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  1. I know Nagavary was promoting chitin, from lobsters, crab, etc., But I thought the Cochineal fit Carl's "bug shell varnish" descriptor more aptly than chitin.
  2. It certainly looks good. Time will tell the rest of the story. What glue did you end up using?
  3. - And center joints, too. Anything you would never want to come apart.
  4. I think Lepage's / Loctite PL premium glue would work for rungs and other morticed joints.
  5. Foregoing a spline when gluing up a broken head is like skydiving without a parachute and hoping you'll find soft spot for impact.
  6. I haven't found any purpose yet for Gorilla Glue, except maybe creating botched repair attempts. I tried gluing up some loose wood chair rungs once, and they were loose again after a few days of use. It might be OK for low bond strength gluing over larger surface areas.
  7. Roughing entirely using planes sounds like a plan for sore hands and fingers. A lot of waste can be removed quickly with a gouge before getting the finger planes involved.
  8. Wouldn't the water get boiled out, and the sugars reduced to simple carbon during the cook process?
  9. I think he's talking about a fluorescent tube.
  10. I think the doping used in LEDs produces too narrow a spectrum within the UV bandwidth to be effective at curing the oil. You would need a bunch of LEDs of varying spectral output to get a useful light source for drying.
  11. Were any of Nagyvary's various claims peer reviewed?
  12. I use something similar, a piece of 3/4" plywood with a V groove cut into the surface, about 3/16" deep. For cutting, I use a fine tooth razor saw.
  13. When is the movie (kinofilm in Europe) scheduled for release?
  14. I've seen some descriptions that indicate long cook times after combining the resin and oil; this cooking time could certainly cast considerable doubt into what the final product actually is.