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  1. SIde note for dog owners, many of the "gojo" orange based hand cleaners are a safe, fast and effective way to remove skunk spray oil from a dog that has been sprayed, works particularly well on short hair dogs, the solvent could be mixed in with dawn dish soap if needed , but regular hand cleaners work very well at "melting" and stripping away the skunk smell and leaves behind a wet dog/orange smell, of course try to avoid getting in the eyes, but even then, with constant flushing there seems to be no ill effects, I'm quite sure the dog would prefer a little stinging in the eyes vs, walking around with a nauseating skunky smell for hours on end. Those who have had to deal with a "skunked dog" in the past will find this to be a very valuable tip as after dealing with the issue way too many times, I find that only limonine based soaps/cleaners can effectively remove the skunk oil in one complete washing
  2. short answer orange peel solvent, when you peel an orange and it sprays that juice from the peel in your eye, that's the stuff....it is amazing stuff
  3. here's another one, not quite godzilla, but they're in the same family of really big ass lizards
  4. I suggest you get the neck to the point of where you would carve the scroll then start by sketching the profile , once the profile is done then you can work the front and back
  5. I do think I would call it far far away from Cremonese looking, very monotone
  6. I would say to this often recited line that "they did 500 years of experiments" that.....500 years is nothing really and that they sure didn't experiment with all possible design or outcomes, there is plenty of room to experiment, just don't expect to sell those experiments
  7. every time he scored a kill he put another notch in the fiddle
  8. The only thing I would add is next time do all this experimenting on scrap or mock ups, no reason to guess what might happen on the instrument.
  9. What happened to Swiss auto watches was the quartz revolution, what happened to the quartz revolution was the Audermas Piguet Royal Oak. design by Gerald Genta , released in 1981, it was what turned the Swiss watch lull around, a bold move charging more for an all stainless watch than many solid gold watches of the time. Most high end watches today are status symbol jewelry used for investments, something threatened by the most un-honorable Chinese forgery factories that are producing virtual exact replicas of all the high end watches.
  10. We were tired, we wanted to go home, we called the boss and told him we ran out of shims so we couldn't finish the windows "Jimmy quick, he's coming where can we hide this last shim?"...
  11. I think they really pretty good and interesting, they have their own unique voices and well if someone just played the audio I would not have said, ah well these clearly are violins that are built completely differently, there are some places that are different sounding in the lower registers, but actually for the more contemporary stuff I think the tonal structure is apropos. They do not have Strad power and tone, but people need to understand, that , that tone is not always appropriate for the many styles of music that now exist, and as much as one can love "the classics, with that Strad sound" one can not deny the reality that moving forward is happening in many different ways, many which "we" may not appreciate musically, but it's happening one way or another if we like it or not.
  12. "ya, I tried to convince him that the orbs were artifacts of digital cameras and dust, but well , he still thinks his attic is haunted and that all the violins are Strad's , so were working on a long term care situation for him now"
  13. When I said "most" I really did mean all, but were including things like electric baseball bat violins that you really can't hear unless they are amplified, so,but ya what you said he said.
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