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  1. Merry Christmas to all those celebrating according to the Eastern Orthodox calendar.
  2. What book is that from? I don't recognize it.
  3. I can't imagine how the victim feels seeing re-runs of this, as a reminder!
  4. The maybe scroll is a clearer photo; it shows more detail. It's like people comparing music; the louder recording is usually preferred.
  5. Mike, I eagerly await for this article. I wish you a speedy, full recovery!
  6. Cochineal was only used by Strad? I think a dendrochronologist could offer more insight on the age and where it came from, as well as experts on the old Cremonese instruments.
  7. Charles Reade was a writer, and an opinionated one at that, but I don't believe he ever made a violin, varnished one, or ever made any varnish, so I wouldn't consider him as any sort of resource.
  8. I plane the two pieces individually without any issues. After the final cut, I glue them up.
  9. It's the old adage " The best way to hide something is to leave it in plain sight."
  10. A few passes gives a dead flat surface, one pass taking off the high spots, and the 2nd the finishing cut. However, the blade has to be sharp, and the cut so fine that pushing the wood past the blade is next to effortless.
  11. This is exactly how I do it, although I use a low angle jack plane.
  12. Happy New Year! May the New Year bring the end to this ridiculous pandemic, and I wish good health and prosperity to all of you, and your families.
  13. Watchya do is suspend yer handbasket b'neath a hot air balloon. Once you gain some attitude, you don't need no steering, brakes or cornering!
  14. Brings a whole new perspective of "Going to Hell in a handbasket"
  15. In my youth, I was in pursuit of shortcuts, and learned that power tools can certainly speed up the destruction of otherwise beautiful wood. By hand, the process is slower and you have a better chance of catching yourself before too much damage is done.
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