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  1. So Bobby, you like movies about gladiators?
  2. Well in his defense, if we look at the fragrance industry we see denat alc in virtually all them. So somewhere somehow small amounts were deemed "ok" but "they" use bogus science modeling all the time, that many people take as the gospel truth, which often times is incorrect., so I think the question "if I use spray cologne everyday will there be toxic effects as if I was using shellac to french polish everyday?" is valid. I do think amount has much to do with it, but it is used in cosmetics and fragrance all the time And as far as the facemask is concerned the environment would have lots to do with that, but in general I suggest ppe all the time when working with anything toxic. but this of course skates the REAL question, why was grain alc poisoned with wood alc to begin with.? all of those fragrances could have just as well used pure grain alc, and people could be spraying that onto their skin instead of "mild" poison, and in the same breath all the people who have suffered from occupational poisoning from denat ARE SUFFERING OR HAVE DIED FOR NO GOOD REASON. denatured alcohol is truly a good "subject" to study when studying criminal conspiracies that involve chemical/corporate/governmental entities. All these things become like them trying to explain why its a good idea to secure your child's car seat to the roof of your car, That's because there is no good reason, there is a "money" reason.
  3. well I find watching geezers used to roller skates trying to "toe stop" with roller blades most entertaining, It just adds a new level of pain to the entire thing, cause remember, that's what people are paying to see
  4. i dunno I really think we need to modernize the industry and get with the times... Of course what I mean by this is we need to form the WWVWA , which of course stands for "the world wide violin wrestling association" we form a league of makers and come up with some cool names, you know, like " David "the giant slayer" Burgess, and then we rent stadiums and put on shows where we beat the crap out of each other {highly scripted of course} with our violins, and the last one standing with a usable violin wins I mean no ones buying them anyway, so this way maybe we can eek out an existence?
  5. Again "The Hargrave method" I believe will eliminate this, I have not tried it with fish glue,but think it would work, but when you use it with regular hide glue its a snap... basically pre coat the purfling with glue, allow to dry on plastic stickers or some surface it will not stick to, then install the purfling, clamp it in place{if needed anywhere}, and then simply brush on very hot water The hot water activates the perfect amount of glue that is dried onto the purfling This method makes for zero residue and because it is dry fit, there is no swelling issues, and no time crunch Ever since learning this method, from Roger, here on the board, I see no reason to install purfling any other way, it just works too perfectly to bother with any other method.
  6. Mmm' Marmont, just the mom used to make it, with the plague and all the fixin's
  7. No problem, it's a culturally appropriate instrument according to the list.
  8. One of the greats, sad to see her go, but she lived a long life and had a great career, time to play for the angels now.
  9. sad thing is its super easy to make 100 proof grain alc, it's a different story to get 190...and it was a hotpocket probably
  10. FYI about Methylated alcohol 1. it is very poisonous in every fashion, ingestion and more insidious, inhalation of fumes and systemic dermal absorption 2. the "cure' for mild at home methyl poisoning, as in you inhaled too much in your garage coating a cello and now have a headache, is to drink regular alcohol, it displaces the poison ie. wood alcohol with the grain alcohol 3. the entire reasoning, rational and ideology behind methyl in ethanol is shear insanity born form corporate greed, taxation and lameass nanny state reasoning behind it's addition to wonderful pure WAY safer grain alcohol. Reading the bureaucratic governmental/ corporate reasoning behind the "need" to poison "everyone" is about as full of crap as reading laws about why marijuana should be illegal, a buncha corporate legal speak meant to confuse idiots and enrich aholes so califonia, and or really everywhere SHOULD get rid of it, however at the same time I should be able to go to my paint store and buy a gallon of 190 ethonol, thanks I don't need the state to protect me from myself incase I feel like downing a can of cheap ass kleen strip alcohol. And to the poor idiot who would go to a paint store to buy alcohol in a can to drink, I say more power to them and stop trying to save idiots and changing the darwin award stats. in the mean time I now consider my supply of alcohol to be an hour glass for me, if I can't find an EASY to obtain alc supply alternate source for a suitable solvent for my shellac, I now consider the last drop of alcohol to be my last months in this lovely hellhole nanny state.Just another nail in the Balkan coffin.
  11. I hope that 18 almost 19 years after this was asked that this person found out the name of the music, because after leaving us hanging for that long , I think we're all still guessing and wondering what it was.