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  1. the neck scroll is walnut the fingerboard is purple heart back is one piece maple finish is a simple shellac -- i kept it a little on the thick side so weight is above average also approx 4mm longer LOB not by design though
  2. I am just a music listener - tone sounds even to me . It is truly aVSO as my woodworking skill are not good but while building was trying to get the sound. it sounds very good to me. Christine form the town orchestra played it in our local church the entire service- gave me a thumbs up immediately after the first hymn . She was really giving it a good workout even in higher positions / the other girl that played it wanted to keep it for a week to play in a wedding . so perhaps it was beginners luck. a quiz for you all . how many asymmetric parts do you see in the violin I am attaching a photo thank you all for your input
  3. A violinist playing a violin I made / I just love the b note on your violin . any thoughts about acoustics of this violin
  4. well i guess i may try to learn as this violin is a basic student model--- cost me $35
  5. I have a violin that I found a crack with a magnifying glass while inspecting some gouges to see if they were cracks . I is only visible ( to my eyes ) when pressing the area between bridge and treble F hole . this reveals s very fine line of white wood. I cannot see with an inspection mirror inside violin . how does one get the crack open to glue with the top removed ??
  6. I am Attempting to make a 15 1/2 inch Viola . What would be a good rib height range to optimize the box volume ? this will be a generic pattern with middle of the road arching --- thanks much for your opinions --- herrjunk
  7. what adjustments & setup affect under the ear performance but not to the audience so much ?
  8. Excellent Show and Tell Marijan --- Will need to get the Knife Manifo recommends thank you all Again
  9. What tools are used to inlet lining into the Blocks-- I need Help !!!!! thanks in advance
  10. herrjunk

    violin #2

    Excellent information thanks Bruce ! now off to start laying out the forms ! herrjunk
  11. herrjunk

    violin #2

    I have a maple board cut on the slab . this is experiment # 2 before getting good wood . I am planning to do a one piece back. Should the outside growth rings be toward the outside of the violin?
  12. Definitely not a whistle It it most likely to be bow string grip on the string. I get a good? crunch when I attack with bow . I can't hear it when she plays it only a few feet away thank for your opinions :0)
  13. No I made it- She plays in the local orchestra - it sounds very good to me when she plays it But under the ear i can hear it but it doesn't distract me from playing- I have just begun learning shifts to 3rd position -Is this noise under the whistling e string Category ?
  14. The Violin I made has a constant "white noise" sound while bowing the E string . My Violin teacher says that this indicates the Violin is projecting well? any thoughts on this
  15. What is meant by the phrase this violin has a bottomless g-string