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  1. can you take and post a larger straight on macro shot of the brand on the back?
  2. Here are two different settings of head profiles of the same violin, Alessandro, 1709. One view has the pegs are removed, showing better the layout of the holes. Funky looking volute. But some beauty does exist, I think. Courtesy,
  3. Typical characteristic in most instances, the peg layout in strad patterns from sons and later aren't quite so distant. Gagliano family instruments are (generally) easy to identify. Mr. Holmes had a very nice 'id' thread about that some time back. Highly interesting and informative. Jmann
  4. Experts don't miss. Every fiddle speaks for itself, loud and clear. Understanding the language comes by carefully listening, no 'guesswork' involved. I've seen a twin brother to the one on eBay, but it was in a 'major' the WINDY city.
  5. Don't recall saying I thought the Chanot was real. I could prove it to anyone interested to learn why, but since my posts are continually being censored by the moderator, for spelling the B.S. word, there's no use to try. All the while, other posters use vulgar and profane words at will. Is that fair? I think not.
  6. You'll have that, from time to time.
  7. is that a fact? or just a figment of your wishful thinking? funny you said that because the listings never disappeared from my watch list; and what sort of violins do you consider rubbish? "Strads are so yesterday"... as you wittily stated.... can you produce something finer that what stradivari1719 is offering? can you post a link to any other ebay listing showing a finer violin? can you PROVE that Jed Murphy (a highly competent professional luthier) is a fraud and a conman? can you PROVE that the seller (stradivari1719) is a fraud? Can you PROVE anything at all? have you eve
  8. The first fiddle i bought on eBay cost me one hundred bucks. Sold it (private treaty) to a professional violinist (in Bilboa Spain) for 20K. Said it was the finest sounding instrument any member of his family had ever heard, all being professional players originally from Poland. (The patriarch of the family owns one of the finest 1715 Stradivaris extant, out of the batch that went to the Kings orchestra!) No joke. Later on, i snagged another very fine (consignment) violin from a regional shop for 1.5K (the proprietor didn't have a clue). Turned right around and sold it (private treaty) to a
  9. And you call them "scam artists"?
  10. Responding to Brad Dorsey: "The violin is not in terribly good condition. It has patched soundpost cracks in both the top and the back. My question to you all is: Is this really a genuine 260 year old violin by a known maker bearing its original label?.......................... I fear that it will be destroyed." Brad, no offense intended here. But identifying a German VSO (Stainerized albeit) like this should be no problem for someone with your level of experience. The poor old thing has already been 'destroyed'. Fix it (again) as best can and send it back out the door (put the money in
  11. And here's a sample of Mr. B's red varnish, circa 1740-42.
  12. "Bottom line; If you don't like the way the board is being moderated, you do not need to participate." Mr. Holmes, Your time, experience, and trustworthy expertise is appreciated by many, including me. Disagreement does not mean enmity. Thanks for your service to Maestronet and violin lovers, from all walks of life. Jmann
  13. Thanks, Jeffrey! Your narrative is quite good but it has nothing to do with the facts: "what I want to believe" is far different than "what I know". No two fiddles are exactly alike; even when made on the same pattern differences can easily be seen. So why then would using grainy old photographs be a problem in the identification process? say of a Strad or a del Gesu? (I get the distinct impression that you're deliberately trying to 'discredit' me and what I said, just because I speak my own mind and do NOT agree with the usual bent.) Why? For what reason? Because you think you don't like m
  14. Jeffrey, I don't see anything confusing. The fiddles are related according to what I know. Can't help old pictures being grainy when cropped and resized. The backs are quite similar, but the one in the listing is cropped off at the lower end, so I left that out. Enough detail is present because I can see it well enough to say so. Re my posts you didn't allow: I wasn't being combative at all, just speaking my mind. Everyone else does. Why can't I do the same? Thank you.
  15. This should help clear the air.