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  1. I have tried 315gs but apart from these tests have always used 192 high clarity. Mixed to give approximate open times similar to what David B’s article recommended. Plenty of strength for any instrument making application.
  2. So sad to hear. He was very encouraging to me when I was starting out. He will be missed. Joe Leahy
  3. After a bit more work, the experiment with this top is over. Just not a quality piece of wood. By the time I get to a normal weight it'll flex like a noodle. Time to carve another top from my good stash of wood. As I mentioned, this piece was an add on, thrown in as a freebee to an order of backs. The maple is great but won't be ordering any spruce from this supplier. Thanks for all the input. Joe
  4. Thanks Don, your comments are very helpful. I've thinned the top a bit more and the M5 is currently 318 with a 85 gm weight. Based on flex, I can still take it down a bit more but don't think I'll make the 75 gm weight.
  5. Thanks for the comment Michael. Since it's basically ready for the bass bar, I'll finish it up, and see what the fiddle sounds like. I'll have to start thinking out of the box as my tops are typically around 65 gm a this point. I thought the 60-70 gram weight was something of a rule to be followed.
  6. Somewhat on topic for this thread, I have a piece of 6 year old European Spruce that was thrown in as a bonus when I bought some maple a couple of years ago. Supposed to be AAA wood per the dealer.Density is high at .46 and there is a bit of run-out so it's not in the range of what I would normally use and is not AAA wood in my opinion.I carved a top from the piece and am at a point where I would normally stop based on flexibility and tap tones (just used for an indication of where I'm at) but the top is still 3.2-3.4 mm thick and weighs 88 gm with the f holes cut and no bass bar. The top flex and feel is like my normal tops which would have similar specs but are typically much thinner and lighter. I'm thinking that this may be firewood but am curious as to what is causing the wood to be flexible at this thickness and weight.Would you attribute this mainly to density, run-out or just lack of stiffness and poor wood overall?
  7. Hi Jackson, what are planning on using for the electronics on the solid body?
  8. Basement workshop about 14’ x 20’. Includes bandsaw, drill press, desk, tool and wood storage, work desk and 3 various sized work benches. Lots of room if well organized.
  9. Just wanted to thank BassClef for taking and posting these instruments. I’m sure a lot of people on this forum appreciate your efforts. Very nice meeting you this morning!
  10. In my humble opinion, as you seem to like it and treasure the memories, I think the best approach is to leave it as is but refrain from lashing it to the roof in the future. The memories are in the way it looks now. Coating it to preserve things will take away from that. Just my thoughts. More wear, more memories.
  11. Just wanted to send my deepest condolences to Craig’s family and friends. Craig and I corresponded a couple of times by email and spent an enjoyable afternoon on the phone chatting during one of his dialysis treatments. Craig was very generous in sharing his thoughts and will be missed.
  12. Hi Jim or Manfio, apologies in advance for being a pest but would appreciate it if you could send me the article when you have a chance. Thanks in advance. Joe
  13. Has anyone compared the Daniel Smith Qinacridone Gold oil to the water soluble oil and/or the water color in terms of transparency, color etc.? Haven't used any of these yet. Just looking for comments. Thanks. Joe
  14. Hi Colleen, I only check in to the forum periodically so just saw your post. Welcome back! Was wondering where you disappeared to after your first build. Good luck on the one you're working on now. Joe
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