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  1. Book Recommendations

    Lest we forget Karl Roy's book. Not exactly a how- to manual, but has lots of historical information, tips and techniques.
  2. I've never heard a 1/8 size sang beautifully. Please excuse my northern savage dialect grammar.
  3. I've run across some that were only hollowed out in the visible areas inside. The top in the upper bouts area was left full thickness. Perhaps this a method of protecting the instrument against destruction while in the hands of a klutzy would-be student.
  4. I've run into more than a few people claiming to have a genuine Stradivarius, and still convinced after pointing out the label says : copy of, made in Czechoslovakia.
  5. I really have no need for a 1/8 size instrument, so it has no value for me.
  6. I said "if" not "is'. I'm not sufficiently qualified to appraise higher end violins such as the one you have procured. I hope you have taken out insurance when it was purchased?
  7. Yes, there have been some condescending individuals that come and go on the forum. My attitude is even if the instrument is a worthless piece of junk, who am I to judge if it brings someone enjoyment? In that case, I guess they got their moneys worth and it served some useful purpose.
  8. The scythe and pitchfork wielding members let you off easy. It's not like the old days when they would burn you and the violin at the stake in the village square.
  9. Egon Schiele

    No young nurses to capture your interest? Doesn't sound like a popular place to visit. I hope your visit wasn't over anything serious.
  10. Nicolò Amati / Stradivari connection

    Your husband has fine taste! I've always been of the opinion that Amati family instruments generally are more beautiful geometrically than Strad's, or any other makers, for that matter. They really set the bar high for other makers vying for the pinnacle.
  11. Carminic Acid extraction from ci75470

    So maybe not Harbor Freight; perhaps Sears?
  12. Carminic Acid extraction from ci75470

    I predict a spike in centrifuge sales at harbor freight; mostly purchased by violin varnish makers.
  13. aniline dye

    Mike, It could well be partially due the Linoleic acid in the oil too. My experiments in coloring linseed oil with vegetable derived colors without a mordant turned into a washout. I purchased some aniline dyes but never actually tried using them on an instrument. The colors in my opinion, were too vivid violin applications.
  14. Tool marks

    I have to ask why anyone would use a coarse rasp to thin the ribs for bending, when a plane does the job more accurately, smoother and faster? And likewise with the arching: Using a rasp would introduce more ripples into the fairing of the arches. Why would anyone introduce this when gouges and planes are more efficacious? Finally: especially on a Strad instrument, why would it pass inspection to be varnished under Antonio's eye? Or was his eye sight diminished when these instruments were made? I can't believe these marks weren't clearly visible when the instrument was in the white.
  15. Violin by Joeseph C Cordell

    Sorry for the late reply: Pine has this distinctive dark wood / light wood contrast as seen on the top of this instrument. It's possible that the wings were glued on from another piece of wood, but I can't tell for sure from the given photo.