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  1. I chuckled when I read this. It reminds me of a Red Green story, where his neighbor Old' Bill, bought an army surplus helicopter. Upon trying it out, his neighbor harvested 60 acres of trees before he figured out how to get it upright. Power tools are a double edged sword: they can speed up a lot of work compared to working by hand, but they can also do a lot of damage in very short order.
  2. Well, no and yes. But I have done some extensive experimenting over the years.
  3. My homemade product works very nicely for shellac, and it averages between 93 and 94%.
  4. Maybe the new forum software was written by Google, and that's why it only works on Chrome...
  5. I I tried everything, No-Go with Firefox ver. 81.0.1 64 bit. It work fine on other forums.
  6. I've been having trouble the past few days posting anything. I can log in, but when I reply to a post, it just hangs with the "Saving" button grayed out. Edit: It worked just now, using the Chrome browser, but Firefox still exhibits the same problem.
  7. I noticed there was an error displayed unless I logged in first.
  8. I think it's because the ends dry first and shrink, while the center area is still wet and swollen. A good reason for using clamps.
  9. Or they couldn't think of any trades that would use such a plane, so they used the violin makers as a scapegoat.
  10. A simple pot still like that is good for about 70% or so, if you go low and slow with the heat. A little more sophisticated still like a reflux column will put you easily into the low to mid 90s. Reflux still
  11. It's really no more dangerous to make 93 to 95% alcohol versus 60%, it just takes slower distillation and an understanding of how to concentrate the alcohol. I routinely achieve 94%. I haven't had a drink yet today, so I plead sober.
  12. Good for them for holding out. Around here, it seems when a municipality wants to appropriate land / buildings, they just raise the taxes so the owner has no hope of being able to pay.
  13. Strad and Amati made the best use of what they had available in their time. However, why make life more difficult for yourself by using tools that are sub-standard in today's world?
  14. A wine is anything fermented from vegetable / fruit matter with sugars. Spirits of wine Is simply ethyl alcohol distilled from fermented sugars. Doesn't matter if it's derived from grapes, apples, peaches, corn, sugar beets or grass clippings (well, maybe not the latter, if you intend to drink the distillate).
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