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  1. Foregoing a spline when gluing up a broken head is like skydiving without a parachute and hoping you'll find soft spot for impact.
  2. I haven't found any purpose yet for Gorilla Glue, except maybe creating botched repair attempts. I tried gluing up some loose wood chair rungs once, and they were loose again after a few days of use. It might be OK for low bond strength gluing over larger surface areas.
  3. Roughing entirely using planes sounds like a plan for sore hands and fingers. A lot of waste can be removed quickly with a gouge before getting the finger planes involved.
  4. Wouldn't the water get boiled out, and the sugars reduced to simple carbon during the cook process?
  5. I think he's talking about a fluorescent tube.
  6. I think the doping used in LEDs produces too narrow a spectrum within the UV bandwidth to be effective at curing the oil. You would need a bunch of LEDs of varying spectral output to get a useful light source for drying.
  7. Were any of Nagyvary's various claims peer reviewed?
  8. I use something similar, a piece of 3/4" plywood with a V groove cut into the surface, about 3/16" deep. For cutting, I use a fine tooth razor saw.
  9. When is the movie (kinofilm in Europe) scheduled for release?
  10. I've seen some descriptions that indicate long cook times after combining the resin and oil; this cooking time could certainly cast considerable doubt into what the final product actually is.
  11. That's an issue I've had in trying to understand these varnish recipes; as the resin cooks, the weight or volume changes considerably according to the time it's cooked, and the temperature. Perhaps the best way would be to precook the resin, let it cool, crush it, document the weight, and then re-heat it only hot enough to combine with the oil. This would give a better indication of the true resin / oil ratio.
  12. I'm not above putting in a new, heavier bar when the original one was so weak that the top is caving in. Does this qualify as vandalism? I consider it more of an effort towards stabilizing the inevitable deterioration process.
  13. I think in a lot of cases, regraduating was performed as an ego trip, allowing for elevated bragging rights: Being the "master" who was able to improve upon Strad and Guarneri's work, or other respected masters. Such self proclaimed prestige would easily allow the repair person to command higher prices for their work. No different than today, through history there has always been instrument owners looking for the "Holy Grail" of tone from their instruments. It's not a far fetched idea that many of these instrument owners sought out, or were easily convinced by these tinkerers to subject
  14. I'm happy to hear you're doing your part at internal self-sanitizing against this vile virus. I believe Guarneri's instruments were recognized as something above average early on after leaving the maker's hands, long before people started tampering with the graduations. I would find it hard to believe that it was only due to the efforts of the regraduators that his violins have been elevated to the high regard they are held in, today.
  15. If they were using it, the arsenic should still be there, and not very difficult to detect.
  16. What is written below the label?
  17. It looks like I'll have to enrichen the mix.
  18. How much is a lot of turpentine? I've been experimenting with this, 2 or 3 drops of oil into about 8 oz of turpentine, although I didn't wipe it off after application; I just let it dry. This instrument has developed a beautiful yellowed coloration over about 3 year period, but there isn't any sign of anything on the surface of the wood. I'm procrastinating applying varnish, but I better hop to it before my descendants have to finish the job.
  19. What's your view on Canadians?
  20. Once it got up to speed it was ok going in a relatively straight line, but if one had to make a sharp turn at the edge of the field, it had some inherent problems. You could be a good neighbor and just 2-4-D her entire yard in a random act of kindness.
  21. Sorry, I missed seeing it the first time.
  22. I guess the moderators went easy on you this time, but let that be a warning! Sigh; with this new found reporting power comes great responsibility in wielding it properly.
  23. Can you provide a cloesup where the original handle was?
  24. I just reported your post when logged out as a test. Perhaps it's to maintain a level of anonymity? I would think it would be beneficial to Jefferey to know who logged the complaint, especially if there is a chronic complainer, or someone with a personal conflict.