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  1. The Hellier strad pics

    The Brandmair/Greiner "Stradivari Varnish" Book contains excellent photos of the Hellier. Matthias
  2. Use of Arching PDF's from Luthier's Library

    I've always had the impression, that the arching templates are just cycloids fitted to the length and height of the arches, which don't need to have much in common with the original... However there are photos of the arches, taken at a low angle with a laser along the arch. These are useful. You can make pretty good templates from these photos, if you know the measurements for the length and height of the arches and guess the angle the photograph was taken at. The slight distortion due to the angle can easily be corrected in photoshop. Matthias
  3. Printable TEMPLATES - Violin Scroll / FF holes...

    Here is an scroll template I made some time ago. It is the Titian Strad. Matthias
  4. A question from Roger Hargrave

    I hadn't even realized that the Sarasate has an oppio back. Thanks for pointing it out. That's a pretty good explanation for the scribe lines. I've got some oppio and will try if scribelines swell back less than on sycamore maple (acer pseudoplatanus). Matthias
  5. A question from Roger Hargrave

    The Sarasate Strad has many scribelines that can easily be seen on the great photos in the Brandmair/Greiner Stradivari varnish book. There are other Strads with scribelines but on the Sarasate they are very striking. Matthias
  6. What's on your bench? Mk4

    The madder lake is homemade. I prefer it over the commercial ones because it is more transparent and easier to mull. I used the David Rubio recipe, but washed the roots before to remove as much dirt and unwanted stuff as possible. The bone black and cinnabar are dry pigments that I mull into the varnish. Yes cinnabar contains Mercury (Hg) which is toxic, but cinnabar (HgS) is very stable and thus not toxic. At least that's what I've been told by a chemist. Sounded reasonable to me. And you're not supposed to eat your fiddles anyway. Matthias
  7. What's on your bench? Mk4

    haha. I won't. It broke off in the pegshaper and I don't have a spare boxwood peg left. I will replace it soon. I still have to do adjustments on bridge and soundpost anyway, so I will have some time to buy a new one... Nice violin, Michael. Your ground and varnish surely have a lot of depth! Ernie: The color in the varnish is madder lake, bone black and a little bit cinnabar. The ground is a modified version of Koen Paddings Linea Cremonese. Nice workmanship on your violin. If you like long corners here are some photos as an inspiration: Nicolo Amati Corners I bought the fittings from Dick (c:dix selection). They are ok and a good value for the money. But I'm sure Eric's are much nicer, though I haven't had to chance to see his stuff so far. However, I have bought from Tempel before and the Tempel fittings are much better than the Dick fittings. Matthias
  8. What's on your bench? Mk4

    I rub a bit of varnish on/into the areas where the ground is exposed. Then polish with "super nikco polish", which usually is a bit too shiny. During setup I'm not very careful handling the violin and touch the varnish a lot. This takes away a bit of the shine and it ends up looking about right.
  9. What's on your bench? Mk4

    Thank you, Andrew! I have a large skylight with a white, translucent blind and a roller shutter. That gives me the possibility to switch between different lighting situations depending on the work that I'm doing. The blind produces diffuse daylight, which is great most of the time. But when I need direct light (i.e for arching) I can close the roller shutter and use my bench lamps.
  10. What's on your bench? Mk4

    Don, there probably isn't a violin maker that never messed up the varnish. Try to rescue it as good as possible, then move on to the next one. This one is finally ready to leave the bench. Matthias
  11. Curly Ebony!

    Usually one out of ten is ok. I give the remaining nine to wood turners as pen blanks... Matthias
  12. My latest viola, "RĂªverie", 16 inches

    Very nice work! As always. I'm curious about the pegbox and the f-hole edges, too. They look as if you painted them with an opaque but light color? Matthias
  13. What's on your bench? Mk4

    As I understand it, Melvin's intention was not to make the ribs vertical and square I've been thinking about making a similar mold for my next violin which will be based on the lord wilton. Matthias
  14. anyone care to comment on this violin

    If I had a violin from Machold, that I wasn't sure is authentic, I would try to get rid of it before it is proven to be a fake. That said, the violins that I've seen from Machold were pretty good. But these had several certificates and a long provenance (the high end stuff)...
  15. anyone care to comment on this violin

    Is this the only photo? Always difficult to tell from angled shots. I'm no expert and know very little about the work of E. Rocca. But comparing it to these two violins E. Rocca 1910 and E. Rocca 1898 it doesn't seem too far off although there are differences. These two violins have certificates by D. Gindin and R. Wurlitzer... Matthias