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  1. This is what I will say, there is an unprecedented threat against many established institutions, I will not go into the conspiratorial speculations, conjecture or hyperbole, I will however say in those "established institutions" music, classical music in particular is in the cross hairs of this group of cancel culture "activists" I don't care what your politics is, but I will say this, if you sit by idle and let this continue, soon you will get your own version of statues toppling,perhaps a nice big Bach manuscript burning, or a nice Museum destruction, like isis did in Syria and Iraq. I could blather on and on, but all I will say is google "classical music is racist" I find it really too bad that "we" can't have adult conversation based on a few "cancel culture" type people feeling a need to shut the conversation down based on their personal desire to not see the subject discussed, their incorrect conflation of race discussions with politics, and their obvious and apparent dislike of me and my ideology. If you don't start having these types of conversations soon your not going to have anything. I used to enjoy this website lot's, but now I find the sickness that has infested the country has now got to MN. What is administration to do? we know if they don't succumb to the "activist"s , those that "cancel" if they don't keep them happy, they "will leave" so sayeth George, as we know my ideology is either a silent majority, emphasis on silent, as I see no one standing up for my point of view, or I'm just the one a-hole who dare to bring up such a political topic, it's not political, it's just extremely contentious issue right now that has, via several sources attached itself to politics, and so I totally understand Jeffery's judgement's The more this hits higher education institutions and the more they go after musician and teachers, the more in your face this will be. That being said I will be retiring from MN perhaps for awhile, perhaps forever,not sure yet, Not because any other reason than I am well aware of how I am "seen" by many here, and I really don't like feeling like I'm shitting in your stew anymore. It's not just here, it really is "professional" music at any level, in any genre with any instrument. My instruments are no longer for sale, any instruments I make will be done purely for my own satisfaction and use, I'll probably make some for good friends, but really I'm done, the entire "music world" is starting to feel like that little bit of puke that you have to swallow back down after a bile laden burp. This became very clear when participating on the guitar forum which I stopped participating in years ago, it was clear it was run by those with a counter ideology and that there was no way to have any level of freedom within speech unless you went along with the group "say it!' so I wasn't going to pay money to be a communist in exchange for marketing, so I quit that place. as far as here goes I don't want people like George to think that "they won" as much as I want you people to have the nice happy place that you want it to be, which is probably much more likely to happen with me not participating. Because again, it's not just here, it's not just this post being removed, this is something that has been slowly developing for several years in me, which I find strange, a person who loves music, to write it, to play it, to build instruments to create it, to talk about it, just about anything about it I loved. But now, every musician I meet, converse with, have any interactions with, I don't like, I don't like the music that's being written or played, I've grown to really not like the scene at all BECAUSE IT HAS TURNED ALL ABOUT POLITICAL IDENTITY, anyone who knows anyone in comedy knows just what I'm talking about. Cancel culture has no humor and they have no talent, other than getting things they don't like cancelled, they contribute nothing other than "Karen'ing" from the corner Much like George, I can't think of one profound thing he's ever said, he's just there in the corner with his "ya well what about...." and now with the covid, whatever it my be, doing what it's done,or should I say the governments doing what they have done, it's just been the cherry on top of the screw this crap ice cream sunday all I know is my participation and 13 year attempt at some form of contribution to the world of instrument making has been like a drawn out "turtle Mr. Wizard" thing, that at first I really wanted "to be a fireman" but after about 10 years of it, it's really turning into a "I really don't like this" type of thing, or I really love making instruments, I just really don't like anything else about it, particularly the people who I do not identify with, I am associating it with a type of ideology I despise. Going back into a much more ideologically nebulous business arena will be more healthy for me. the simple fact that we can't discuss the article is an example of that ideology, I do feel that if Jeffery wasn't pressured that we probably could, who know,s anyway MN. its been fun, I will be going into read only mode, wishing all of you the best.
