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  1. I really don't mean to sound insensitive, but there's no reason why things should be set up other than B. Unless someone really has super good evidence suggesting the efficacy of A, setup B has been sufficient for players who know how to use their pegs well. In my (players) opinion, getting a good fit is pretty much the end of the fitter's responsibility. Let the player learn and adjust.
  2. I heard a rumor that Burgess is the head of Gingrich's super PAC in MI...
  3. Thank you. Tell me, how often do people take a man of Asian descent that posts regularly seriously? Granted, a hammer is much...but in the posts where he gives some pretty nifty insight he is categorically ignored. If one is unable to observe this phenomenon in practice, I seriously doubt if they can see the distortion in perception. But anyway, this post is about Michael.
  4. First, I want to echo the praises of Michael. His willingness to share can be but indicative of his integrity as a maker and his brilliant benelovence as a human being. I'd like to offer my best wishes for years of continued work! May you produce your finest violins over the age of 80! Thank you for that above quote. There is a culture of an "in" and "out" group, where the "in" group maintains this holier-than-thou persona in which they'd have you believe that their hands are virgin of filth. Conversely, those in the "out" group are labeled as too tainted to make any real contribution on par with the "in" group.
  5. Campbell is in San Jose. It's the same Scott Cao.
  6. They might be purple and white. They're Eudoxas.
  7. You can see for yourself the list of top players who use Dominants. And you can also see how the "violin world specifically" generally doesn't use steel strings, except for the E: http://www.violinist.com/discussion/response.cfm?ID=6294
  8. The Hills. You can see the stamp in other pictures.
  9. The trick with Jargar is to get them in the FORTE tension (red), not the medium (blue). But I will concur, for the buck nothing beats Goldbrokat. My personal favorite is golden spiral solo, also worth a try!
  10. Experience, sadly one of the least appreciated forms of "basis" today. (Said tongue-in-cheek directed to no one on the board)
  11. Where are you getting your string thicknesses? They seem a little excessive to me.
  12. Here's a good clue. http://orgs.usd.edu/nmm/Violins/AmatiHenry...enterBoutLG.jpg
  13. In one clip the bow is brown with silver lapping. In the other the bow is green with darker lapping. It's pretty clear that he either changed bows or the stick is displaying characteristics of motion sickness
  14. While we're at it... A "paparazzo" is a gossip monger. "Paparazzi" are gossip mongers.
  15. I was hoping someone else would feel this way. No doubt the intentions behind this thread were good and for the benefit of all, but it has a stench of entitlement about it. For what it's worth, count me as one who is glad still have free and relatively reliable access to this sort of thing, glitches and all.
  16. I guess I'm the only one who hasn't had problems. *knock on wood*
  17. What leads you say that? Would it be too far to speculate that it could have been an experiment just for the sake of experimenting? Granted, Strad et al were very busy doing other things. But I wonder if our current mentality of "experiment to fix problems" obfuscates what other things this device could've been used for. Just to be clear, I'm not doubting the theory that it is a scor. device. I wonder what kinda of problems they'll think we had when others look back at our iPads and other electronic devices in a few hundred years.
  18. Out of curiousity, will you be at the Vuvuzela Congress?
  19. Ok, it'll be in the mail in a jiffy. I'll send you a couple types for some experimentation. Re: ethics:
  20. I will. Does it have to be unused? It'll be in the mail as soon as I hear back.
  21. Those fittings are indeed tasty. It's amazing to see those little wooden pips at the ends still there...are they as fragile as they look?
  22. Yes, I agree. I was just mentioning that the description that was made would in fact be an ethical puzzle. Ethics is what I study. Only very rarely have I seen genuine ethical dilemmas.
  23. Yes, that would then become an ethical question. I think 99% of the problems in this thread have been caused by an insufficient description of the situation or lack of follow-through on subsequent questions. Oh well, it is what it is.
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