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  1. Hi - I have read your original Forum entry and the subsequent responses with considerable interest. I am Willem Weertman, youngest son of Roelof Weertman who made the MacCalla violin. Upon Father's death in 1991 at the age of 95, I inherited his records and compiled an index of the violins, violas and cellos he made, totalling about 200. I used Father's workshop journals as the primary source of data about his instruments but the journals did not start until 1955 making records of prior instruments more of a challenge to find. At the time I did not have information on the MacCalla violin and did not include it in my index. However the Forum entries caused me to look through some of Father's correspondence and I found a personal letter from Willard MacCalla to Father dated July 3, 1960 in which the violin is mentioned. I would be glad to send you a copy of the letter but will need your email address to do so. If you send a note to my email address: wlweertman@hotmail.com, I will send the letter. Willem Weertman
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