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  1. Fires and Feelings!

    Well I must admit I starting to feel a moral obligation to start contracting again. The devastation is quite unreal. Many luthiers out here have hit by this fire along with many other businesses and homes. The 37 fire which is the closest to me has fortunately been the least worrisome, but things can change is a second with the winds. This fire has really exposed some serious weakness in the "system" as it relates to warning people about such things. There really needs to be some thought put into an emergency warning system, as well as an easy to find radio station/tv station/website to give locals a play by play on whats going on so they may plan accordingly. There seems to be no system in place to do this. I have found all the local info sites like Cal fire and such, but they're really not that helpful as far as finding out the immediate situation in your immediate area. For example a specific air raid siren that has a specific known sound for fires should have been blared at full volume to warn/wake people up, as it happened in the middle of the night, that right there could have saved many lives , sending out a few deputies to go bang on doors after the fire is bearing down on your neighborhood does no cut it, as we see. The other thing this really exposes is the absolute need to develop a material that is easy to use and acts very much like wood but is not flammable. Houses out here really need to stop being built with wood framing. The real culprit is the roof decking and the way the soffet overhang creates an environment to trap, circulate and induce flames setting the building on fire. I don't think the fires could have been prevented, but I do feel the rising death toll could have been virtually eliminated if things were done differently when it first started. But again the ultimate solution is to build with non flammable materials.
  2. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Personally I feel the individual violins "life" of exposure has lots to do with this. For example there could be a dramatic difference between two violins based on one of them being exposed to more direct strong light/sun for longer periods of time,more often, than the other. An example would be two units that are basically the same design yet one has a tree outside blocking the light as well as a slight different exposure angle, therefore the sun shines through an extra hour longer than the unit right next door, even though an hour of exposure extra does not seem like a lot, it will have a dramatic effect on the wood floor as compared to the other over time. Based on these types of things I feel that simply playing one outside or in a sunny room, over time, could make it degrade differently than one that did not get that exposure.
  3. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    FAKE WORLD!!!! We can not dismiss the psychological influence of what is called "money" and perceived value has on an individuals "opinions" . If we look at the history of these instruments, as most here know, and we look at the influence of Cozio's initial creation of the hype, all we see is an age old creation of scarcity and the creation of a aura of superiority. These are very old ways of creating financial opportunities that will benefit the few who get on board early and who are lucky enough to participate in the game The group think snowball effect that sucks in the "experts/professionals/those who know" is proof enough of what we are really "dealing" with. If you really want to see what you are dealing with, you take it to the unsophisticated, unknowing crowd who has no dog in the fight and you will see "reality" Reality would be that it would be just another old looking violin, tell them its a Strad and worth millions, suddenly they perk up. Again the influence of money and or what people think is worth lots of money, including players, has everything to do with conversations about Cremonese violins. It is a multi million dollars business from dealing/selling/collecting/playing/investing or whatever. Again to have honest perspective, without being accusatory or trying to slight Bruce, it should be mentioned if it is not known, that the institute that funds these studies, that has a connection as the owner of the corporation he works for, owns one of the largest collection of Cremonese instruments in the world...And or quite simply, his boss owns one of the most successful plastics corporations, who then used money generated from that fortune, to the go out and buy massive amounts of Cremonese instruments, which are now one of the largest personal collections, he houses all these instruments in a museum that he kindly allows people to go visit. There is nothing wrong with any of that... But, lets be honest with ourselves....It's not just his boss, but the collective of those who would profit in ANY way from the legend of Strad,to uphold, continue to talk about, argue over minutia, whatever , that these people VERY much have a dog in the fight. I feel it is rare in the history of group think psychology as it pertains to human history,, that something will attain such a "holy" place in our society and then suddenly become valueless, like bennie babies, so I don't think overnight anytime soon Strads will become valueless, but to deny that the entire "Cremonese thing" is in itself a creation and by product of value/money that very much relies on "mystery" "mystique" "exclusiveness" "rarity" and alike is just blowing smoke up yer backside. Honestly, its one of the main reasons I stepped away from the violin. I found it to be another group of highly intelligent idiots who, like wanting debt based money in their lives, seem to like to shoot themselves in the foot for old times sake. Or quite simply, the number one enemy of the modern violin maker is his love for holding Cremonese violins on a pedestal. It was a club I very much wanted to be in prior to understanding it, just like making "money". But now that I understand it, it kinda makes me sick.
  4. Oz man

    cornerless, yes
  5. Oz man

    Nah it's more a Harris Tarkett kinda thing
  6. Oz man

    Ozcan Ulcan playing one of my older violins from 2007 er 9 or something like that....the Saxon Ozcan Ulcan is one of Turkeys premier violinist and is known to play duets with Maxim Venegrov and also is his chair partner in quartets and string ensembles. Ozcan also works quite a bit with my friend Micheal, Music Professor at Bristol, the owner of the Saxon violin.He's just messing around, so no great sound clip, but I know he likes the way it sounds, which is nice, not to crazy about the look, ha, oh well, can't please them all.
  7. Interesting Design on EBay

    ofcourse.....I like it.
  8. Don Noon's bench

    Oh, Naui, it all makes sense now.
  9. Incredible Deep Tons

    I must admit I'm so stunned like vegetable.
  10. I thought peter was patrick and patrick was peter but not paul nor mary
  11. What is the correct sound of a Excellent Violin?

    I've made some really excellent violins sound really bad, that's just because they don't understand western music played with Hindi micro tonal accents.
  12. Sugar on Redwood/Mahogony

    Yes my son all will be forgiven Ah, the electric guitar, my first love, I find it as soothing as ,well, the sweetest violin, or perhaps,Tibetan throat singing Run this into a decent sound system and then put your violin next to the speakers, I guarantee tonal enhancement based on cellulose elastic divergence
  13. Sugar on Redwood/Mahogony

    Thanks sjbc
  14. Sugar on Redwood/Mahogony

    Electric? how long have you been living in sin like this?
  15. Sugar on Redwood/Mahogony

    Sorry you have read something wrong.....sugar should contact ONLY RAW WOOD. it can not be applied to already sealed wood., I mean it can be done, but it won;t work right....Sugar must be applied to raw wood, it is NOT intended to be used as a film building coat nor a glaze.ontop of other coats. RAW WOOD ONLY....The way you have described using it will promote bad adhesion. It should never be applied to already sealed/stained/varnished wood. The only finish sugar can be safely applied to is another sugar coat that is applied to RAW WOOD....If you ever need help with it in the future feel free to ask for help....Jess