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  1. I think bridge functions as a modulator that adds its own "colors" , modal vibrations, to the content of string vibrations. Adjusting the local stiffness of various part of the bridge will change the modal characteristics of the bridge, and therefore colors the string vibrations differently that been transmitted.
  2. "The evolution of air resonance power efficiency in the violin and its ancestors" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC43 3046/
  3. Leo KUNG


    " Sight over sound in the judgment of music performance " , Chia-Jung Tsay, PNAS 2013 September, 110 (36) 14580-14585. http://www.pnas.org/content/110/36/14580
  4. Hi all, I wasn't able to copy and paste a link to a research paper written by Eric Fouilhe in 2013. The title is String "After-Length" and the Cello Tailpiece: Acoustics and Perceptions. Please do a google search of " Eric Fouilhe, Tailpiece" and it will show up first.
  5. 24 frames per second to make a movie like video. 1/4000 second per exposure to capture the instataneous wavy displacement of the vibrating 2string. So the movie is like a interpolation of many 1/4000 second events captured every 1/24 second.
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    sugar seal

    Thank you ctanzio!
  7. Leo KUNG

    sugar seal

    Thank you Jezzupe ! Really appreciate your input on sugar seal.
  8. Leo KUNG

    sugar seal

    Thank you Stephen. It was maple syrup that I used. Cooked and diluted it with warm water as Jezzupe described. Before applying the sugar water, I damped the white violin, raised the grain, and lightly scraped or sanded twice. Two coats of sugar water applied consecutively. Then followed by three coats of diluted shellac and then finished with oil varnish.
  9. Leo KUNG

    sugar seal

    Hi all ! This is my first post. My latest 16" viola with the sugar seal. Thank you Jezzupe !