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  1. jezzupe

    Tap Tone or Plate Tuning Equipment

    Yes, i think that most people over time find it best to just listen to notes rather than look at them.
  2. jezzupe

    Arch protector... how necessary is it?

    I hope they develop one for people, so I can slow down my "distortion". However I have found "the secret", which of course is not curtate cycloids with their isochronous vibratory symmetry, and it's not a cantanery curve, the secret, which apparently only comes with age, is to follow the outline of my ever expanding belly and to proportionately transfer that "arch" to my instruments. Which of course makes these devices absolutely useless as my arching is practically bullet proof, which ironically has the complete opposite effect when this "arch" of my protruding belly is somehow "oscillated". You see, they don't call it the belly for nothing.
  3. jezzupe

    Ergonomic Viola Idea

    pass the bottle, I just ain't got the fight in me to write 5 paragraphs anymore...but I suppose it gives us something to talk about while I puke over in the corner
  4. jezzupe

    Does anyone NOT build Strad? And if not, why?

    I haven't much to add, but I will say that my guitar work has lead me back to violins and how the two seem to share a similar trait of being not only "sensitive to material choices " but also I find that the actual shape seems to dictate tonal differences aside from the materials....The shape differences can be subtle. I am not so focused on the internal volume and shape as much as I am the "outline" shape and how small changes in the upper,lower and waist , and thus mass distribution and shape of the arches changes the center point of balance as well as bridge location. Something to the effect of, if you carve shape X the way you always have, based off your mold shape, and then say you widen the lower bouts, you have not only increased the internal volume {assuming your graduation targets are roughly the same} but have now made the "back end" with more mass {most likely} which will effect the center of mass , which I'm finding has perhaps more to do with "stuff" than previously considered. Such as comparing a jumbo guitar shape to 000 guitar shape with the same materials violin being smaller, it seems that small mass changes based on center points based off shapes dictating distribution has lots to do with the "color" of the sound
  5. jezzupe

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    mmm' goo
  6. jezzupe

    JM Jones' bench

  7. jezzupe

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    He will be sorely missed and always remembered, flame on CT
  8. jezzupe

    12-20K Viola Suggestions

    Luis Manfio!!!!
  9. jezzupe

    Chinese Caliper

    Next week it'be 150
  10. jezzupe

    Stolen from Hogwarts?

    Gosh I love a good mystery
  11. jezzupe

    Lowering B0 mode at fingerboard of finished violin

    there is a fellow, David Langsather, and while I don;t personally agree with everything he states, and while he might not be known as "well known" maker, I do know that he is in to tuning big time and has lots of information about the subject, if one "believes" it or that it helps, well thats up to you, but he does tune, everything, tailpieces , pegs I think even, I dunno, it may have something helpful...I've had contact with him in my early days and found him to be a real nice guy.
  12. jezzupe

    Non-Drying Fulton Varnish

    uvc is absorbed by the earth, uvb, the uv responsible for "tanning/burning" is mostly absorbed by most standard glass, the uva, about 75% goes through, so really sun through windows does not give the proper spectrum to UV cure varnish that is susceptible to UV curing. So I would try the lamp and see if you get different results
  13. jezzupe

    Non-Drying Fulton Varnish

    uv lamp?
  14. jezzupe

    White glue drop on paper label- removal

    well that's quite a project Steph, I think the 'leave it be approach is probably best with the glue spot, the only suggestion I could make is if you want to try to remove it with water that you would make "thickwater" by making a thick sugar water solution/syrup, the sugar in the water makes it so it has lots of surface tension, so if you take a tooth pick and place a tiny drop of the thickened sugar water 1. it will stay put 2. bead up as a ball and stay that way 3. feed water into the glue/paper label much slower than a drop of straight water. In other words if you get the thickness right it makes it so the drop stays put and slowly wets the spot, but it would take multiple small drops, and i fear the discoloration is permanent. with the repair I agree that maybe removing the peones would make the repair better/stronger?
  15. jezzupe


    the way I see it in my 11 years here is; ask a question, someone will respond, if it's valid advice, thats usually it, if it's a more complex question , often we get more responses or different takes on it,but quite frankly I'm not sure what your talking about, I've never felt the group here to be 'unfriendly" to anyone. diy or otherwise I just see it as a place to get free advice from many people who normally charge money for the same advice in their work setting, among other things. I do think anyone who does diy work has a responsibility to history to make sure that they are not inadvertently crazy gluing a top on to a Strad, but other than that I think most people here encourage folks to get their feet wet in the world of Luthier.