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  1. jasco paint stripper...paint it on, let it sit, use plastic putty knife to scrape off, round the edges of your knife, at the end use oo steel wool as a gentle scrubber to get the purfling area...follow the instructions, wear safety gear
  2. one of the solid voices of reason in it applies to"surfaces"
  3. all I know is what I read, and so far there is an S and an L strain, the lab in Iceland has found 40 mutations
  4. I knew I shoulda started making trumpets...
  5. Well, I concede there is more than two ways,{mosquito bites, the other ways I would classify as "getting it from someone} I would call them the primary ways. I suppose the simple question you want to ask yourself is; if you knew 100% that someone had Covid 19, and they just got done playing the violin, are you going to want to play it right after them if they handed it to you? There have been many studies about how long it lives on different surfaces, but at this point I would add , which strain, because apparently a lab in iceland just found 40 mutations, so perhaps each one is different? all I know George is I'd rather play it safe
  6. It has everything to with logic. If there are two ways to contract it, it would be highly illogical to assume that people are contracting it only one way.
  7. When you do a repair like this, are you fussing over the piece of material you use for the patch? age, weight, that sort of thing. It is a very perfect looking repair.
  8. There are thousands of people who have contracted it with no known source, other than one of two ways, they either got it from someone else, or they got it by touching something that had the virus on it, your logic is highly improbable that no one got it from touching a surface. As well as there being no way to test that, of course without intentionally infecting someone. Best to be WAY safe and simply let things sit as long as possible {4 to 5 weeks}. As this progresses , these things will be the least of anyone's worry.
  9. Do you know the entire history of the instrument and it's varnish?, I ask because you seem so confident that it is antiquing, to me it does look like damage, or varnish that went awry in some spots that was caused by some containment mixed with water staining/tanic/uv reaction, perhaps from too much iron in the mix or just wear?
  10. nicotine is a highly effective pest controller....that being said, that would be a can of worms that could lead to a complete re-varnish job if you mess with it imo
  11. Yes what Jacob said, fyi "briwax" which is made for furniture and other woodwork has a variety of colors, one of which being a walnut brown, should work pretty well for a quick fix. To do an actually physical invisible repair with a color match would be very expensive, the hide glue smoosh should prevent any "runners" and the wax will fill the gap...tip, smoosh the wax in and leave it proud, let it dry and use a rag to level it, less likely to dimple that way. I would suggest cleaning the crack well with some precise instrument to work a wee alcohol in the crack in order to dissolve any contaminants that may prevent glue bond, very precise.But it would be a good idea to get the glue to span the gap between the two in order to fuse the two areas together, less likely to be a problem if it snags some clothing or something like that.
  12. Frankly the best Idea is to get them back, using hazmat, place them in a room, and leave them for several weeks, exposed to high uv if possible....but simply allowing them to sit will be safest for the instrument varnish I think Michael is correct , it's way too soon to know anything about anything, all I know is just like everything, there is what you are being told by "officials" and the media and then there's what it is. They're usually not the same thing in the long run. Just like when they were telling you for 2 months it only really effects old people, according to someone I know who is a doctor in Oakland, that is 100% pure bs. Gee, if I was evil, I could think of a whole bunch of reasons why that would be a good idea, cause you know, if I get Corona I get Corona. Frankly I'd contact the CDC and see what they say, they're the experts on this one, after all they've been hiring quarantine officers since early November, you know right around the time the repo market crashed and trillions in cash got mysteriously and "unexpectedly" sucked out of the system , alllllll' the way back then when there was a "cash crisis" I mean I'm sure that ALL the money available for circulation disappearing right before a major pandemic is just a coinkydink, it doesn't speak to the elite, with foreknowledge, hoarding cash or anything like that, that'd just be crazy talk. Let em; sit....a long time
  13. I'd defer the question to Manfio, he is the viola man in my book