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  1. Roland

    A Fine Balance

    Well, this would be clearly LinkMan's job, but anyway: Michael Darnton has a nice collection of pictures showing marks (also inside a violin) in his blog (LINK).
  2. Roland

    How strong should a glued crack be?

    You might be right. But if it is too thick, it does not flow into the crack or gels too quickly... I have now changed my clamping strategy. We'll see how it turns out.
  3. Roland

    How strong should a glued crack be?

    I think it should not break at all (provided the force for flexing is not excessive...)
  4. The top I am currently working on has cracked close to the top block area. The crack is about 6 cm long, on the inside and does not seem to go all the way through. I have tried to glue the crack a few times. I tested the strength of the joint by putting my thumbs on the outer side of the top approximately at the position of the crack and flexed the plate by puling the outer edges downwaeds. Unfortunately, the crack always opened again (note that I haven't fitted any cleats, yet). Usually, properly glued joints can be about as strong as the wood itself. Does this also apply to glued cracks? Thanks in advance!
  5. Good point! When I visited the cite de la musique in Paris, I found it interesting that the Lupots looked much redder than any Cremonese instrument in the exhibition...
  6. Roland

    Melvin Goldsmith bench

    Melvin, it really is a pleasure to follow your progress with this cello. Looking forward to seeing the completede body!
  7. Roland

    Inside Tidiness

    I need some of that glue
  8. Roland

    Strad Huberman Poster

    I wonder why nobody asked so -- Don, would you care to elaborate?
  9. Roland

    Curious1's bench

    Hello Curious, Do you mean the standard Vision Solo or the Vision Titanium Solo? Thanks in advance! Roland P.S.: Nice avatar!
  10. Roland

    Questions on colophony "Starting Varnish"

    A question for those who cook colophony with lime and for a long time to increase colour: Do you add the lime right at the beginning of the process? Thanks in advance!
  11. Roland

    John Cockburn's bench

    Hello John, congratulations, that's a very nice viola! Please keep showing your work here, it's always a treat! Best, Roland
  12. Roland

    Thickness of lower wings

    Ha! That would definitely be my favourite option! Thanks Don!
  13. Roland

    Melvin Goldsmith bench

    Beautiful, Melvin! Seeing your work is alwas a treat. I love the flipped two part back à la Amati! The varnish/finish seems to be a bit more glossy than before, is that true?
  14. Roland

    Actonern's bench

    Amazing work, Ernie! Congratulations!
  15. Roland

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    Thanks for that video -- beautiful!