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  1. "Could you spell it out (again), in black and white for all to see (again): Are there any cracks on the front of the viola?" I did not really want to make my final posting on this journey on this point again. But to be courteous: no, there are no cracks on the front of the viola. In fact, there have never been any cracks on the front, back, side, neck, scroll, tailpiece, fingerboard, pegs, button, bridge, anywhere. Now, to end on a more positive note, this has been a wonderful journey for daughter and dad! My daughter has gained a great musical gift now and for her future, and we are
  2. I wanted to let you know how my daughter performed at the 38th Annual International Viola Congress. She was not chosen as one of the 5 to compete in the finals. As a parent, I just know she would have been selected if they had chosen 6! Regardless, she performed extremely well and I am proud of her! And, it was a great honor for her to have been selected as one of twelve (in the world) to perform and compete. On the viola front, I feel her Gregg Alf viola sounded wonderful in the hall. (Also, we had time to compare the Alf to other makers at the Congress; my daughter kept saying "I stil
  3. These pictures were taken on the day of delivery so no cracks, scratches, anything. These items would be reflections. Gregg's varnish and finish has a beautiful reflective quality and must be catching reflections either from the strings or other light sources. Sorry about that.
  4. We love the Solo Vision G and C. Extremely warm but project well with little to no break-in time. We found they go very well with a Larsen A and Obligato D. Recently they started selling Solo Vision viola strings individually.
  5. I hope he would not mind the single purfling but I think it an improvement!
  6. I apologize for the nearly 2 year delay! I would like to wrap up our viola hunt with some final comments and post some pictures of my daughter's Gregg Alf viola. History: We took delivery of the 15 1/2 viola in August 2008. Gregg made the delivery date a priority and handed the instrument to my daughter on her 16th birthday! In short, Gregg was wonderful throughout! It was great to be able to visit during the process. We received continuous hospitality invites and had hours of questions answered. I really enjoyed our time getting to know Gregg and the ability to see his work in proc
  7. "...this are some pics of "Nannerl" (after Mozart's beloved sister), my latest one" -Manfio The pics you posted are beautiful! However, they take up a lot of space on the discussion page. Would it be possible to upload them as links? Thanks! -Lane ----------------------------- Manfio: thank you for editing your page but I do want to restate how beautiful your instrument looks! I see there are more pictures at http://www.manfio.com/index_files/Page341.htm. From what I can tell you are in Brazil and now wonder where you get your wood? Absolutely beautiful! -Lane
  8. "But in your case you need a small, good sounding viola, so a comission was a good way indeed! Keep us informed!!! " -Manfio Manfio, you hit one of the main issues I started this discussion on regarding getting a "small, good sounding viola". Those two things are often not found in the same instrument. I am hopeful Gregg Alf can pull together these two major design elements in a way to meet the needs, not only for my daughter, but for many other violists out there. I would think there is a significant need for a great sounding smaller viola, not just for smaller people(!), but for play
  9. "you may wish to repost this on the pegbox...." -jezzupe Thank you for the suggestion. I will give it some thought... "your creating a little future history..." "somewhere 200 years from now....."yes, its an alf....its the "lane" you know" -jezzupe I hope so! :-)
  10. "Your own excitement is obvious and ther enthusiasm is contagious." -Omobono Having a forum like this is a great place to share the experience and is easy to get enthusiastic! This is a very experienced group as well so the input is very helpful. -Lane
  11. Here are some Q&A's exchanged with Gregg on some of the central issues on design including: 1) what is the actual string length of a typical 16 inch viola compared to this viola? 2) how is the "sweet spot" marked on top? 3) are the notches put in place on the ff holes after it is found? 4) with this taper rib design, does that put tension on how the back or top are glued to the ribs? Q: WHAT IS THE STRING LENGTH OF A 16" VIOLA? IS IT 375mm? ALSO, WHAT IS THE INCREASE IN LENGTH THAT YOU ACTUALLY ACHIEVED ON THIS PROJECT OVER A TYPICAL 15 5/8" VIOLA? A: The actual string length on y
  12. Here is a particularly interesting shot of the ribs, also taken by Gregg Alf (permission given to share). It clearly shows the taper. The lower base bout rib is the largest. The upper treble bout is smallest to make it easier to reach the fingerboard. This is a composite set of pictures (same viola). -Lane
  13. I thought it would be easier to manage our topic on the commission of a Gregg Alf viola if we started a new chapter as it were. So here is the beginning of Part 2. I have some new pictures of the design from the back (called a "bowl of spaghetti" by Gregg), after the maple was tanned ("toasted"). I am including a number of great shots of the scroll as well (also toasted). These were taken by Gregg Alf and have his permission to share them. Enjoy! You will recall that this is a copy from the Gasparo da Salo "Kievman" sub-16 inch viola except, for one, we went with single purfling on the
  14. Thank you for the comments and the encouragement for my daughter. It is all greatly appreciated. I meant to mention earlier that although this is an instrument inspired by the Kievman Gasparo da Salo viola, we decided to go with single purfling on the back and top. We preferred the more common look yet wanted to keep the design on the back. I have attached a close-up of the design on the top of the back. This picture also give a good look at the grain in the single piece back. I really like the way Gregg intertwines and overlaps the purfling.
  15. Chris Burt said: "Oh, by the way. Your photos show that Gregg is using very nice wood. If you get pictures of the scroll when it is further along, please post pics. I love the Brescian style scroll and would love to see Gregg's interpretation." Here are some additional pics of the scroll Chris. They are not real clear because I cut them from a few other pictures. I hope they give you a better idea of what Gregg did with the scroll. -Lane