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  1. I came across a cello that has a 1968 Lyon and Healy appraisal that dates it 1810-1820 from Saxony and a value of $500. What would something like this be worth today? It needs work but seems to be restorable. I am trying to assess whether it is worth buying? Thanks for the help. I don't have any other pictures, Sorry.
  2. I have a violin with no label. I am looking for help identifying its origin. All four corners are blocked and there are seam cleats on the inside of the back. Thanks for any thoughts or information.
  3. I took this violin to a local violin shop and had it cleaned and set up.
  4. On the back below the button.
  5. It came with two bows. Neither have hair on them.
  6. Nothing like that on the inside.
  7. The fingerboard does have some wear.
  8. I have added some more images. The date 1912 appears on the label and on the wood below the label with initials WC. The bass bar appears to be glued in. The grain of the bass bar doesn't match the top, it goes at a different angle.
  9. Does the penciled date on the label have anything to with Lyon & Healy? Any tips on identifying the country of origin or maker? Did they sell violins made in USA?
  10. What's a water closet?
  11. Hello, I have a Lyon and Healy Violin from 1912 that has a Stradivarius label with 1912 in pencil. On the wood below the label is "1912 WC". Does anyone know what the WC represents? Thanks for any info.
  12. The varnish is definitely peeling and flaking. It looks as though whatever was used attacked the varnish and over time deteriorated the varnish. In areas where the varnish is present over the flame it crumbles.
  13. Thank you. I found some other older threads on Salzkammergut and I can see the resemblance, except that the one I have does look pretty cheap. Previously mentioned was that the neck and scroll could be beech, is it likely that the back and sides are beech.
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