered. Apparently, in case of Grizzly, they can ship to a border location (I live relatively close to the border, so I could go and get the stuff), but the order has to be a minimum of $200 not counting shipping.
  10. It turns out he doesn't ship to Canada either... So, we are in the same boat
  11. Wow, 6 japanese gouges for $67! I wonder what more experienced folks here will say... They look as if they were meant to be hit by a mallet, but is it really a problem? I think I want this set too!
  12. I suspected that, but one has to start somewhere... I notice that your gouges have bigger sweep...
  13. Manifo, I'd pretty much finished my inside template before I had a chance to check your tutorial, which is by the way fantastic. Thanks a lot. I hope I will be able to make use of it a little later... My next step is making a plywood pattern
  14. Thank you Manifo. I am not obsessive about making a replica, I am simply trying to do a reasonable pattern based on this poster. I first drew a line at about 3.8 mm distance (2.5mm overhang + 1.2mm rib thickness + small margin of 0.1mm ), but found that the corners didn't work. They stuck out too far... So, I tried slightly bigger numbers in the corners, and they seem to have worked better, but I am still suspecting that when I build actual ribs around my pattern the corners will be sticking out too far...
  15. Thanks for reposting it!
  16. Jeffrey's workshop and bench are unbelievably clean! It looks as he mostly does repairs...
  17. I am trying to make an inside template as described in The Art of Violin Making and I am using the Kruse poster. My question is whether the numbers, which I circled in red, represent overhang or something else? Thanks.
  18. Thanks a lot, Janito! They look very similar. How wide are they? Is the sweep different?
  19. Not at all! Andres, thanks a lot!!! This is really useful to me and probably to other beginners. With regards to giving me an easy answer, I don't agree. If there was no substantial amount of money involved in this learning process I would have never asked...
  20. OK, here is the Darnton's list: one inch #3 gouge 3/4 inch #5 1/2 inch #2 3/8 inch #6 Could someone attach a link with an image or a description or a link to a specific product to each of these please ? Thanks.
  21. I am still confused with the variety of the sizes and shapes as well as with the price range... Pfeil has a set of violin gouges, but they look quite differently from what I understand most of people use. Also, they are in-channel and most of people seem to be using out-channel. Which ones are you using? Lee Valley has some cheap gouges. I've already bought a 10 mm one. Is it worth getting this whole set or are they not any good? It would be great if someone could explain IN DETAIL at which stage of work which gouge should be used and how. If I knew exactly what I need I could search on eb
  22. Hello, Are the pics still available?
  23. I really shouldn't be commenting on this as I am not a musician myself, but it's strange, that nobody mentioned white top with black bottom... That's how my daughter's quartet usually dresses for weddings... For other gigs they usually wear all black.
  24. Yeah, I know, but what's the minimum set, which will get me going?
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