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  1. They don't put the pictures online, but the article IS in the online edition: This is *the* major newspaper for several counties, and while the article might sort of gloss over details, I think it is wonderful coverage.
  2. deb

    Ears ringing in pit orchestra

    Hank: Yes, in my little off-the-rack musician's earplugs from the music store, there is a hole that leads into a channel that holds some sort of metal baffling thing. The metal chamber comes out of the plastic sleeve so that the earpiece can be cleaned when needed and not damage the metal baffling chamber thingie. -deb
  3. deb

    Ears ringing in pit orchestra

    I use some $15 earplugs from the local guitar shop when I play in our church band. They moved the keyboard right next to the drums about 6 months ago. :shudder: There are more expensive, and likely more effective earplugs, but these cut 15-25 db out, and you CAN still hear without getting that 'all plugged up' sound where your pulse is louder than anything. You can put them in just for the portions you need, and then remove them. Anyway, call your local guitar or music stores. Not everyone in those loud bands likes losing their hearing... -deb
  4. deb

    Best price for Yamaha Silent Violin?

    Elderly used to have a pretty good price on the Yamaha Silent violin. I'm thinking about selling mine because I just barely use it. But I'm just not quite ready to make that decision yet. I have fits with the shoulder rest, too. -deb
  5. There's some great advice before this. All I can add is this: Love the music, and as you play your violin, become one with the music itself. Practice often in front of people -- go find some fiddle sessions, for instance. See if you can help out from time to time with the music at your church, either as a soloist or as part of the accompianment. Nerves, the jitters, whatever you want to call it, takes PRACTICE to work through, just like a new song or technique does. The good thing is that unlike a new song or a new technique, this skill stays with you no matter what sort of performance or presentation you need to make to one degree or another. It's about confidence, which I can see you have, and that's thrilling -- now you need to learn to trust yourself and give that confidence over to the music. Your fingers, arms, and your ears know the music -- your heart does, too. Give them your confidence and trust. It will come slowly with every performance. It took me TWO MONTHS to get over playing violin for my TEACHER -- and I perform every week at church (keyboardist, not violin). deb
  6. deb

    singing while playing

    I sing difficult passages to learn them. Usually as an afterthought, though. I discovered this quite by accident during a lesson one day, my teacher and I kept going over a 4 measure passage. I wasn't playing it correctly. I knew exactly how it needed to go. I was frustrated, and in exasperation I sang it while I tried it. Without even realizing it. He said, "There, you've got it. You played what you were singing!" "I was singing? Hmmm!" So after a few go-arounds with something difficult now, I'll sing it. Don't ask me why it works, I think it's just part of the 'trusting the music' thing in me. I *know* I cannot sing something different than what I'm playing. Not even harmony. Can't do it, no matter how well I know the song. I can sing just fine while I play piano -- most any part I like. Words or no words. So, I surmise that *I* treat playing violin the same way I approach singing. I wonder if this is usual or other people might have learned to do it differently. -deb
  7. deb

    Intellitouch and Yamaha Electric

    I just tried my intellitouch with my Yamaha Silent Violin ... works fine. This should also let you turn all the volume off and re-tune even plugged in, should you need to. Some pre-amps and stuff also come with tuners built in, too, don't forget. So, tell us what you'll be playing for! -deb
  8. deb

    Shoulder Horns...anyone tried one?

    Thanks, Ray. Very interesting stuff!
  9. deb

    Beginner Violins

    It is an excellent article. I think I read it twice! Not that I was shopping for one, I have an instrument, but it was that interesting! Here's the page with the links to the relevant pages in the online issue from last year:
  10. deb

    Shoulder Horns...anyone tried one?

    Ray: Are the changes while using the shoulder horn audible to close and distant listeners as well as the violinist? Or have you experimented with that yet? Inquiring minds...and all that. -deb
  11. I'm with Oldbear, too. I'm righthanded, and only been playing about a year. My fingerings are *never* an issue, it's my bowing that 'falls behind' I have a left handed daughter -- she tried to play guitar the 'regular' way, then restrung the guitar backwards and switched. It was more comfortable for her ... ... but really difficult for her to learn because lesson books, videos, even tablature, is all set up for it to be the 'regular' way. In the end, she decided it was more difficult to LEARN, and put my guitar back the 'regular' way. As she puts it, "Left handed people have already learned to automatically deal with reversing stuff ALL the time -- or give up and use their right hand. I'll be my right hand is probably more coordinated than most right handed people's left hand." From my own experience in violin studies the past year, I can tell a *big* difference in the working of my left hand for other things. I grabbed an old technique book for piano the other day and was stunned at what my left hand was able to do. So maybe the motto should be: "Learn Violin and become ambi-dextrous!" -deb P.S. There is a topic or two on the Pegboard right now about left handed violins -- a couple people have come inquiring about them for their children who have physical challenges that will prevent fingering with the left hand.
  12. deb

    Audition results

    Wow, Roman, that's terrific! Live the music, breathe the music, dream the music between now and then. They'll be lucky to have you. -deb
  13. deb

    thing to do with scraps of precious wood

    Thanks, Michael, I will look it up my next trip to the Library. I go all the time, we have a history room that I'm doing some research in. -deb
  14. deb

    thing to do with scraps of precious wood

    I can see it now... This rare example in the "Crazy Quilt" style of fine old Italian masters just fell into my hands at a large estate sale of a wealthy old Attorney's wife...
  15. deb

    Dress Code

    Aaron: I don't know where you live, but I'm in California, and I find that the East Coast, specifically NY and DC -- are FAR more 'dressy' and 'formal' than most things here. From the office to the theatre. So, I'd 'dress up' if it were me. Your aunt, since she lives on the east coast already, may actually be a good resource on this issue. -deb