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  1. "My goodness I have certainly sett you all squabbling. Calm down," first rule about fight' er violin club..."you asked a question?" did you ever read lord of the flies"?
  2. yes! very few make it on making alone as DB said repairs are bread and butter, and are in a way a completely different animal than new making My advice is to stay with violin making but also develop other career skills in other perhaps related fields of endeavor. In a world of kids who "learned to code" there is a massive shortage of people who, you know, actually know to do stuff with their hands and minds, the world of "trades" in construction is a huge empty and high paying choice. It can be brutal on the body over the years, but if you play your cards right you can be "controlling" by the
  3. right it doesn't strengthen anything is just counter acts force... like ,look at great aunt agnes and her...., nevermind At any rate where this all ends up is in the downforce appleid to the top of the bridge and then to the feet of the bridge and then down to the top.... So then the question becomes...if all things were equal, would a top that has rib taper built in have more of less downforce on the bridge when compared to a violin that has no rib taper? and if it is more is it a good thing? Or does the body absorb this with the cross arch acting like a compressible shock absorber
  4. right, there is no stiffening just counteracting force,,that's what "we" want imo, the original un loaded neck projection rely's on a little bit of load to drop or droop the projection down a wee which then preloads the body with string tension which helps "wiggle" the body perhaps more than it may with no counter active forces. But again my biggest take on the importance of rib taper is for gradient weight /shape taper and or a "front and profile "pyramid" or triangle and or a wider base that has a gradient taper upward as is obvious with the front profile, and "noticeable" for the side prof
  5. It is similar to pre bending roof trusses to hold the roof load with less sagging over time a sway backed old barn for example. I don't think it "stops" distortion. as much as counter acts the forces
  6. This is what I will say, there is an unprecedented threat against many established institutions, I will not go into the conspiratorial speculations, conjecture or hyperbole, I will however say in those "established institutions" music, classical music in particular is in the cross hairs of this group of cancel culture "activists" I don't care what your politics is, but I will say this, if you sit by idle and let this continue, soon you will get your own version of statues toppling,perhaps a nice big Bach manuscript burning, or a nice Museum destruction, like isis did in Syria and Iraq.
  7. It looks like it just needs to be rubbed out with oil/pumice/rottenstone
  8. Ya, all Apocolypto style, with his bare hands!!!
  9. I would have thought he bought the swords from you
  10. I want to move to florida so I can get me a moat and some gators
  11. Is your shop octagon shaped?
  12. Yep, let alone god knows what is available for sale on darkweb, I'm sure I can buy tailor made list's for criminal activity, yes I'll take "senile old ladies for a 1000$ Alex" but, I see where Joe's coming from, for me, looking at this as entertainment more than anything else, I actually really enjoy when a new anon person comes in with some heavy duty knowledge to drop and have it make me think "wtf, who is this guy?"