  2. It looks like it just needs to be rubbed out with oil/pumice/rottenstone
  3. Ya, all Apocolypto style, with his bare hands!!!
  4. I would have thought he bought the swords from you
  5. I want to move to florida so I can get me a moat and some gators
  6. Is your shop octagon shaped?
  7. Yep, let alone god knows what is available for sale on darkweb, I'm sure I can buy tailor made list's for criminal activity, yes I'll take "senile old ladies for a 1000$ Alex" but, I see where Joe's coming from, for me, looking at this as entertainment more than anything else, I actually really enjoy when a new anon person comes in with some heavy duty knowledge to drop and have it make me think "wtf, who is this guy?"
  8. Ok here's one, you're in "Tib$%&" I am a psycho killer in your area {I am in your county but not a psycho killer} and I just heard you talking about this really nice violin you just got, with your true id, it would take just a wee bit to get your home address, next thing you know I'm casing your house. Sad to think, but that's the world we're in right now.
  9. I think it really should be up to the user to decide if they want to be anon or not. I think much of this depends on how much one is a "real world" person who has an actual business to promote and or is doing this in some form of professional capacity. In this day and age with increasing division based on ideology and the current hostile environment , a person who has "identified" themselves may inadvertently say something that can generate a "backlash" reaction that could spill over into the real world, there are tons of mentally unstable people out there. I do think lots of what goes on related to that has to do with the words one chooses to use and how much of a governor they have installed on their brain as far as voicing opinions or allowing ideologies to be exposed enough to where someone can peg you as "one of those types" what ever offensive type of person that may be. Really my entire inception of this "thing" for me was based off of creating an "imaginary character" and thus pen name specifically for the fact that I don't want anyone to really know who I am.and or I certainly don't want to make it overly easy to find out. I say this as a person who has been contacted by individuals who could be considered slightly off kilter, and the thought that they could have been in my area and come to my place instead of being contacted online is rather unsettling I suppose if this were my true bread and butter it may have all been different and my online persona would be quite different I imagine, but seeing I am not overly concerned about acting/speaking a certain way to protect my professional image it's kinda one of those jimmy cracked corn things that comes with a certain level of freedom within the dictatorship.
  10. Ya pretty much, which reminds me back when I lived in Maui I was friends with Judy Kliban, Bill Bixby's widow, her property in Hana on Star Route was right next to Eddie Albert, from Green Acres'property, he was never there, so lots of the guys that did maintenance and stuff would grow plants on the other side of the lava rock wall way in the back 40 of the property, it of course was referred to as "Green Acres"
  11. Well I think above and beyond any of that I would raise an eyebrow about an all wax finish, probably would not be my first choice for an instrument.
  12. My understanding is that there is ppg 400 to 4000 and that the higher the number the more the water will emulsify and suspend mixed with the ppg and it will be more likely to dissolve the waxes more completely. I would not quote me on any of this as I am much more of a trial by error person and I discover the formulas and solutions I do by experimentation. My only concern with this is that PPG is hyrdoscopic and it may have a tendency to feel like it's leeching and or the wax solution once dry may not skin over and trap the PPG in the wood pores and it may sweat, or feel dampish because it pulls vapor from the air. Ithas a tendency to feel kinda oily, or very much like antifreeze I am farting around with PPG in order to try to come up with some waterbase varnishes where hemp is the primary resin base,it, ppg, does have promise as a primary vehicle the problem is "locking" the resin in a way that cooking our traditional varnishes does, "locking" would be my term for making the solution non resolvable once dry. It has been able to get sugar mixed into alcohol rather nicely,but I've yet to come up with anything that I would use on an instrument. All one can do is experiment with these things on test wood. IMO there are still many discoveries to be made in the land of coatings and sealers
  13. My eye would want to see a wider C bout and less of a bulbous transition from the upper bouts, or by coming off the upper less bulb like you would widen the C bouts naturally with that curve, but well that's just me.