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    Selling All

    Thank you so much for this Forum. Because of it the Tools and Books have been sold. I still have the Wood lots, the Patterns and Strad magazines. I will make a new list soon with what's left and the rest of my tools (just a few things left) and a few other things like strings, bridges, fingerboards. Again, thank you all. BetC
  2. I am NOT a store. I am selling everything due to health problems. I bought a limited amount of things hoping to open a hobby repair shop in my home and maybe learn how to build a violin. Includes wood (from International Violin & Simeon Chambers), tools, books, plans, some STRAD magazines, tailpieces, strings, bridges, and more. Most of these things, especially the tools have never been used. Email me for a list of what I have. Selling in lots not individual items at less than half price of purchases. I have, also, taken a limited amount of photos. I can only do my email a few times a week. Shipping is extra. I am in North Carolina near Asheville.