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  1. quote: Originally posted by: David Burgess I've used both. Piezo film is much cheaper than a phono cartridge. Much less fragile, harder to damage. Don't need to figure out which of the four phono cartridge wires to use. Easily used from any position (sideways or upside down) Will handle larger amplitudes than a phono cartridge. ... Also works well as feed for a spectrum analyzer or FFT program PIEZO FILM Hi David and all: Not meaning to be contentious but I see some drawbacks. The color codes and pin-out of cartridges are standard in the industry. Yes there is a
  2. quote: Originally posted by: Tim McTigue Sorry, I really don't. ... I have very little information or experience, and if I've represented myself otherwise, it's most assuredly not intentional... Hi David, Tim and all: Woops, that was a generalized statement about starting from scratch and not about plate tuning. I've followed your progress and take my hat off to you for your work. ............ David, I know nothing about a piezo strips nor know why they would be better? The phono can be adjusted down to less than 1 gram or up 10 grams for I don't have a tracking or skat
  3. quote: Originally posted by: Tim McTigue quote: Originally posted by: Andres Sender look at Martin Schleske's website. The stuff he's doing is where all this actually starts to get interesting, Wow, that site is a revelation! gtm, take the photo tour there - a number of pictures look like what you're attempting. ... Also check out platetuning.org - that site looks like a gold mine... quote: Originally posted by: gtm ...Honestly didn't know what I was faced with ... ...every step of the way feels like that. There are layers upon layers of depth
  4. gtm


    quote: Originally posted by: edi malinaric Hi GTM - you wrote... ... "found mention that the indicator stylus is 4-48 thread so that may be an international standard just like ball bearings are in inch sizes." Negative, negative, negative - on the international standard that is... Always be aware that the metric system is for real and healthy in the great wide world. ... There's nothing special about it, just another standardised system like ACME, BA, BSW, BSF, NGT, NPT, SAE, UN, UNC, UNEF, UNF .... I have both imperial and metric thead gauges to avoid "close enough" eng
  5. gtm


    quote: Originally posted by: edi malinaric ... - and why not string it up with a violin E-string on both sides to achieve that extra stiffness and at much less weight! Don't forget to get a good fit at the bridge feet. cheers edi Haaay, let's not get carried away with turnbuckles, toggles and marine eye's. :-) Actually I see no reason these cannot be fitted to your plywood calipers. ............. Was looking at mm dial indicators and found mention that the indicator stylus is 4-48 thread so that may be an international standard just like ball bearings are in inch sizes.
  6. gtm


    quote: Originally posted by: edi malinaric Hi GTM - I should have put these up before you started making shavings. This one works a treat for tracing the plate contours. ... The little drop of nail polish on the setscrew is useful when tracing the contours. Adjust it by 1 turn and you have the next contour exactly 1mm higher or lower. Half a turn gives you a 1/2mm difference. Makes beautifully even contours and picks out the high/low spots beautifully. cheers edi Hi edi and all: No shavings yet, probably a week away at the rate I'm progressing. That's slick, I like
  7. gtm


    quote: Originally posted by: edi malinaric As I wrote... "TSK, TSK, GTM - Us old fogies should know better.... Getting old quickly. cheers edi Hi edi: Speaking of old fogies... I'm about 90% complete with the Plexi caliper. Actually it's working fine but there is 0.005" of flex when I apply a bit of pressure beyond that of the dial spring. The arms ended up being 1.5 wide and the throat is 9.25 deep to the dial center. I can shorten the arms for it was an arbitrary length based on the original plastic size. I can drill another shorter location for the dial and anvil a
  8. Bad news of sorts. The "100% pure tung (china oil) oil I received from Leevalley apparently has had the UV catalyst properties removed. The first coat allowed to dry for 12 overnight showed no hardening change after 1 hour in the sun, a 2nd hour with same results. After 48 hours it still was still soft enough to load up 220 sandpaper. When I tried the white steel wool synthetic pads equal to 0000 it picked up slivers at 48 hours. At 60 hours I was able to get a second coat which was exposed to the sun for one hour, 9 hours later it could take another coat if I did not sand. There are s
  9. quote: Originally posted by: Andres Sender You might want to read Keith Hill on area-tuning the violin, I believe some or all of his articles are now on the web. Then read up on plate-tuning, which is described also in various sources on the web, as well as a detailed writeup by Al Carruth which is in one of the GAL's Big Red Books now. There used to be a highly detailed discussion of steel-drum tuning on the web. ... look at Martin Schleske's website. The stuff he's doing is where all this actually starts to get interesting, ... Keep in mind that lots of people make very
  10. Hi all: Watching TV show "How it's Made" for steel drums and noted the tuning process and was thinking of various possible methods of attempting same for violin. In the case of the steel drums they had microphone(s) / pickups used though they seemingly kept that info secret. They did mention it was being fed into a computer/laptop but again nothing shown. I was under the impression that it was not sophisticated or beyond the average pocketbook. I have seen colloids used to visually display a sound/ pattern though don't know that a specific frequency was assignable. Using glitter mig
  11. Here are a few of violin and first coat of tung oil on cigar box. Was late night and no power sanding. Daylight will expose to sun and hopefully have more coats and high speed orbital sander. I'm interested to see how it will fill in what appears to be fairly porous wood and how many coats it will take. http://home-and-garden.webshot...album/562839445EXdweX Cheers, gtm
  12. quote: Originally posted by: David Burgess quote: Originally posted by: gtm I don't know if he was fired from his former employer but something went on there. gtm Former employer? ________ has been on his own for close to 25 years. Who examined and appraised the bow at Butterfield & Butterfield? _______ also examined it and then appraised it? quote: Originally posted by: gtm The man was drooling over the phone when we first made contact indicating how much he would like to have it. Can I assume your first contact was by phone? He was drooling
  13. quote: Originally posted by: Jacob Very well, I'm not about to question the merits of your case. What I'm questioning is you sniping at the guy on an Internet forum from behind a "user name". To me that's terrorism. Either pursue your case via legal channels or shut up, and live and learn without involving the rest of the world in the process. When you get burned by someone big time you may take another stance. However, I see no relationship to terrorism. How else is someone to learn of a business person's character if all that is offered are glowing testimonials when there
  14. gtm


    quote: Originally posted by: GMM22 ... I would liken it to misplacing ones keys, something I do with such frequency that if viewed in isolation, it would leave most casual observers wondering how I even manage to function from moment to moment. Hi G and all: What's that saying about repeating something and expecting different results... Cheers, gtm
  15. quote: Originally posted by: Jacob ... Or the flip side of the coin - could the accused party institute legal proceedings for defamation? Hi Jacob and all: I wish he would. I cannot count the dozens of unanswered emails and phone calls. Calls even to his / wife's Internet provider to verify they were still customers. The problem was he was 1200 miles away. Mounting legal action in another state possibly superior court would have been more than what he and Butterfield & Butterfield initially appraised it. On top of that it was my daughter who actually sent it who was a
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