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  1. Wood turning calipers work great for those of us who work by eye and know what 1,2,3,4 mm {and points in between} looks like, stupid dial to break and waste time trying to read. They are way quicker, just look at the outside C gap and that's how thick it is, and because they are more pointed at the tips they are more accurate, particularly on the edge. You can find them for under 10$
  2. The post crack is showing on the back, the long crack where it looks like someone scraped the varnish and then did a bad varnish touch up, and or more likely the repair at one point looked ok when it was fresh, but many years and neglect have taken the toll in the uneven patina of that area which has clearly been fuxed twith. The crack at the button isn't something I'd be thrilled about either. I suppose what it really comes down to is how much you paid for it and do you think you got an ok deal or not.
  3. Clearly the bow of a dental floss tycoon from Montana... Think we need more detailed up close shots, to me, based on the pic, it looks like thread.
  4. Hey sounds great, Tshirts go well with beach front property, well you know, cause, "scientist say so" and they would never lie or be wrong. Here in shitholeifornia we've been having one of those Mark Twain'y kinda winters which of course doesn't sit well with the communist majority as they we're much happier when the drought was going on as it bolstered their narrative and made them feel like they were right, now of course that things have returned to a more normal state they are very unhappy about that, they don't like normal things too much. But on the bright side of life, recently I've heard that if Bernie gets in that we all {anti federal reservists} get to go to camp!!! of goody!!! I just love camp, I think Kyle the fascist antifascist who doesn't know the definition of fascism {just had to be a "kyle"} said that there will be smores and camp fire songs like this one below, Virginia just switched over to this one I think too, it's great for the two step when you need to abort a 3 yr old. Some might call that murder, but they're just being silly. Remember kids the Gulag archipelago is fun!!!
  5. -42, is that even legal? , yikes! Remember Bill, you only have to wait only another 11 years, but in the mean time, stay bundled up.
  6. Something tells me it's not about skill as much as it is looking at the "news" about PGE
  7. I'm sure the teacher is a nice well meaning person, but unfortunately they have bought into some "wives tales" 'propaganda' or whatever you want to call it. the fact is that while her statement may hold some truths, but for the most part it's bad advice that has sent you down a path you need not follow. I would suggest bringing your child to a proper shop and let her play some instruments in the price range, at this point paying special attention to the one she finds easiest to play. While tone is important, [you and others may help by evaluating the instruments as she plays them] but at this point play'ability is paramount imo.... I think the best way to put it is this; when she is 18 and if she has stuck with it, at that point seeking "the one" might make more sense. in the mean time if you bring her to a shop and let her play several, I'm sure one of them will"speak" to her. This advice is more for the "average" student as there are 11 year olds out there who are ready for the big time and my advice wouldn't apply, but for most students ease of playing with good set up will be the thing that "drives" desire by making it something they can control.
  8. the problem with Pine in general is trying to find two splits or a billet that is structurally together enough to use,pine is notorious for knots,splits,checks and is prone to cracking. If you can somehow get usable material that is "clean" then it should be fine, the problem is it sure is a lot of work to cut it up and dry it to find out
  9. Happy New Year everyone
  10. Well what you really want to do is strip naked, get yourself 2 cans of the new pacific rush caffine and menthol shaving cream and liberally smear it all over.After about 5 minutes you'll systemically absorb 500 mg of caffeine and get so jacked you'll just bust right out the front door like a lathered madman , right about then the menthol starts kicking in. I'm not sure how it works on the ladies but boy you sure get that menthol fresh scent and a borderline cocaine heart attack. I read about it in teen vouge, so I trust the source
  11. I agree, I think this is very dependent on who the maker is, my friend had an early Tom Croen that she bought new from him and after time she ended up selling it back to him to which he gladly paid her just what she bought it for many years prior. It was a win win as she got to use the violin for some 12 maybe more years and didn't loose a dime and I'm pretty sure Tom was up to the 20k's at that point so he was happy and could easily sell it for much more than what he gave her, and do so rather immediately as he has quite a waiting list.
  12. pegs&stype=exact