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  1. See! It's starting. All kidding aside, seek out various instruments, play them, and get them evaluated by a few different independent parties. Decide on one that fits the budget. Don't dismiss independent makers; many fine instruments are produced by individual makers that have no association with dealers.
  2. You won't find any nice makers, or shops. Just have a look at the mudslinging rivalry in some of the threads here. Makers pitted against makers, with hurtful, caustic, violent remarks directed towards each other: Things like "Hey Jer, where'd you learn to set necks, New York? they look all wrong!" or, "Bill, your last batch of varnish looks kind of pale, and you're cutting your nuts too high." or, "You wouldn't recognize a real dovetail, even if it was still attached to the pigeon!" Wars were started over less .
  3. I would be more concerned about using bar soap, which contains lye and is hygroscopic.
  4. Bee wax doesn't migrate anywhere, unless it get's so hot that it melts. You have to be playing furiously before this happens.
  5. I have to confess that I have been using a fake name on Maestronet for years. First it was Byacey, and then later when someone encouraged the use of a name, I changed my profile to read Bill Yacey. However, that isn't my real name. It's actually William Yacey. Anytime someone calls me William, I cringe. It's something of a vestigial reaction from my childhood.
  6. Florian Leonhard Fine Violins? The ad doesn't appear too racey to me.
  7. This was my solution to the problem:
  8. Absolutely. The water does a couple things: It provides even heat all around the glue vessel, it also provides some thermal mass to stabilize the temperature variations between the on and off times of the heating element. My homemade glue pot has a third benefit to the water: I use a porcelain custard dish for the glue vessel, sitting in the water bath. Because the glue heating pot is a little deeper, the lid covers both the water bath and glue, which maintains a very humid condition that helps keep the glue from dehydrating and thickening.
  9. That was my underlying concern using a wrist pin for a burnisher.
  10. A gudgeon or wrist pin as we call them could work; they are case hardened, but I think they are a little too short and large in diameter. The shank from an old broken threading tap works well. Thread what's left of the threads into the end of a hardwood handle, after applying some epoxy on the threads to hold it fast.
  11. I've always been of the opinion bagpipes sound at their best when played underwater. There's an old Ukrainian joke about the Hutsul people in the mountains of Western Ukraine having invented the bagpipes. However, the inventor was so disgusted with his creation, he buried them out back in a manure pile, in an effort to protect humanity from such a vile device. Some Scotsman wandering the mountains, obviously lost, saw them sticking out of the manure pile, pulled them out and took them home. To this day, the Scots are still trying to blow the shit out of them!
  12. Kind of like the Itchy and Scratchy show!