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  1. I'm not sure if anyone is still following this topic - but just to complete it, I just bought the Bellini. This was after trying a number of instruments and I think I got a really fair deal. Next up - Mozart V on my new very handsome partner!
  2. Because you've been there I assume - the only other possibility I can think of is that you are involved in selling it to me But you give a great list...
  3. I totally get - and respect that. Indeed, that is why the topic was originated not on my prospective violin but on Luiz's status at this time: I wanted to know if he was still as highly thought of as when he was alive. I think I have the answer to that - its yes, but that violin making has evolved so that in a sense he is a part of development, not its peak. Sounds good - that might be said of Amati too (please don't take that too seriously...). My main question is to see if the price listed for my fiddle is reasonable - and a couple of the members here have kindly given me that information privately (the reasonable question, not the actual value). Many thanks I don't want to share any more information for fear of affecting the sale - but maybe at a future date I will do so.
  4. Ah, there's another value that I did not list: historical. The Titanic violin would be a great example perhaps of an instrument that really only has historic (if you include romantic) value. And while in this case that might not be great in the particular it might yet be so to a potential buyer. It seems that everyone agrees that messing with the varnish is the last resort - basically you have to admit that the violin has no real value, not even as a relic. But just the mere fact that it was stored as it was for so long and the crocodile skin effect is so extreme might also give it a value, a technical one ... I'm rambling here
  5. IMO you should buy a violin for your goals not for your current attainment. Thus, you may not be 'ready' for the instrument but you are going to use it to get there. I think thats true of the Bellini. The violin is going to make me be heard - both for my strengths and also my weaknesses - but how else am I going to conquer the latter if I can't hear them?
  6. The latter is the way it should be and I do know dealers like this; they sell violins because they love to help so please don't think me too cynical. However, I have also had really rotten experiences. One dealer (from whom I had previously bought two violins just in the 5 figures) let me try out an 'italian violin probably by x'. I did, it was weird and I couldn't make it play. I happened upon a guy in France that was an expert on 'x' and, to cut a long story short' he agreed to give me an opinion. I send pictures of the violin to him - and got an indignant, even angry response that he had already evaluated this instrument recently and declared it to not be by x (and more but that will do for a public forum). Once you have had such an experience you become a bit gun-shy.
  7. I'm trying to learn - beyond the three things I mentioned what other characteristics give the violin (cash) value? I don't know what you mean by: " Should the Bellini cost more if it has had a million notes played on it?". If you mean good ones and better than on the majority of other violins, then well yes, of course!
  8. Bit odd that this has not come up yet - but have you tried setting it up and playing it? Seems a violin has value if it has a) provenance; b) beauty or c) playability. This one seems to lack a) or b) (yes, Rosemary did love her baby but nobody else did), so at this point c) seems rather important - and might answer whether you need to take a more radical approach...
  9. That may work fine as rationale for the 'what's your budget' question for 'can't afford'; but 'can't appreciate'? Somehow I don't think that thought is in the dealer's mind. "Oh no, I can not sell you this fine 1715 Strad for $5,000,000 because you are not sufficiently well trained to play it to its peak nor sufficiently educated to appreciate the nuances of the purlfing"
  10. LOL! Yes there is indeed one; its currently out on trial - and the reason for this topic
  11. Wow - so there really is a two-tiered violin market... is there usually a clue in the violin description that indicates it might be a 'player's' rather than an 'investors' instrument (obviously many violins are both). Its stil peculiar to me that an article that performs poorly for what it was intended for can yet have a significant value. Sounds like a bit of a gamble - like the dutch tulip bubble.
  12. LOL! I think I found the Sargasso sea where they ended up...
  13. My comment was grossly simplistic - but I hope you got the gist of what I meant. And on the Bellini I think I might. We have the disadvantage of a poor exchange rate with the US (I'm in Canada) so its a bit difficult to buy south of the border where there is much more choice. ee
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