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  1. we;ll no wonder it was such a good job
  2. Fantastic restoration. Great job on the eye. Was the violin finish cleaned up with your camphor cleaning solution? If so, it really does a great job of "washing it" without altering it. It's quite amazing how the old varnish is still funky and patina'd , unaltered looking, yet at the same time, looks clean enough to eat off.Great job!
  3. violin world is like an unofficial club that is dedicated to making "model T replicas" that are to the letter copies of the original model T. within the unofficial club however there are a few, very few, participants who veer from the unofficial defined goal of making exacting replicas and choose to experiment by doing things differently than the majority of the club members and while of course there are no rules, no violin police no jail time for "doing things differently" it is "strange" or perhaps not, that other club members seem as if they are "upset" that someone might do things differently, with warnings of failure and potential bad outcomes and that "it might not sound right, it might not sound like what people expect, it might not sound like what someone would buy, it does not look like a violin" perhaps that you maybe "wasting your time" or perhaps an affront to their violin world view whereas you are "dirtying, cheapening up" the "art/craft/tradition" but whatever the case may be, if someone is building something differently for what ever reason, particularly if traditional materials are just not available, I feel that they should be encouraged to do so, and that they are welcome in the "club" , because the club, regardless of the outcome acts as a "place" that allows one to focus on something positive that is engaging music, art and positive involvement in the world vs. some of the more common alternatives that do not. Every adult that decides to enter the club has the ability to positively effect younger people around them by developing skills that can be passed on and engage children in positive activities outside of what they might normally be exposed to. So be it an old gas can, a cigar box or anything else I encourage any and everybody to rake 4 strings over it and see what magic you might be able to eek out of it.
  4. Hey guy's lets bring this conversation over to facebook where we'll be free to discuss and express our feelings in an open and free way as long as everyone likes our opinions and what we think
  5. bingo ! I don't trust them anyway,... them with their Moosehead beer and their Gordon Lightfoot, pretending to be all folksy folks, their just bidding their time and waiting for the right time to attack, just like N.Z, they better watch their back too, I've seen the way Australia looks at them.
  6. no they'll just be smuggling them over to their illegal tax shelter homes in B.C where they will store them in the garages and just use "mooses" {mooses are the canadian version of "mules" ie drug runners} to sneak, or perhaps waltz them over the us/candian border, where they will quickly be snatched up by scrupulous "dealers" working for "the man" helping to continue the hiding of the inflation of the currency.
  7. I predict this post will descend into chaos and will be locked and removed, but I'll remain positive, heck anything could happen, for example a brainwashed communist globalist who's mind is controlled by central bank media could somehow get a clue, chances are slim, but anythings possible
  8. I don't think you will find many western builders who are overly familiar with Asian materials. If the wood is stable I would do some adhesion test's with Maple/Spruce {or what ever you will be using} related to how the hide glue works with it, both the side area where the ribs will get glued and the endgrain where the plates will be glued. If there is good adhesion, it should be fine.
  9. Of course any of our regular readers know my points of view on such things, so it appears Trump seems to follow my post's and base's his policy on them...
  10. jezzupe


    I hate to say it, but go visit satan, er' Amazon and use their search bar in ALL....I have a feeling that you'll find something there. Amazon works with all types of suppliers, from small independent business to large, and based on their business model, often times has the best price. I can get certain stuff from amazon from stewmac cheaper than I can get it from stewmac direct sometimes, as an example check out ; Windsor Design Workbench with 4 Drawers, 60 Hardwood....189.98$ it's got dogs and a built in vice....pretty awesome keeping in mind, that someone like ourselves probably has the skill to build something like this....but the reality of the ," maybe ending soon cheap chinese goods gravy train" {including violins} is that we can't even buy the lumber to make something like this for 100 bucks...let alone all the shop time making it.... I suggest people buy stuff that they need now, cause if this "china thing" goes through , bing to tha' moon alice
  11. I just got 2 led lights recently, and they are quite awesome, I didn't think they would work that good, but they were much better than tubes, the flat screen makes it so you can get quite close, but the lamp face dies not give off dangerous heat....the lamps get hot, but the face heat is the least of it all, the backs are hotter than the face. They come with a mounting bar that allows for them to be mounted onto various things I was pleasantly surprised by the output, the ability to cure uv varnish {joe's} and the low energy consumption. got them on amazon...zhma
  12. As time goes by you will see all "good' violins go up in price, I feel barring some massive economic calamity that it is the nature of most things. There may come a day when they are arguing over the price of the "early millennial Chinese copy made for the American market"