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  1. I don't have much to add, except that I apply my varnish warmed. It flows out better, there is less possibility for runs, and because it's warmer, there is less surface tension to trap any bubbles created by brushing.
  2. Somebody should do him a favor and splice in some wood to get the stop length up to standards.
  3. Perhaps you could run a collection pipe and remote power switch from the cyclone in the other building to your local work area to suck up dust as you make it. It would be quiet and only require a small cash outlay for the collection pipe / hose and some wire and a switch.
  4. I would be concerned with contaminating the alcohol with compressor oil. In light of the pandemic, it might be best to preserve the oh, so tasty ethyl alcohol for a higher purpose than dismantling glue joints and drying wood. I have a good excuse now for sanitizing , from the inside out.
  5. It certainly helps to lean the red varnish color more towards a nice brown.
  6. That's an excellent use for lignum.
  7. The billet I have weeps oil over time. Perhaps it's not as noticeable on something that gets continually handled.
  8. I've used Cocobolo for nut material, and it works very nicely. Lignum Vitae in my opinion, would be much too greasy and contaminate the strings. I have a piece in my wood cupboard, and no matter how many times I wipe it down, it keeps exuding oil.
  9. Every member is made aware of the forum rules when they sign up. It's their choice whether they abide by them, or not. Based on this, if they choose not to abide by the rules, they are essentially dismissing themselves from the community.
  10. I dunno, I appreciate the alternate views and methods from other members on this forum.
  11. Actually, it is sort of a democratic community; if someone gets out of hand and enough members complain, it appears the individual is warned and given some opportunity to correct their behavior. Should they refuse to comply with the forum rules, they get voted off the island. I have to say, I find it interesting how a discussion can shift from one topic to another, and it's often an interesting / elucidating / entertaining thread, but this discussion over a simple soundpost driven into the mud is certainly in bad taste.
  12. Stand the post up and send the future, potential customer on their way. Sometimes a small gesture can go a long way towards building future business.
  13. This would be another instance where I personally would use G2 epoxy, as it's a glue joint that will be under high stress.
  14. I'm surprised that the blade wasn't sharp. Lee Valley is usually pretty good about having their plane blades razor sharp out of the box.
  15. To really break in a violin, I think it needs daily playing for a couple hundred years.