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  1. I guess in a gated community, one wouldn't have to worry about the sheep getting loose into traffic on the thoroughfare.
  2. When I found out Lee Valley sells DIY casket hardware, I told the wife I could build one and we could use it as a coffee table in the living room until one of us checks out. She didn't display too much appreciative humor over this. We have two cats that only tolerate each other at the best of times, yet both are good friends with our collie dog. I'm not sure another cat would integrate into our local community well.
  3. It really depends on who the estate sale is for, and if the family realizes what they have. Apologies if this touches on the morbid, but what if it was David Burgess's estate sale, and your family just wanted to clean house? I'm sure there are many tools, instruments and possessions that would be of considerable value, to the right person.
  4. Rather than grinding the teeth away, simply line the jaws with leather, or some thick silicon rubber sheet.
  5. The apprentice / journeyman system is still alive and well for the trades here in Canada. Apprentices are indentured to a journeyman, the responsibility to work alongside and teach everything they know about the trade to the apprentice. For approximately 4 weeks out of the year, the apprentice is required to go to a formal government run technical school to learn theory and practical skills for the chosen trade, with government exams at the end of the training period. If the exam scores are sufficiently high, they are allowed to progress to the next year of apprenticeship. At the completion of the three or four years of apprenticeship (varies according to the trade), if the final exams are scored high enough to the set standard, the apprentice is accredited with journeyman status; this allows them to work unsupervised, or even be self employed, if they wish. Journeymen are also given the opportunity to write the Canada Inter-provincial Red Seal exams which allow them to work in any province in the country, and is also a recognized accreditation in many international countries.
  6. We're assuming the alcohol for fragrances is denatured with methyl alcohol; it could well be a host of other less poisonous additives. The additives for the fragrance is probably more than sufficient to render it denatured.
  7. Where does the Marvin the Martian parade dress helmet fit into the description?
  8. W.A Gough was a contributor to that publication. I mentioned seeing his empty shop awhile back; apparently it's been demolished since.
  9. Are you sure you're not looking at the belt / pulley guard on the drill press? I don't see any lamp, except the bare bulb above the drill press.
  10. A scope works very well for a stereo phase indicator, set for XY mode. Used for checking mixes in the recording studio, aligning azimuth on tape heads, etc.
  11. Exactly. And recording software will allow you to zoom in and scrutinize the recorded waveform much more easily than a bouncing real time display on a scope.
  12. I dunno, my mother was using an inkwell and nib pen in grade school, and a fountain pen in high school; she graduated 1964.
  13. Doesn't the stereotypical American wear a flamboyant Hawaiian shirt?
  14. I believe the curtain is a velvet or similar back drop curtain for photography. There looks to be another window behind the drill press without any curtains, which would dismiss the idea of the space being used for a darkroom. Edit: At the end of the left bench appears to be a small tablesaw with a fence.