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  1. From my experience "messing" with sugar, one of the problems,or not,as I could come up with applications, is that the sugar melts rather seamlessly into hide glue and in proportion,it can dramatically reduce hide glues bonding strength, but I'm sure the meat tenderizer enzyme does not help either. I suppose it comes down to the value, either monetary or sentimental if someone would want to go all the way with it. All I know is that if someone came to me with it I'd refer them to you.
  2. If you have the ability to actually play{even rudimentary} and can "hear" notes , I would suggest getting something that YOU like the sound of but more importantly something that feels easy{ier} to play than what you currently have. For beginners, I feel ease of play-ability trumps tone when first starting out.
  3. Arnt'cha glad we're not all stuck on a desert island together? I wonder which one of us would be Simon?
  4. The sugar is what weakens the bond, it seems more water than I would care to use would be needed to wash it out. The ability for the crack to be cleaned has lots to do with how long it has remained with a crack that acts like a belly button and traps everything. Let alone what cleaners may have been used,any oils?, as well as the uv darkening "into" the crack. If the crack has and or can be glued up so structural integrity is present, I'd probably call it good enough. Beyond the darkening it looks like the wood has puckered up a bit creating a valley into the crack, so even if it was cleaned it would probably still show as a crack. I don't think I'd be throwing sugary juice into {the edges/glue surface}of a crack if you want to be able to glue it {on a violin as a sealer, ok} I still think the only way to make that invisible is to do the method I described, but I could be wrong, and if I am, please come back and tell us how it was done.
  5. I wouldn't want to be the one to do it, but first I would see about getting a microscope and refined dental pick, but I wouldn't have lots of hope for that and would probably deem it a waste of time and then be forced into thinking about excising the crack and dutching in a new long sliver that will "blond" out the crack to which it could be then made invisible with proper touch up techniques and materials. Not a job for the faint of heart. edit; to elaborate, excise implies taking a razor sharp STAINLESS steel knife, and at a steep angle, cutting a "reed" widths knife "score" down the entire length of the crack, thus effectively cutting out the black and removing it. Then a piece of Spruce must be found that has similar color and grain characteristics, a long angled sliver must then be cut to act as a long "cork" or "bung" that will "slot" into the slightly V shaped excise cut in the cello top. Once the sliver is cut, it must be carefully coated with hide glue, allowed to dry and with a flash of very hot water from a brush in order to properly glue the thin v sliver into the excise gap , AFTER VERY CAREFULLY DRY FITTING AND ALIGNING THE SLIVER of course. After the sliver has dried in, it must be leveled with the top CAREFULLY and the must be color matched in with the "right" varnish materials by the "right" guy or Caulking and Paint makes us what we ain't
  6. jezzupe

    New workshop

    oh I see it, duh,going blind,used to seeing it paper/foil backed
  7. jezzupe

    New workshop

    No insulation in the wall bays?
  8. Um, it makes it sound better and when plates get around 2.5 to 3mm it helps prevent the top from cracking under the load...., what more do you need to know?, other than every violin really should have one, and that when you put it in,pretty much every violin will have a slightly different spot that sounds best, usually within the same location but within the variance location of something the size of a dime. and, that of you put it in too loose it doesn't sound that good and has a tendency to fall out or move, and if you put it in too tight it doesn't sound that good and generally creates a bulge that could lead to a crack and that if you tinker around tapping it very slightly changing it's level of "plumb" that it can very slightly change the sound in ways that generally only the owner notices and that like any of the other components on a violin it is just one tiny part of many parts that has to be accounted for and in itself is just one of many "generalizations" that need to come together to "generally" makes a "general" thing that sounds "generally" like a violin if you want to really have some fun, throw away your notions and don't make a thicker platform area,instead go thinner where you should go thicker but make the post out of a 12.5 mm balsa wood post{or whatever you can get through the largest hole}. The "right" piece of balsa that is.
  9. I dunno, I think everyone's got an opinion about "it" you know what "they" say about opinions.
  10. according to someone I know who works with "the big A" who has to go through "sensitivity training" {yes there will be a test} I believe the proper term would be a "theyhole" but I think "personhole" is a viable alternative as long as there is no gender assignment, because of course we all know, gender does not exist, gender is just crazy talk. Personally I prefer to be called 187 and as I mentioned before in the past I identify as a giraffe , this makes it so I can use either or as far as bathrooms go, because everyone knows the last thing you want to do is get in the way of a giraffe that needs to use the bathroom.
  11. Um, you do realize that Don IS an engineer, one that worked for NASA, one that helped develop 'the Mars rover" , you know, like one of our species greatest engineering feats? and that because of that fact, your statement sounds "comical" ?
  12. "where you are" do you have any idea how hard it is to maintain this charade? I totally messed up the other day and called an underground service access port a manhole, thank gosh no one was around to hear it.
  13. is that like american ninja warrior?, you know, where we get to prance around in tights and run an obstacle course