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  1. Bill Yacey

    Peg shapers: Alberti v Herdim

    That's what irks me about so many of these peg shavers, the fact that it takes a lot of trial and error to get them cutting properly. Like avoiding the plague, I avoid taking the blade out to sharpen because I know it'll be a long process to get the thing set up close to where I had it before. I guess the biggest issue is setting the blade up with any repeatability.
  2. Bill Yacey

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    Thanks for the correction. The keyboard on my laptop is getting long in the tooth; some characters don't appear unless you firmly press the key just right.
  3. Bill Yacey

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    It's difficult to make any accurate evaluations due to the recording microphones used, placement, post production equalization, the acoustics of the room, etc, etc. There are too many variables involved.
  4. Bill Yacey

    2018 Joe Thrift workshop

    I recall something about that, but I think it was more so for the maple back join, as maple doesn't take the glue as well as soft wood. Casein is an exception, and isn't really a modern day glue. I was speaking more about white and yellow carpenters type glue. Most epoxies are unacceptable too.
  5. Bill Yacey

    2018 Joe Thrift workshop

    The problem with many modern glues is glue creep over time, and the problem of it not being a reversible process for repairs, unlike hide glue which simply cleans up with warm water.
  6. Bill Yacey

    Peg Wood ID

    Dahlbergia is a huge family of hardwoods, and in my opinion, some of the most beautiful woods with striking color and grain. One common thing between most of the sub species of Dahlbergia is the wood is hard, dense and has natural oil in the wood. These properties lend itself well in the making of instrument fittings, tool handles, or any other purpose where a long wearing wood is of particular use.
  7. A friend of mine has a violin with the same shield on the back. I'll check with him and see what the label reads. I worked on it years ago, but I don't recall the details.
  8. Bill Yacey

    Perfection Pegs

    Whatever you do, don't put 'em through the peg shaver.
  9. Bill Yacey

    Working with pigments

    Unearthly pigment.
  10. Bill Yacey

    Not Chinese Fake!

    It'll be an interesting time when makers start making copies of Chinese instruments.
  11. Bill Yacey

    Friday fun

    This is something far more than coincidence. Either one pattern was incorrectly attributed to the wrong maker, or del Gesu was using Strad's form; which might show that there were closer ties between these two makers than what was previously believed.
  12. Bill Yacey

    Do you use a peghole reamer sheath?

    I use clear plastic tube too; it's 3/8" ID If I remember correctly.
  13. Bill Yacey

    Iron Rosinate

    I wonder if they are providing you with ferro-fluid meant for speakers. Is it an oily like consistency? If so, this stuff is never meant to dry out.
  14. Bill Yacey

    First build plans

    I didn't know they had a leather bound edition; at least I didn't know about it when I bought my copy. I imagine soon they'll have the Bantam pocketbook edition out soon.
  15. Bill Yacey

    First build plans

    A violin maker can never have enough books on the subject, but if you had to have only one, I would recommend the B. Derber book; it has the most details of making and pictures of all the books I've seen to date.