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    motorcycles/mixed martial arts fighting/my buddy jezzupe/violin making/playing drums in my band/ playing bass orchestrally and jazz/ downhill bike racing at diablo park in nj

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  1. thanks for the tip about the dust, I had no clue
  2. whats the best way to cut thick ebony? im wondering if I should purchase a table saw because I do car audio box enclosures and such and I could probably justify buying one also does anyone have the garett wade one that is very small? is it worth the money? im trying to save space here
  3. thanks for the tips! really great info ill be sure to use time to start saving newspapers
  4. advice from me(not a professional by any meaning of the word) if your talking making them from scratch(starting with a chunk of wood) ive always found it easier to plane it to the desired angle BEFORE cutting it, after the cuts are in it gets a little hard to plane, as for templates originally I tried tracing one with a pencil, very un consistant, whats worked for me is to photo copy a bridge and paste the actual paper onto your wood, it works pretty well for me atleast. (also easier if you start with a very nice bridge) if you want to know what not to do, im your man haha
  5. ok so today while looking through my ebony stock, some of the pieces now have cracks in them, im guessing the drastic warm to cold environment in my workshop(I didnt put it in my wood room which is climate controled etc) caused this, am i right? is there any way to prevent this? ive seen wax on some pieces ends?
  6. all but three of those pieces are now sold(ones pictured above), still around 20 or so left
  7. ill try to do that tonight, there are about 10 pieces that you could probably get about 4 violin frogs out of each, nothing really suitable for a fingerboard, there are plenty that are big enough for chinrests, everything would either be sized for nuts, saddles, frogs, buttons or chinrests(as is how i order them)
  8. also the numbers are for ratings, i put it 1-5, 5 being the best, 1 being heavy grain discoloration
  9. ok so recently ive come across a supplier of ebony, ordered some, it came in today, its a bunch of random sized pieces, some is jet black others has some slight orange but still very nice grain patterns there are some big pieces, thin pieces, block pieces etc so the prices im selling it at varies but its still going to be very very cheap(offering it for sale to my buddies here only, pm me with the size piece you want and ill try to give you as close a piece as i can) heres some pictures unfortunatley some pieces have cracks in them, i guess i should just cut the cracked part out or sell it at a heavy discount?
  10. yes iam currently working on a violin i agree that its a must have for coffee lovers, didnt know about tha k cup, i just put the order in for it, very neat stuff here and i think the name is english for "one cool machine"
  11. i ruined a bow blank my first day on the job, it was almost my last haha, my boss told me to do a little fine shaping on it, so i picked up the closest thing to the bench and said, is this good? he said yeah yeah(he was looking down rehairing a bow), it was a draw knife, i pull it down and bam, there goes that piece of wood ive often fit patches to a bass, then realized i didnt have a clamp long enough for it, or it was in use on another part of the top it looks like i got attacked by a cat on my hands due to not learning how to sharpen tools correctly(dull tools still hurt when you force them) ive broken a few slides to frogs, but they had it coming recently ive slowed down a bit and dont make as many mistakes
  12. technically neither, but if i was going to be one, id be the furry one(elmo) because he is winning
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