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  1. What is the standard curvature or string radius for a viola bridge, is it also 42 mm?
  2. I think a bending iron most definitely needs to be grounded. If you have a commercial bending iron like the Ibex (I bought mine from Metropolitan Music about 30 years ago and it is grounded) you can use a multimeter like this: http://www.amazon.com/Digital-Volt-Meter-V...r/dp/B001RSREKI to test continuity from the ground blade (the third - round one) on the plug to the metal part of the iron - it should show close to 0.0 ohms resistance. That means that if the insulation on the hot wire gets damaged and the exposed wire comes in contact with the iron or gets water dumped on it, the current will go to ground instead of through you, the violinmaker. The fact that the working part of the iron is metal and you are using water to help bend the ribs means you should also have a ground fault interrupter outlet installed to plug the iron into. Something like this: http://www.warehouse-lighting.com/item/108...CI-Outlets.aspx If you are unsure that your outlet is properly wired check with one of these or something like it: http://www.amazon.com/Electrical-Receptacl...r/dp/B0012DHVQ0 If you are still unsure, have a professional check it. Electricity is not something to guess about.
  3. The violin Heifetz is playing in these videos appears to be his Carlo Tononi of 1736. This is the violin he played in his Carnegie Hall debut in 1917. Heifetz didn't need a del Gesu to sound like Heifetz.