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  1. As we're all,or most are, violin makers,I'm pretty sure this is an IQ test in order to weed out the ones who can't figure out a work around. I mean come on, if you can't figure out a way to deal with ad's,how are we to expect you to figure a way out of the cardbord box that is tone, geez' really It's the internet, collection, trolls, memes and ad' one rides for free
  2. Oh please,coming from a thread that was just joking around about using cat crap as bench weights I think I would encourage you to grow a bit of a sense of humor and lighten up, there is no "mockery" of you or Mr..Gough's work. I would agree however that as "interesting" as Mr.Gough's research and findings are,that, unfortunately,like most "scientific" information, there is very little in the way of using much of it in any practical manner. Let's say you establish some "methodology" using some scientific method of documentations and calculations, even then,other than "doing something different" there is no way to tell if any of it helps or not, and even if it does,that doesn't mean that it is repeatable. That being said, I don't care how much science you throw at violins, it is "barely" helpful in any practical way outside of what the basic known parameters are based on all the violins in existence. HOWEVER, related to Anders query, it's not violins, it's construction engineering, product invention and creation, and yes a large part of it is related to acoustic science and I do agree that it would be helpful to Anders and would be useful in product development of this type of product...which to me seems to be viable business idea of creating "quite" in home gyms and products that help make that happen...I would almost go so far as to say that even though Mr. Gough's work is based around the violin, I would say that the information would be more helpful in designing a quite floor system than it would a great sounding violin. That's is not meant to be an insult Mr.Gough as much as it is my feelings about the role of trying to incorporate "science" into to making violins, at least too much Sounds great,nice to talk about,but at the end of the day,it doesn't get the job done and I've come to find if you go down the rabbit hole to far, it just gets in the way and wastes time and prevents me from building by doing to much thinking about building. The only "science" I find helpful is documentation of dimensions and wood properties BUT, if I were going to design a modular quite floor system with inner floor sound deadening in mind, I don't think it can hurt to look at Mr. Gough's work.
  3. Thanks!,I like to tackle the larger fundamental issues
  4. Frankly I can't believe they haven't come sooner, spooky? um,surprised you have noticed earlier, get ready for your social credit score and your chip meh' they're good for the site, helps make some money
  5. "Gough's work explains the origin of the vibrational modes" "ya see, ya take this stick here , the one with horse hair,and you pull it across the strings attached to the violin, like this" well geez I could of told you that
  6. I thought it was pretty clear that Californians don't know anything.
  7. Hey thats what I keep telling her!
  8. meh' I would replace "need and demand" with "want and wish" I think not one new instrument could be built for 50 years and the supply of old ones would probably be enough lets just admit it, we're living in some delusional fantasy world, at least that's what my soon to be x-girlfreind tells me.
  9. Well, I just like the thought of some special chickens being "the secret" ba'kop'
  10. Hmm, I feel kinda dirty looking at those pictures
  11. 10 bucks and the cost of someone shaving/fitting them vs. hundreds of dollars in custom work I suppose you could search Dovs site and find gold caps that match yours,buy the pegs, destroy them by cutting/prying out the gold cap and then re installing them into your pegs with epoxy and then refinishing your hundreds of dollars in custom work. all fittings on violins should be considered "disposable" to a certain extent and I certainly wouldn't suggest someone spend lots of money on repairing them unless they had some historic significance. Take a look a Dovs site, you might find something you like better than what you have now.
  12. Well for those who may be using egg, I, being a Chickeneer or Poultryman {one who keeps chickens} am starting to come to the conclusion that not all eggs are the same and that diet modifications in your fowl will modify the end product and characteristics of the egg,it's shell, components and the byproducts of those components. For example there are those who will feed black oil sunflower seeds regularly,vs just for treats, there is a distinct difference in the eggs quality and characteristics Just to throw one more potential tangent out there, maybe there were special Stradivarius chickens fed special diets to produce a certain type of glair or base for tempera edit; not to mention the difference in the eggs based on breed
  13. I was hoping we could blend this with some of the early Kung Fu movies that pitted the different Kung Fu schools against each other, kinda like a blend of violin making school, ufc cage fighting and Iron chef,or maybe chopped. We could come on before American Ninja Warrior ,I guarantee it would create a new renaissance era for the violin, sure maybe it'd dumb it down a bit, but just think of those ratings!
  14. fwiw, those who use "glue" for a sealer, and are concerned about cracking, the addition of some sugar will eliminate the cracking issue by dramatically reducing the glue strength now related to these 'historical" points. I would say that there is a strong logic leaning towards a protein sealer,again it gets into "observing,and or imagining the observations of the day to day operations of the shop. Quite simply,in simple terms,protein sealers are the "easy way out" I would go so far as to say that I would not doubt if different price points were offered based solely on the varnish, In my estimation, "glue control" ie. not touching or get any on anything you do not want it on is the last hurdle one needs to overcome when trying to achieve mastery. If I were doing this as a production assembly with say 3 to 5 helpers I could easily see opting to give everything a glue wash so I did not have deal with correcting glue ghosts on sealed instruments If I did 10 violins with helpers and noticed glue ghosts on all of them that made them so blotchy and therefore unsalable, this would be a massive know that I can eliminate that with a simple glue wash as compared to "going crazy" with glue clean up ,some of which may get missed or simply,with a glue wash my "team"can be much less concerned about contamination/squeeze out and such,with out it ,it creates a "scary"situation that could result in the loss of lots of money.