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  1. The problem is they call things differently depending on location. Here in Canada, Naptha is white gasoline, camp stove fuel, or Coleman fuel, all the same stuff, and is highly volatile. Lighter fluid is volatile, but not nearly so as Naptha. I'd be inclined to try white mineral spirits AKA oil paint thinner, Varsol, Stoddard solvent. Try it on a small, inconspicuous area first, to ensure it doesn't attack the varnish.
  2. Merry Christmas! Wishing a peaceful and healthy Christmas to all, and the upcoming New Year. May it be better than last.
  3. How much larch resin would you be adding? I imagine that would greatly increase the curing time.
  4. That top looks like it was literally clawed up; pretty rough looking. What instrument is this?
  5. A shame too, as it was a nice piece of wood.
  6. A flap-wheel sanding head in a power drill will make short order of softening those corners.
  7. I wouldn't use alcohol either, unless you want to strip off any french polishing it may have. I have used turpentine spirits, varsol / stoddard on occasion.
  8. Those clamps look like they use Unistrut for the beam.
  9. Around here we call them pipe clamps.
  10. The nice thing about these type of clamps is you can have different lengths of pipes for different needs. I have some short 18" pipes for gluing violin plates, and longer for cello, bass and cabinet work.
  11. I really like the controller on my glue pot; it's a set and forget situation, and I never have to worry about my glue temperature until I remove it from the pot.
  12. That looks exactly like the ones I have been purchasing.
  13. You could put the glue into a squeeze bottle and keep it warm in a water bath until you are ready to apply it. It's also better to plane it immediately when you are ready to glue it up. The wood moves and changes slightly even over a short period of time passes.
  14. I used a cheap PID controller to regulate my bending iron, and another for my glue pot.
  15. Houndstooth is very "in" this season, but what do I know? Ebony, rosewood and boxwood all go nicely with any typical varnish color.
  16. Sounds pretty good for a DIY home recording, and very nice playing. You might try renting an AKG C414 from Long & McQuade. A large diaphragm condenser has a sweeter, more natural sound to it compared to a small diaphragm. Move the mic in closer for more direct, dry sound, and further away to capture more of the room ambience.
  17. No offence Rue; I would rather the dust went further east to Manitoba. Personally, I didn't think it was a good idea to build an entire province between here and Manitoba.
  18. That must have caused some consternation for the wasps when that particular note was played!
  19. ⁹ I do my spring cleaning on a nice, windy day with a strong wind out of the west. I get a good draft moving through the shop, and I raise the dust up in all the nooks and crannies with the compressed air blow gun. On the evening news I hear reports of an unusual freak dust storm in Saskatchewan.
  20. When I'm gluing up things, I don't always have the exact clamps I need prepared and laid out on the bench, so I like to be able to quickly grab what I need, which is why I have them hanging. If they are clamped to something for storage, you need to fumble to loosen it before you can put it in use. I guess needs vary according to every individual's work flow.
  21. That's the reason I made a chest of shallow( 3") drawers organized with dividers for specific tools. There isn't enough depth to bury the tools under additional junk.
  22. Some like pegboard, I detest it. In my experience the hooks flop about when you touch them, the pegs are too bouncy / flimsy, and you are limited to whatever hooks they sell. That, and it just doesn't seem to be a good use of storage space. The bulk of my small hand tools all go into shallow drawers in and beside my workbench.
  23. I hang my clamps in a similar manner, but on large wood dowels placed specific to the clamp shape, so they all hang in an orderly fashion. This makes it easy to select one, or a handful easily while working.